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The Power of a Song

Updated on April 10, 2017

There are some moments in life that do not reveal their purpose until further on down the road. I had one of those moments a couple of years ago. It was then that an encounter, along with the power of a song, that weaved its way through mine and other’s lives in a way that will never be forgotten.

The Encounter

Back in September of 2015 I attended a concert of a Christian artist named Jason Crabb. This was the first concert at my small town’s new amphitheater, and it was right before the release of his new CD called, Whatever the Road. These songs had not yet been released; therefore, I was not familiar with them. There was one song that brought me to tears. The words to this song had so much meaning for something personal I was going through at the time.

The smaller crowd, and the generosity of Jason Crabb, allowed sufficient time after the concert to interact with him. I told him how that particular song touched me. I then, as a side note, told him how much my grown son Tim loved his music. I chuckled and said, he doesn’t really listen to any Christian music, but he sure does love listening to yours. Jason grabbed the promo CD that had several of the new songs on it including the one that meant so much to me. He signed the cover, and gave it to me for Tim.

Whatever the Road


It was only a few short weeks later, that I received a call from Tim. He was very distraught: a relationship he had was ending. They had 2 very young children together, and this was shaking him to the core. So I flew out to be with him. I gave him the CD that Jason had given me. I told him there was a particular song on it that meant a lot to me and thought he might find comfort in the words.

Tim had some amazing things transpire in his life after that time. Over the next 10 months he found the most joy and peace he had ever experienced. It was nothing short of a miracle, and he told me how much that song meant to him too and how he played it often.


Everything Changed

June 11, 2016 I received the call that changed everything. Tim was in a tragic motorcycle accident, and he was relocated to his eternal home. While planning his memorial service, I knew the song that needed to be played. The one that meant so much to both of us.

Daddy's Song

About a month after Tim’s death I picked up his kids to spend a few weeks with me: his daughter, only 21 months old, and his son 3 ½ years old. While in the car, “the song” came on. I looked in my review mirror and saw huge smiles on my grandchildren’s faces, and they were singing the song and saying, “Daddy, Daddy.” I couldn’t believe that little girl knew all of the words. So, I called their mom, and asked how the kids knew this song so well. She told me that when Tim had the kids he always played that song for them.

Just a few weeks ago, I visited the kids. I hadn’t seen them for about 5 months. We got in my car, and not by my design, but “the song” came on. Both kids squealed, “Daddy’s song, Daddy’s song.” Their little faces lit up while they sang. That entire weekend we couldn’t be in the car without them wanting no other song, but “Daddy’s Song.” I know their memories of their Daddy will fade over time, but this song will forever be a reminder of their daddy...He Knows What He’s Doing. “If I had it my way I’d take this from you but God, He knows what he’s doing. So here while our hearts break we have to believe that God, He knows what he’s doing.”

He Knows What He's Doing (Daddy's Song)

Whatever The Road


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