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The Preacher A New Cult Classic

Updated on August 6, 2016

Preacher Preview (C) Courtesy of


Preacher hits the screen as AMCs latest hit TV show based on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon graphic novel. "Preacher" draws on the premise that greatest power in all creation is somehow placed into the unwitting, yet cunning hands of a semi lunatic, half hood, Texas Preacher. A refreshingly novel blend of sensational drama, violence and comedy built on a foundation of religious overtones juxtaposed by blaspheme concepts. The graphic novel adaptation was developed by Seth Rogan and Sam Catlin, and stars Dominic Cooper as the Ex Hit-Man turned Texas Preacher.

This gripping tale is based on the flawless power of God, pitted against the flaws of human interpretation. The cast, settings, and costumes are tailored to perfection from the leather cowboy vests down to the silver embezzling of the Preacher's cowboy boots. The power known as Genesis, the greatest power in all creation, married with the idea of it being that of a demon-angel baby, or from lulling Genesis out of the Preacher through song, if not then by chainsaw exemplifies the serious, but yet comedic fusion encapsulated in this new hit AMC drama. Each episode is wonderfully crafted to address its own sub-plot, while establishing a larger series that keeps the viewers intrigued. As the characters continuously develop, the plot grows deeper, the wit more macabre, and brings the town closer to its saving or doom. One episode is left to air before the season finale with many questions still to be answered. One thing is evident, this hit groundbreaking TV show has become just as much of a cult classic as it's DC comic counterpart. "Preacher" speaks the truth, as the public continues to show in numbers for church every Sunday, as the finale draws near.


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