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The Presence: Mira Sorvino at Her Best

Updated on October 30, 2011

The Plot

Mira Sorvino stars as The Woman, as no characters have names in The Presence. After undergoing some hard times, she moves into an isolated island cabin where her grandparents once lived. While working, she decides to invite her boyfriend, fittingly named The Man, played by Justin Kirk, to come for a visit. Sorvino finds herself tormented by a dark spirit in the house. Shane West plays a second spirit that seemingly watches over her, but has a dark side as well. As the movie progresses, The Woman finds herself pushing away her boyfriend and developing her own dark side.

Exceeding Expectations

The Presence exceeding my expectations, especially in regards to Mira Sorvino. Reviews of the movie are spotty at best with many watchers complaining about the acting and plot. The Presence skips the typical horror movie clich├ęs and avoids the stereotypical things you expect from a ghost story. No one jumps out of a closet, no ghostly figure appears in the mirror, and the ghostly music is null. The movie makes the most of its limited cast. Except for Sorvino, Kirk, and West, the movie only showcases three other actors. The film focuses on the relationships between each character and how those relationships change. The movie comes across as more of a tight drama or thriller than a typical horror movie ghost story.

Frustrating Conclusion

The worst part about The Presence is its frustrating conclusion. When I watch a movie, I want an ending that leaves me feeling happy, sad, or upbeat, but at least feeling something. The Presence ends on such a note that you are not sure how to feel. It does not have a conclusion and there are no real revelations. The movie lets you draw your own conclusions about what happened to each character, who they really were, and their connection to each other. I watched the movie with two people and we all had our own ideas about those relationships. If you are willing to overlook the odd ending, then give The Presence a try.


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