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The Problem with The Child, "Baby Yoda"

Updated on April 7, 2020
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Star Wars fan for over 20 years, I suppose I should know a thing or two about handling the franchise.


The Mandalorian has proven to be the biggest hit for Disney Star Wars since buying the franchise to date. I have gone into great detail into my thoughts on Disney Star Wars, but something in particular I have a problem with regarding The Mandalorian is with one character, The Child. Now, I have yet to see the show, but anyone that has been seeing what is going on from the outside can draw some conclusions with what anyone could possibly have a problem with regarding the Child.

Star Wars Trying to Sell "Cute" Again

This is not the first and will not be the last time that Star Wars tries to sell on the cute factor. I personally do not have a problem with this, but the problem I have is when people that have been bashing Disney's handling of the franchise all of sudden retcon everything because they introduced a "cute" character into a show. Fans that criticized the sequel trilogy and everything that followed with it suddenly say Star Wars has been "saved" because of a character from one television show. Personally, that is a problem to me because revenue speaks for all of us with Disney, and if this character sells well, then Disney knows they can capitalize on future aspirations with characters like this, and can focus less on a more serious level with Star Wars.

Star Wars on many occasions had a far more serious, more mature approach during the Lucas era. It seems with Disney, most of that has gone out the window, and the wild success of The Child is not going to help give it that boast. Many fans have expressed interest for more darker sides to Star Wars stories, such as a rated R Republic Commando film, a rated R General Grievous film, and stories involving the more brutal side to Coruscant's underworld. I firmly believe Star Wars should have taken this approach, but because Disney is more of a kids company, the likelihood of that is probably next to zero. Instead Star Wars will be watered down with "cute" characters in more PG settings, and the more mature lore to Star Wars will be dismissed as undesirable. That is one thing I think about with Star Wars, it could have gone a more mature route, or it could have became more kid-oriented, instead it has taken the direction of the latter.

Remember Who Ultimately is in Charge of This

Remember, while Kathleen Kennedy was not as involved with "The Mandalorian" as with other Disney Star Wars products, she still has a say on how the show ultimately went, including The Child. As time goes on and now that the sequel trilogy is behind us, it has became clear to many fans that she has not handled the franchise appropriately. While she remains in charge of Lucasfilm, she will receive all the credit, both good and bad, ultimately for any project that happens under her watch. Now, fans say that we should buy into the things that align more with the values of Star Wars to prove a point as to what fans want, such as The Mandalorian. While it is true, is the direction we want for the franchise to revolve around the cute factor more than a truly more serious, more mature approach to the franchise? I fear with the success of The Child, it will give Disney the excuse to continue with this approach to Star Wars to the point the universe becomes more of an innocent playground than keeping the integrity with what made Star Wars a beloved franchise.

Final Thoughts

So what are your thoughts on this matter? Do you think I'm reading too much into this or am I right now? As you can guess, I prefer if Star Wars would take a more serious, more mature approach to the franchise, but some might would disagree with that approach. Obviously, while Star Wars remains a Disney project, it will never go totally in that direction, and I think at this point it is far too late for Star Wars anyway. It saddens me some that we had so many great characters from the Expanded Universe that could have used a T.V. series, but instead we get this, and it doesn't look like it will be going away anytime soon. I don't have a personal problem with The Mandalorian, but I have a problem with characters like this representing the franchise as if this is what Star Wars is about.

© 2020 Jason


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