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The Crime Dramas You Don't Know About

Updated on June 24, 2016

Hidden Community

I recently put together my own web series, which is kind of like a television series, but brought to you in little 3-15 min+ snippets on video services like YouTube or Vimeo. After releasing it, I started hunting for the online communities that celebrate, talk about and share Crime Dramas. Should be easy, right?

I was mistaken.

Not even reddit has a thriving community of Crime Drama enthusiasts. They might have one for a particular show, but how the heck do you find new shows or share them?

I'm a HUGE fan of Crime Dramas, and I realise that I predominantly hear about the good ones through word of mouth. So my friend may share about the latest Mentalist episode, and I'm intrigued enough to take a look. But so far as finding something new when I'm finished binging on all 7 seasons is hard. (and let's face it, there's some serious trust issues involved with starting a new series and getting to know new characters. Especially when they get killed off so readily in other shows!)

So I thought it was high time to share with you all the wonderful Crime Drama web series I did find in my search! And the quality and content is going to blow your mind and make you wonder why the heck you didn't hear about it before!



Although I'm a woman, I'm not a huge advocate for feminist romps, but I can promise you that you will LOVE Herlock regardless of how you feel about that subject. In this series, Watson is a female Veterinary student named Jonny Watts who becomes obsessed with finding out who Sheridan Hume (Holmes) is after seeing her reappear in numerous photos of crime scenes. There is currently only one 43 min episode on here, but it's enough to make you want a lot more. Fabulous cinematography, engaging story and great acting to be found in this Sherlock spinoff.

Watch the episode here:



Legacy follows a girl as she figures out who she is and why she is being hunted in the midst of a growing 'global reset' or apocalypse. People either want to help her or kill her, but she doesn't always know who is who. The 12 episodes were created by the help of the community who watched them as they came out, so the audience got to vote on what would happen next! Brilliant production values and captivates your interest. A thrilling ride!

Watch the pilot episode here:


Dead Man's Trigger

Dead Man's Trigger is reminiscent of Die Hard as two agents race the clock to get to their kidnapped partner and disarm a bomb. Cliché at it's best, but who doesn't enjoy a good, fast paced shoot out? Hoping they make more, because this one ends on a nail biting cliff hanger, and just when you're starting to like the characters too...

Watch the pilot episode here:


Project J

Project J is the crime/drama web series that I mentioned releasing recently, following a guy who solves crimes by interpreting dreams. It's currently on it's first season and was shot entirely in New Zealand with a multi-cultural group of cast & crew. Though I'm entirely bias in my opinion of it, I really think you will enjoy it's fast paced plot of twists and turns.

Watch the pilot episode here:


Blue Card

A black and white crime drama following a guy who kills in order to stay off the streets, Blue Card has elements reminiscent of Christopher Nolan's 'Following'. Telling an engaging story in a creative way, you can't help but go from one episode to the next to find out what they do with the 'Blue Cards' they are given.

Watch the Pilot episode here:

Want to See More?

If you're reading this and have a web series or know of one within the crime drama genre, please share it in the comments below so I can add it to the collection! These are only the ones I have found and liked enough to tell the world about. Hopefully we can begin creating a community that celebrates Crime Drama, so we can give a lift to great independent work like these shows!

Where do you find your crime drama?

See results

© 2016 filmchick1987


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    • film critic profile image

      film critic 

      15 months ago

      While researching my last hub, I found a site called It is a curator of web series. It will help you find some good stuff to watch, but it may also be a good place for you to send your own web series to.


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