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The RHOBH & RHOA, a viewers perspective on Brandi Glanville, Kim Richards and everyone in between.

Updated on April 3, 2015

The whole "Real Housewives" franchise

I started watching The Real Housewives back when Jo was still on RHOC, so however long ago that was; regardless it seems like forever ago. My guilty pleasure is without a doubt watching each and every episode of every city of The Real Housewives (I have even started watching RHO Melbourne). I am so well versed on every story line that I swear I should be the official super "fan". Although super fan wouldn't exactly be the correct term I guess I should say super "watcher".

In the beginning I thought this was reality based TV and that is it was 100% unscripted, off the cuff, rich housewives doing their thing. Now I know that it's not scripted yet I have come to terms with the fact that even though Andy Cohen isn't feeding these women lines the women themselves are playing a part, which is usually what they think the audience wants them to be.

Come on lets face it, if I was on national TV and being scrutinized by millions I would do what I had to in order to try to contain the amount of hate that came my way. I wouldn't necessarily change who I was but I think I'd be a bit cautious when voicing my opinion. So I can relate when I think I see someone on the show who is taking the road of least resistance for the moment because we all know that the nice lady gets eaten alive eventually. I swear some of these women would gladly join a Real Housewives Hunger Games style situation. It's like they are out for blood, ready to pounce and rip your hair out at any given moment.

The life of a Real Housewife has to be stressful and some times just down right miserable. I have felt for a few of them in particular when they were going through divorces on air. That has to be a real living nightmare. I also feel for the ladies when other cast mates bring up things that affect their children, Brandi Glanville and her repeated referencing Kyle's supposed pot smoking has been disgusting to witness, my heart goes out to Kyle who is a really great Mom. I will get to Brandi later, trust me I have lots to say about her!

Did anyone else like watching the RHODC? I thought it was ok, I was really surprised when it ended after 1 season. Maybe it's just my addiction talking lord knows you can't ever have enough Real Housewives to drive your husband bonkers with!

Andy's book


Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen is an anomaly to me because who he is at reunions and on WWHL seems different from who he is in real life, which you get a sense of by reading his books. He is actually very caddy and is almost just a total snob, I'm amazed at how well he has profected the poker face and is able to keep his opinion closely guarded and really treats each housewife the same without picking sides at least on air, I doubt he is so subtle when the green light goes off. Some of his casting decisions have really irked me, like bringing Bethenny back, UGH. Seriously people have we not had enough of her? But again I will get to her later.

Andy did do a great job interviewing Joe and Teresa Guidice since getting a shred of info from those two that is authentic is relative to blowing up a car tire with a bendy straw!

If Andy is going to continue to host reunions and WWHL I would appreciate it if he was willing to call people on their BS and speak up when one of the housewives was out right lying and he knows it. It drives me insane to watch him never take a stance and be such a push over. Even the most respected TV hosts take a hard line on subjects that are upsetting to them. I envision inside Andy's brain is like the Katy Perry California Girls video but with naked 20 something men frolicking around. He doesn't seem to have much depth to him. IMO


The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Wow, where to even start. My opinion of the ladies has changed so much this season from previous seasons when I had so much respect for certain housewives that now I find myself sneering at.

Nene Leakes what do I think about her? Well, it kind of depends on the week. Sometimes I like her and sometimes I think she is way off the mark. This last season (spring 2015) she has been off the charts looney tunes. Storming out of her own counseling session, being totally rude on a trip that was paid for by a fellow castmate, and then her campaign against Cynthia. Let's get real for a second, if you called my husband a b*tch I don't care how long we have been friends after that you and I aren't cool; and if I ever tolerate you or show you kindness in the future you better relish in it and not push the issue. Cynthia was well within her right to react to Nene in a foul way. Nene disrespected her husband and that is never acceptable between friends.

The other thing is, and I wish I could call Nene up and tell her this myself to be honest. STOP TRYING TO CONVINCE US YOUR RICH. I am no bigger or lesser of a fan based on what you have in your checking account. I was more impressed to see her spreading her wings and doing a fabulous job on each show she has been part of. My hat was off to her and she had a fan in me. But then it came to the point where enough is enough. You dropped enough names, you made your point we get it.

In Nene's attempt to make herself the star, which she did do legitimately until she opened her mouth and caused me to question myself why does anyone even like her anymore? She attacked people who didn't deserve it, (Claudette). It seems so obvious to me that Nene is in some way intimidated or her self esteem is bruised by anyone who is attractive. If you don't look like a bulldog she ain't rollin with you bottom line. If she was really secure in herself and in her vast wealth these younger women wouldn't bother her, she projects the behavior of someone who is so afraid someone might steal something from her be it a job or the limelight or a better look that she has to react hostile and try to highlight dirt on people to keep them from being a threat to her.

Sad thing is, she has talent. She could be a great talent if she let up on drama. I don't have to hate Claudia to like Nene, I don't have to believe Nene is rich to like her. It's a shame Nene doesn't know that.

Cynthia I like Cynthia this season. I think she did exactly what any caring wife would do she stuck by her husband. I also think she got tired of being considered Nene's side kick or follower. Back when she drew up that friendship contract and all that, I thought she was childish and I hated Peter because I really thought he was a bum but today I like them both and I think they have collectively done a great job of showing us who they are and that they are genuine.

Pheadra Poor Pheadra, Apollo turned out to be nothing better than a common thief and she has those 2 boys to raise now on her own. But she is smart and successful I think she will be just fine. I can't believe that anyone actually thought Apollo was telling the truth when he said he caught her talking to a man named "Chocolate" I could see from a mile away that one was just his last ditch effort to hurt her. I hope her and Kandi can fix their friendship.

Kandi What a down to earth lady, as much as I love her I absolutely despise her mother. I think Kandi is honest and just down to earth. I'm still not sure about her husband, something about him just doesn't sit well with me. I never feel like he is on the level. I hope she doesn't end up hurt. She is probably the most relatable housewife in the ATL

Claudette I like her I The jury is out on her. I think she has a quick tongue on her and I get the feeling anyone that suave at taking shots at people is hiding something themselves. I wish she would hide those feet of hers, damn those feet confirm to me there is no God.

Kenya Oh Kenya, you might not be the whore you have been made out to be but you are the craziest woman in the south. I wish they had that pageant (craziest girl in the south) you would have won it hands down. Miss Crazy as Hell ATL. Between your African Prince and your twirling (childish nonsense), your antics just turn me off. I don't think your genuine and I wish your insides were as pretty as your outside, and this is hard for me to say because your from my home Detroit.

"I have a glam-baby. Let's be correct, now. I'm way too young and too fabulous to be a grandma. I'm a glam-mom".

"I'm very rich, bitch!"

"I walk around in Louboutins, not cleats..."

"I don't do poor well."

"I don't keep up with Joneses, I am the Joneses."

"What's your status at the bank?'

— NeNe Leakes

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2015


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

This is my favorite franchise of the RH's across the board. These women are actually as rich as they seem, they are beautiful and interesting and they are hustlers, cough* throat clear except for Brandi and Kim.

Watching the reunion last night sent me into such an angered frenzy that it sparked me to write this article.

Kim is the epitome of dysfunction, I highly doubt she has been sober a day in her life and I wish her dog would have ate her instead of biting all these other people. Any person who can say the vile and disgusting things that Kim has said about her sister Kyle gives a bad name to bottom feeders. Kim is irrational, she is without a doubt your typical addict pointing the finger every direction but her own. Never has to take accountability for her actions because she has her addiction to blame everything on. Kim's poor children, the shame and embarrassment they must be suffering with because of the insanity their mother displays on TV. Like the outburst in Amsterdam, Kim is not a mentally sound person. She is a fruit loop. I hope for Kyle's sake that Kim is fired and finds her way to the closest gutter.

Lisa is a dream, in my mind she can do no wrong. Even if she is full of you know what who cares, I just love to hear her talk. What can you say bad about Lisa? She is fabulous. Her life is fabulous. Everyone in the world secretly wishes they were Lisa. *Drops the mic*

Lisa R. Nothing to say...she is irrelevant to the show and to me EXCEPT that I really want to know what dirt Kim has on her husband, that was more interesting than Lisa the whole season!. I barely even noticed her unless her lips are obstructing the view of the other housewives.

Eileen See Lisa R. but remove the part about the lips.

Kyle What a nice lady. Great Mom, great family, great hair, great life. Who wouldn't want to be Kyle? The only darkness associated with her is her evil nutcase of a sister Kim. Mauricio seems like a great husband, I don't believe any of the cheating rumors. I think those were started by someone uh-hum Brandi because she is a jealous person.

Yolanda I cannot imagine going through the health issues that she has been living with, she is such a good person and I think her girls are beautiful. But her protection of Brandi and excuse making has to end, she is way to smart to be so stupidly duped by the likes of Brandi Glanville. I hope she recovers quickly and is able to move on with her life, she is such a bright spirit.

Brandi last but definitely the least Miss Tampon String herself, If you don't know what I'm talking about just google it.. but not before or right after you have eaten food or you will certainly throw up! Since Brandi came onto the show she has been the low point in every episode, her destructive mouth and physically inappropriate behavior makes me want to tune right out. I seriously do not blame Eddie for leaving her, I couldn't last ten minutes with her. There is nothing worse than a sloppy drunk. Her poor kids they have to live with her antics and all the dirt out there (kind of like this...sorry kids) about what a tramp and alcoholic she is. Every decision she makes is somehow misguided and she has zero filter. It's like she has the brain of a little pony that has a raging case of severe ADHD. She rarely makes a rational statement and I'm so impressed with Lisa and Kyle for trying to mend things with her considering us (the viewers) knew right away that was going to end in an explosion. Even seeing her sing for Lisa at her birthday party it's like she is so starved for validation will humiliate herself just to get a little tiny bit of acknowledgement. Must be why she is such an unpaid prostitute, she will do anything for attention. That's actually sad. Hopefully she will be fired after this season and replaced with someone crazier we can learn to hate. Hahaha....

“When life hands you lemons, grab the nearest bottle of vodka and make yourself a cocktail.”

“I’m not a slut but I wish I was because sex is fun.”

" I was so afraid to fly that I used to roofie myself. It was awesome!"

— Brandi Glanville

Who is really the worst housewife?

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© 2015 Karen Ranoni


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    • Karen Ranoni profile imageAUTHOR

      Karen Ranoni 

      4 years ago from Romeo, MI

      What? Marie..seriously haha..Well give me your take. I'd love to hear what you think of Kyle.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I found your comments on Andy really interesting. soon as you lost me at "Kyle: What a nice lady." Are you f'n joking!!!!?????


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