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The "Real" Crissy Moran

Updated on October 14, 2013

A fallen angel rises up

This is my tribute to Crissy Moran. Someone that gave up a very lucrative career to do the right thing and change her entire life. I don't know many people that would give up nearly a million dollars a year to start over in near poverty, but that is exactly what she did.

How she "fell"

Crissy was born on December 22, 1975 in Jacksonville, Florida. Growing up she has a variety of different jobs from office positions for the Clerk Of Courts, Elections office etc and even Hooters restaurant. One day at the urge of some of her friends she posted bikini pictures of herself on the internet. The next day she had dozens of responses and it eventually led to her being asked to do photoshoots for the adult magazines "Playboy" and "Hustler". After discovering how quickly she could make a lot of money and enjoying all of the glamour that goes with being a model she moved to California and started her own personal pornography website. She would post nude pictures of herself and charge a fee for entrance to the site. This took off like wildfire and soon she would find herself deep into the porn world, drugs, abusive relationships etc. She eventually performed in over 40 mainstream porn films. This all began for her when she was 24 yrs old and she was now 31 and very unhappy.

She had always believed in God but never really had a relationship with Him but something inside of her finally said "enough is enough". In 2006, after 7 years of being one of the most sought after porn stars she made an announcement that she was leaving for good to never return. Of course this angered all of her producers and people she worked for over the years and she even had some legal issues she had to clear up. The internet went a buzz with her porn fans condemning her and a lot of the religious community calling her another fake. I can't even imagine the constant lack of respect she had to endure and probably still does.

She rises up

After leaving the porn business and deciding she wanted and needed to live for Jesus and become a devout Christian she never realized how hard her life would become. She closed down her site, which was a lot of her income and found herself at near poverty levels. She joined a local church and told her story and was embraced by the preacher and was given some financial as well as spiritual help. She had a hard time getting jobs because everyone knew who she was and nobody took her seriously. Her self esteem was shot from all of the really bad relationships she had in the past. Through a lot of legal battles she is still unable to remove her pictures and videos from the internet. She had either signed away her rights or her past boyfriends etc were unwilling to cooperate, plus they were still making money off of her. She finally was able to land a job, get an apartment and start to "pick herself up". She began speaking publicly about the dangers of pornography, the sex trafficing that she saw etc.

She has starred in two mainstream movies in 2008 & 2009. The first being the Biblical retelling of Hosea & Gomer called "Oversold. She also was in a Indie horror film called "Filth to Ashes & Flesh To Dust". Crissy also participated in the documentary "Exxxit: Life after Porn.

Today, Crissy is still working and acting when she can and has no regrets for leaving her past life. I still find her as someone with a lot of courage and I don't judge her for her past.

Update on Crissy- As of May 2013, she is now married and couldn't be happier with her life. It was a high mountain, but she climbed it successfully!!!!!!!!


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    • profile image

      ytdontplay 5 years ago

      crissy, you've received the greatest blessing us mere mortals can receive.God bless you and God be with you

    • profile image

      Frank 5 years ago

      She is such an inspiration. She really turned her life around. Very happy for her!

    • pongogirl2 profile image

      Jasmine Pena 5 years ago from California, USA

      so sad but really inspiring.I'm happy that she changed for the better.