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The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" We Love To Hate

Updated on November 29, 2011
Rachelle Williams profile image

I'm Rachelle, a.k.a "TheMotleyChick," a lover of eclectic but ordinary people, situations, and topics. I love sharing helpful resources.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is one of the most buzzed about reality TV shows of the genre.

Those of us who are addicted to the show will put it in our Netflix queue as soon as we can, or scour YouTube for The SkorpionShow dish of the latest episode.

There are six Real Housewives of shows in the franchise, they are: Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, and Miami.

By far, the Atlanta version is the most popular of the Bravo TV franchise, according to

I suppose the reason the Atlanta show is so popular is because the women can be exceedingly catty and completely over the top sometimes.

However, the women on all of the other shows have shown the same qualities, so I cannot 100% account for what makes The Real Housewives of Atlanta so popular. . . I just know that it is.

Since the popular reality TV show premiered in 2008, we have seen a lot of different personalities emerge from amongst the Atlanta housewives.

The fans can attest to the fact that some of those personalities have not been all too pleasant. In fact, most of the ladies have raised our ire more than a few times, but some of the ladies have taken it to another level, and these are the Real Housewives of Atlanta we love to hate. . .along with an overview of how we feel about the rest of the cast.

Ne Ne Looked Like She Was Going to EAT Dwight In This Scene - In a Thrown Down, My Money Would Be on Her to Win!
Ne Ne Looked Like She Was Going to EAT Dwight In This Scene - In a Thrown Down, My Money Would Be on Her to Win!

Ne Ne Leakes

Come on. . . Now you knew that Ne Ne Leakes would most certainly top just about anybody's list of the Real Housewives of Atlanta we love to hate.

5 Reasons Why We Cannot Stand Ne Ne Leakes

  1. She is the Chief Troublemaker on the Show
  2. She Has Gotten into Altercations With Just About Everyone Else (Cynthia Bailey, watch out!)
  3. Her Jealousy of Cast-mate Kim Zociak Is Overbearing
  4. She Has Something Nasty to Say About Every Other Cast-member
  5. She is Rude, Loud, Overbearing, Tacky, and Crass

Just about everybody has fought with Ne Ne Leaks at one point or another, the only current Atlanta housewives she has not gotten into it with yet are Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss.

She won't get into with Kandi because she has no reason to (although she tries), and Cynthia Bailey is weak and naïve, and she plays up to Ne Ne.

The fact that she is incredibly jealous of once BFF Kim Zolciak is so obvious until it is nauseating and embarrassing. I think it has to do with the fact that Kim cannot sing, she has no real skills, and she prefers to hide her true appearance underneath mounds of makeup and gaudy clothes.

But yet, Kim has scored two hit singles, she has more money than Ne Ne, and she has succeeded in catching two incredibly wealthy men who appear to be blind to all of her flaws (big boobs and blonde wigs tend to have this effect).

Whenever Ne Ne and Kim get together, an explosion occurs . . . and Ne Ne is the one who usually ignites the flame. In the past, it appeared that Ne Ne purposely invites herself to Kim's events just to wreak havoc (Miami, Kandi's bus, etc.)

Outside of the Kim Zolciak thing, Ne Ne Leaks is an all around obnoxious chick.

About the only time I have seen a justifiable tantrum from Ne Ne is when she jumped on Dwight Eubanks for lying about her husband, and when she jumped on Kim Zolciak for referring to her African American assistant, Sweetie, as a "Black B _ _ _ _."

If you missed the whole Ne Ne vs. Dwight smack down, you should put it in your Netflix queue.

We started off actually liking NeNe Leakes (Netflix season 1 if you missed it), but she just got crazier and crazier as the show progressed. . . and now she has morphed into a loud, acidic shrew.

Kim Zolciak

5 Reasons Why We Almost Hate Kim Zolciak

  1. She Carried On For Years With Another Woman's Husband
  2. She is an Obvious Gold Digger
  3. She Cheated Kandi out of Money
  4. She Sings Like a Stuck Cow
  5. Her Over The Top Outward Appearance

Extraordinarily hideous wigs, a makeup routine that could only have been copied from Tammy Faye Bakker (I'm sorry Tammy Faye, we loved you, we just didn't understand you sometimes, but we sincerely hope that you are resting in peace), questionable morals, triple collagen pumped lips, and quadruple silicone pumped breasts can bring several television personalities to mind, but only one Atlanta Housewife . . . Kim Zolciak.

The whole Big Poppa thing was a complete disgrace, he was married and she knew it, but that did not stop Kimmy Kim from being his kept mistress.

Sleeping with a married man is a serious violation of the code of sisterhood and we can never fully accept her back into the fold for this one.

As soon as the light from Big Poppa faded, she immediately took up with another rich man. It remains to be seen whether she has actual feelings for her new hubby, NFL player Kroy Biermann.

However, most of us are secure in the knowledge that, no matter how much she adored Kroy's butt (Netflix it), Zolciak would never have given him a second look if he had an average job.

We all know what went down with Tardy for the Party and we do not like it when someone mistreats the only 100% likable Atlanta housewife. Kandi wrote the song, and she helped Kim through every step of the recording process, and then Kim "forgot" to pay her all that she is due.

Let us never forget that Kim Zolciak's voice can best be described as "Painful to the ears and torturing to the psyche." But yet, she actually, really believes that she can sing ? ? ?

The one incredibly redeeming value about Kim is the fact that she does really mean well, and she seems to have a good heart.

Ok so. . . maybe we don't actually hate Kim Zolciak, but her sisterhood rating has been damaged because of past bad deeds.

Many of us Never Fell for Lisa Wu Hartwell's "Im so Innocent" Act.
Many of us Never Fell for Lisa Wu Hartwell's "Im so Innocent" Act.

The Snake In The Grass - Lisa Wu Hartwell

Surprise! Surprise! I'll bet some of you never would have guessed that Lisa Wu Hartwell would have made this list as an Atlanta Housewife We Love to Hate.

She paraded around in the first and second season of the show pretending that she "Only wanted everybody to get along."

Yet, if you remember correctly, she was the direct cause of all the tension of season 1, because of the NeNe and Kim incident.

What Actually Happened?

NeNe made several remarks about Kim's nonexistinant singing talent (which is true) in front of Lisa, her husband Ed Hartwell, Sheree Whitfield and DeShawn Snow. The whole incident was trivial, but the story was overblown when it was delivered to Kim.

Someone went back and told Kim that Ne Ne was severely trashing her. Kim was genuinely hurt, because up until then, she and Ne Ne had been the best of friends. This was the beginning of the extinction event of Kim and Ne Ne's relationship.

The ladies all talk behind each other's back, but the irony of the whole thing was Lisa Wu Hartwell's incessant comments about how much she hated all of the crap between Kim and NeNe. She went on and on about how badly she "Just wanted everyone to get along" . . . when it was HER who started it all!

True enough, DeShawn Snow also sang that same let's all love one another song, but her intentions were genuine. Lisa Wu Hartwell was simply a snake in the grass.

How do we know that Lisa was the troublemaker?

  • Sheree has the balls to have told it if it was her - and she wouldn't have cared about what anyone thought.
  • DeShawn was too nice of a person to have told it, and besides, she point-blank stated that it was not her who ran off at the mouth.
  • Lisa is the only person present during the incident who talked to both Kim and NeNe on a regular basis.
  • Immediately after the incident, Lisa clung to Kim like a new best friends.
  • Lisa's guilty actions during the reunion show told the whole story.

The Infamous Housewives of Atlanta Season 1 Reunion Show

When Andy Cohen and Ne Ne kept trying to zero in on the identity of the housewife who leaked the story to Kim, Lisa Wu kept trying to change the subject, the camera kept focusing on her, and she became increasingly hostile towards Kim for absolutely no real reason.

Some of the other cast members appeared to be completely baffled by Lisa's seemingly odd and out of character reaction, but those of us who could easily detect a slithering snake, knew exactly what her problem was. She did not want it to get out that she was the troublemaker.

Then when it appeared that Kim was just about to reveal her source, Lisa Wu Hartwell immediately, and inexplicably stood up and told Kim that she would "throw her across the couch..." It was hilarious, and very transparent that Lisa created the diversion to get the subject changed - Netflix season 1 if you missed it.

Lisa's plan worked, because the question was abandoned, but her actions were a dead giveaway. They all knew it was her, and it was written all over their faces.

Some of us were never taken in by her sweet, and innocent act in the first place, and we were glad they axed her boring butt by season 3.

Kandi Burruss - The Atlanta Housewife We Adore
Kandi Burruss - The Atlanta Housewife We Adore

Our Favorite Housewife - Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burrus is our favorite Atlanta Housewife because she never really bothers anyone else, she might have minor smart mouthed remarks about some of the ladies, but it is usually in jest and not something she wouldn't say directly to them.

The reason she escapes the boring radar, something poor DeShawn Snow was totally unable to do, is because she keeps things going with an interesting lifestyle, but she does not have to dabble in all of the drama to do it.

Since the day she landed on the show, Kandi has exuded nothing but genuine good nature, and she always has a smile on her face.

One of the things we like most about Kandi is her ability to wave off Ne Ne's attempts to jab at her. Kandi appears to take Ne Ne's nonsense with a grain of salt, and she never falls for any of her silly little provocations.

Although we secretly wish that Kandi would let loose and let Ne Ne have it one day, we most respect her for keeping her cool under clear and present fire.

Sheree Whitfield
Sheree Whitfield

Atlanta Housewives on the Cusp of Love & Hate

Sheree Whitfield

When the show first began, Sheree Whitfield was the resident wicked witch.

We all know that she purposely left Ne Ne Leaks off of that infamous guest list during season 1 (Don't be fooled by consecutive seasons, she never really liked NeNe), she bragged about how much money she was going to get in the then impending divorce from Bob Whitfield, and she is incredibly conceited and snobby.

However, she has managed to turn her ultra-witchy persona around in the past couple of seasons, so we do not hate her any longer.

Plus,we currently do not like Ne Ne either, so we now see why she left her off of the guest list, she did not get even one third as much of the money she bragged about in the divorce - it turned out that Bob Whitfield had less money than she thought, she is the brokest chick on the show, and Peter Thomas (Cynthia Bailey's husband) already eluded to the popular notion that she, in fact, does look a bit like drag queen.

All things taken into consideration, in the case of Sheree Whitfield it can go either way. For now, we don't actually hate her, but we are fickle and the current season just started.

Phaedra Parks
Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks

Tacky, ghetto-fabulous, and classless is what comes to mind when we think of Phaedra Parks.

It is not exactly ethical for an attorney to get involved with one of her clients, and it is totally tacky for her to marry an ex-jailbird. I know, I know...he served his time and yada yada. . . . but we all know the real deal.

She threw that tacky baby shower, she is conceited - not Tamar Braxton level conceit but annoying just the same, she seemed to care less about her dead aunt than the gaudy funeral arrangements she was awed about, she is the cause of that completely tasteless incident at Kandi Burruss' 35th birthday party, and she constantly glorifies her "donkey booty."

Phaedra Parks is the perfect example of the truthful phrase "Money Cannot Buy Class," and she is the antithesis of a Southern Belle, but in her defense, she hasn't really done anything awful enough for her to actually hate her - yet. . .again, the new season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta only just began.

Cynthia Bailey, her daughter Noell, and her husband, Peter Thomas - He looks like her daddy doesn't he?
Cynthia Bailey, her daughter Noell, and her husband, Peter Thomas - He looks like her daddy doesn't he?

We Can Take Her or Leave Her

Cynthia Bailey

We actually feel somewhat sorry for this chick, she is a nice enough girl, but she is incredibly naïve, and a bit boring.

Her husband, Peter Thomas, doesn't particularly seem to care about her . . . but he does care about her money.

Last season she allowed Peter to run her finances into the ground (her words), and she then claimed that she would never do it again. But, the current season seems to tell a different story . . . Can we all say "dumb, da dumb dumb dumb."

All of her family and friends were against her marriage to Peter, but she married him anyway, even in the midst of tension over money - which is the number one cause for divorce in this country . . . H E L L O ) ) ) ) )

Plus, when it comes to Ne Ne Leakes, she constantly kisses her butt. It is weird how she is such a cheerleader to Ne Ne when she basically just met her. I thought that it was common sense that if group of people dislike one single person... there might be a valid reason, so you need to keep your distance until you can get to know that person well enough to judge for yourself.

But no, Cynthia does not have that kind of sense, she just latched right on to NeNe and she keeps her distance from everyone else... not smart. Ne Ne is a hellcat, and I predict that she will eventually turn on Cynthia just like she has done with everyone else.

Cynthia Bailey does not add much to the show, and she would not be missed if she left - her husband Peter, however, has proven to be a real rebel-rouser on the same scale as Ne Ne Leakes (in reference to the infamous article where he trashed the ladies, and then proceeded to defend his vulgar actions).

Watch out Cynthia, Bravo will not tolerate a boring housewife . . . just ask the last and next housewife on this list . . .

DeShawn Snow
DeShawn Snow

DeShawn Snow

Yeah... DeShawn was the slowest moving housewife of the entire franchise.

Nothing exciting ever happened involving DeShawn.

The two highlights of her short time on the show were the way that she allowed her two boys to walk all over her, and the incident where she tried to showboat in front of a potential assistant who had apparently worked for far classier, and more wealthy people than DeShawn and Eric Snow.

It was embarrassing, and the potential assistant walked out of the interview basically looking down her nose at DeShawn. . .

I heard that since she departed from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, DeShawn Snow has divorced her cheating husband, Eric Snow, and she dropped a couple of pounds too - good for her!

She was a nice woman, but she lacked the sparkle, excitement, and/or devilry to captivate audiences, so Bravo gave her the axe after season 1.

Which Housewife Can You Simply Not Stand?

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