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The Real Jurassic World-like Stunning Discovery

Updated on June 14, 2015
Okay, nobody move! LOL
Okay, nobody move! LOL
Fossilized muscle tissue from a dinosaur.
Fossilized muscle tissue from a dinosaur.
Where the red blood cells were found after 75 million years!
Where the red blood cells were found after 75 million years!
Kauai, where much of the Jurassic films were made.
Kauai, where much of the Jurassic films were made.
Off Cocos Island, a gigantic whale shark.
Off Cocos Island, a gigantic whale shark.

Jurassic World?

Jurassic World is the new, fantastic, movie where scientists have created not only the "standard" dinosaurs known, but a new one through genetic engineering. Of course, they are all secure on the island away from the real world and visitors can experience them. On its first day of release, the movie gobbled up $82 million. Not bad.

Much of the filming was done on the island of Kauai in the State of Hawaii. Other shots were done on Cocos Island, a primitive island, 30 hours from the coast of Coast Rica. The national park on the island has been rated the best place for divers to see large open sea creatures. The island, like Kauai, is lush with tropical vegetation. It is home to the whale shark that weighs 20 tons and is 42 feet long! Like the movie, tourists need permission from the government to go there. Some of the new movie was also shot on Oahu, Hawaii at Kualoa Ranch.

Scientists who study dinosaurs have recently made a startling discovery, one that makes Jurassic movies closer to reality. The first items to deteriorate of a living thing are the soft tissue areas before any fossilization occurs.Bones and teeth can last hundreds of millions of years, while protein molecules vanish within just 4 million years. In one case, flexible tissue from a T. Rex was found intact. But, now, organic molecules have been found in a fossil 75 million years old! The fossils in question are eight Cretaceous dinosaur bones from a variety of species.

Using spectrometry methods, scientists have been able to isolate calcified collagen fibers in four fossils.They found red blood cells in two of the specimens that strongly resemble the Australian 6-foot bird, Emus. Paleontologists are ecstatic about the potential avenues for genetic replication that echo the basic premise in Jurassic World, create a dinosaur! The discovery of soft tissue from an extinct dinosaur 75 millions old may allow the Jurassic script to become reality!


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      I think it would very cool in many ways to somehow create a live dinosaur from the past. But the film has made $500 million in its first weekend of release worldwide. That is a record.

    • PurvisBobbi44 profile image


      3 years ago from Florida


      I enjoyed reading this information and I also saw in on the Internet in my research about dinosaurs drawings on cave walls and on various other items.

      I believe humans in the past shared this earth with dinosaurs. And, I am sure one day the secrets held by scientist will be made public.

      I never believe everything I am spoon fed by anyone because there seems to always be a hidden agenda to make money or be famous.

      I cannot wait to see what happens on earth next about animal DNA and how it is used.

      Bobbi Purvis


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