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The True Message Behind HBO's "The Newsroom"

Updated on January 30, 2017


With the final season of The Newsroom wrapping up this winter, many fans like myself wonder if there will ever be a show quite like it again. Television series like “The Newsroom” don’t come very often as each episode expanded one’s mind, rather than shrink it. The creator of the series, Aaron Sorkin, uses each hour to address issues that media organizations and the globe face each day. Die-hard fans quickly realize the underlining message Sorkin is trying to push to his audience, which is the transformation from quality news coverage to profitable news coverage.

Media has the power to publicize any issue they feel is significant. This can give an astonishing amount of power to a company, but power does not pay salaries. As news coverage became more and more profitable, media outlets needed to find ways to grow a fan base. Just like the creators of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and the Real housewives of every state in America, viewers drive profits and profits pay producers and casts. The transition to profitable news has made media coverage less willing to publish quality stories and more keen to talk about issues that only evoke emotions or anger. The news is a real life soap opera and gives viewers enjoyment, even though present day issues are being ignored.

“The Newsroom” is not for those who get a thrill from the overpublicized and dramatized stories, it is for those who enjoy quality, well researched stories about past events. Sadly, the main reason for the shows cancelling is due to its expensive research team who actually report stories that matter. The researchers travel across the globe to cover issues that real media stations feel lack importance and are too expensive to fund. It is much easier and cheaper to overemphasize what an actress is wearing then discuss the growing crisis at home or abroad.

The days of quality news coverage are limited and Aaron Sorkin is doing his best to address this issue. If for anything else, one should watch “The Newsroom” because it is different. It is insightful, entertaining, and a quality way to spend an hour. It will inform the viewer and may bring them to do a little more research on their own. Though the show has only had three seasons, it will continue to remind fans about the importance of quality news coverage.

"The Newsroom" Season 1

Does quality news coverage matter to you?

Do you agree that news coverage in America does not fully inform its viewers?

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