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The Republic

Updated on March 2, 2016

The Republic

The Plant was discovered by a Spanish expedition in 1849. They found it in the inlands of Mexico, once the territory of the Maya Empire. It was, in that time, being used by several indian tribes and popular, foremost, because of its medicinal characteristics. We decided to focus ourselves completely on selling the Plant after the Civil War had devastated our economy.

The Plants arrive in Antwerp. They arrive in wooden boxes with, written on it, the country of origin: Mexico, Colombia, Cuba. From there they are being shipped to the north. The Plant has got a profound impact on the physical state of the user. When using it in low amounts the user starts to hallucinate and starts to see strange things. But when used in higher amounts it can become deadly.

The Peace Palace lost its function after the UN collapsed and resistance forces lynched the personnel. It is now the home of our government. The sale and export of the Plant, our main source of income is the responsibility of Philip X, a descendant of the Spanish Habsburgs, who permanently inhabits the Palace.


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