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The Ringer -- How Bridget Became Siobahn

Updated on September 13, 2011

A remake of Bette Davis' A Stolen Life

One of the great things about being an old movie fan since childhood, you can spot when a show is doing a remake of an old movie. The whole boat scene was straight out of A Stolen Life starring Bette Davis and Glenn Ford. Bette Davis plays twins. The good twin meeting Glenn Ford and falls for him, but he ultimately falls for the bad twin and marries her. The twins are out in a sailboat when a storm hits. The bad twin falls overboard and the good twin is holding her hand, when she loses her grip. The bad twin's wedding ring comes off, and the good twin sees this as her opportunity to have the man she's always loved. Only, Glenn Ford now hates her twin and her twin was cheating on him with another man. It's a great movie. If you can rent it and it airs on TV watch it. On to the show.

The show opens with one of the twins running from a man in a ski mask. He catches her and starts choking her, and she cries, "You've got the wrong woman." Actually, he does, but not in the way she thinks, and as it turns out, he's actually got the right woman.

Flashing back without the benefit of Lost's wooshing sound effect, we see Bridge in an AA meeting, saying her sister, Siobahn, had finally answered her letter, but she's not ready to see her, yet. She seems to have romantic feelings for her sponsor, Malcom. Bridget is being protected by two FBI agents. One is a man named Victor, played by Lost's Richard Alpert, minus the guyliner. Bridget is being guarded until she testifies at the trial of the man she saw murder a fellow stripper. Only Bridget doesn't want to do that, manages to get the gun from Victor's partner, knock him out and tie him up and gag him.

She heads off to meet her sister, Siobahn. Bridget says she's sorry about Sean, but Siobahn doesn't want to talk about it. Sean is a little boy. Perhaps he was Siobahn's son, and it seems that he's dead. It's a key thing to remember when you get to the end of this episode. Siobahn also reveals she's kept from her husband, Andrew, that she has a sister.

Like Bette in A Stolen Life, the twins go for a boat ride. There's no storm. It's actually a beautiful day. Bridget wakes up to find the boat empty and no Siobahn. She finds Siobahn's wedding ring in a pill bottle. She assumes Siobahn swallowed the bottle of pills, jumped into the drink and killed herself. Thinking the grass is always greener on the other side of the septic tank, Bridget decides to assume Siobahn's identity and escape the troubles of her own life.

Bridget quickly discovers Siobahn's marriage to Andrew is pretty strained. She also discovers Siobahn was having an affair with her best friend, Gena's, husband, Henry. To complicate matters she takes a call for Siobahn from her doctor telling her she's pregnant, which Andrew overhears. So now Bridget isn't just pretending to be Siobahn, but she's also pretending to be pregnant. Henry is sure the baby is his when he finds out and he demands she leave Andrew or its over between them. Bridget picks Andrew and it's buh-bye to Henry. Andrew also seems to be keeping a secret of his own, as he cuts short a mysterious phone call when Bridget enters the room.

We finally arrive back at the beginning of the episode with Bridget being chased by the masked man. She was lured there by Gena, who asked Bridget to meet her there, saying she knew who Henry was having an affair with. Luckily for Bridget, earlier, she'd hidden the gun there that she stole from the FBI agent. She manages to get her hands on it and shoots the masked man.

Some place else we see Siobahn sitting in front of the mirror alive and well. Did anyone really think she was dead? It seems she's the one who sent the masked man after Bridget to kill her. The question is why? Was it to get back at her for the death of Sean or was it because Bridget messed up her plan to fake her own death? Or did Siobahn know that Bridget would assume her identity? Bridget also seems like she's got a thing for Andrew, but if she's never met him, just how can that be?

Meanwhile, FBI agent Victor has found the locker Bridget stored all her things in. Earlier, he had come to Bridget to question her and was fooled by her Siobahn act. Now he knows Siobahn lied to him when she said she'd had no contact with her sister.

I like a good mystery and I enjoyed it. I also love dramas about twins. It'll be interesting to see where they take it.


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