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The Rock Movie Rating and Review

Updated on December 8, 2016

Ed Harris, Nicholas Cage, Sean Connery

The Rock movie official poster cover
The Rock movie official poster cover

Official Movie Trailer

Review and Recommendations for The Rock Movie

The Rock movie is a non-stop action flick starring one of the best actors in Hollywood - Nicholas Cage. Although it may not be a movie rating that garners 4 stars on a scale of 1-4, this film would still be one of my movie recommendations. Usually any Sean Connery movies come highly recommended and this is one of them.

When a rogue element of the United States military takes over a top secret base to secure a biological weapon, things really start to heat up. Ed Harris is the leader of the rogue element and takes it over the top-secret facility with ease. Ed Harris is a well decorated marine soldier in the Special Forces of the Untited States military with top-level top secret clearance.

Nicholas Cage is an expert FBI chemist named Stanley Goodspeed. His highly touted skills are on display right from the beginning when a bomb loaded with C-4 is sent by terrorists to his FBI laboratory. Cage and his team disassemble the bomb right before it blows up in an amazing scene.

When he arrives home that evening his girlfriend tells him she is pregnant. Goodspeed loves this woman but he is unsure if he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Nicholas displays a sense of shock and worry in what was a remarkable portrayal of acting in my opinion. The fact that he is taken aback by the pregnancy news is not well advertised throughout the film but you can tell through his acting abilities that he comes off as a bachelor type not really looking to settle down as of yet. You really get to notice this in future scenes involving him and his girlfriend.

When Ed Harris moves his army to take over Alcatraz, hostages are involved They hold 81 hostages who were touring the closed prison. Ed makes a ransom call requesting 100 million dollars from his former bosses in the pentagon for reparations. His former unit in Desert Storm was left to die, while the families of those soldiers were not reimbursed as they should have been. If they are not reimbursed within some hours than he will send a biological weapon to take out the city of San Fransisco.

Without a plan, the FBI is left to dig up John Patrick Mason, the only man who broke out of Alcatraz, played by Sean Connery, to help navigate the tunnels of Alcatraz to break into Alcatraz.

Mason is tucked away in a federal prison with charges of espionage because he is a British spy. They release him after some negotiations and bring Sean to a five star hotel to get cleaned up and start the mission. He soon escapes the hotel to visit his daughter and is captured by the FBI again soon after.

The FBI, navy seals, and John begin planning for an incursion into Alcatraz. They arrive at Alcatraz without any resistance. Not soon after however, they break into Alcatraz and all of the men besides Mason and Stanley are dead. Mr. Goodspeed and Mr. Mason are left to save the day.

Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery work like a well-trained team. They disassemble rockets, take out the rogue marines and save the city from ultimate destruction.

Stanley Goodspeed (Nicholas Cage) and John Patrick Mason (Sean Connery) talk strategy.
Stanley Goodspeed (Nicholas Cage) and John Patrick Mason (Sean Connery) talk strategy.

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5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of The Rock

FBI Agent Stanley Goodspeed at Alcatraz

A great piece of acting in this film. He looks to thinking hard and eyeballing someone.
A great piece of acting in this film. He looks to thinking hard and eyeballing someone.

The Rock Movie Cast and Charachters

Unique film Director Michael Bay is in charge of this action-packed thriller. He brings his stand-out directing style to one of the best films of 1996. Some of his other famous Films include Bad Boys I and II starring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, All of the Transformer movies, Pearl Harbor, and many others that have a roller coaster ride feel to them.

He is one of those Directors, Spike Lee is another one, where if you did not know who directed the film, you could tell just by watching the film who directed it.

Ed Harris (The Abyss, A Beautiful Mind, The Firm) - Plays General Francis X. Hummel - Does a remarkable job in this film. He does double duty as both patriot and mercenary in which his patriotic ideals is what gets him and his unit killed in the end. Not to many films portray a genuinely two sided man who is doing all of the wrong things for the right reasons. A remarkable piece of acting that tends to get overlooked in these action blockbusters.

Sean Connery - (Finding Forrester, Indiana Jones, Goldfinger) - The man who made James Bond famous plays John Patrick Mason in this script. Not one of his best acting jobs in my opinion but it was cool to see him doing some action scenes once again.

Nicholas Cage - (The Family Man, Face Off, National Treasure) - Plays Stanley Goodspeed - I think he does a great job in this film. He has one of the best acting styles in Hollywood that is truly his own and it shines throughout this film as well.

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More Sean Connery Movies

The Oscar award winning actor has played in over 90 films to his credit. He has been a star ever since the 1960's and here is a preview of some of his outstanding work on screen.

Goldfinger (1964) - He plays James Bond in this spy caper. Guns, women, and Gold, what is not to like about this film.

The Hunt For Red October (1990) - He plays a Russian Captain who defects to the United States with the aid of young government official, Michael Baldwin, who studied him well in college.

Finding Forrester (2000) - One of my favorite films of his. He plays a retired Author who only authored one book that is world famous. When a young black male from the inner city who has the writing skills to match comes into his life, an interesting friendship develops.

First Night (1995) - Sean plays the world famous King Arthur of this tale of love, friendship, and deceit. First Night is regarded as one of the top Richard Gere movies and one of his best performances in his career.

© 2013 Billy Taylor


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    • moviesreviews profile image

      Billy Taylor 4 years ago from NY

      Yes he is FatFreddysCat. Certain actors outshine other actors and Sean Connery is one of them. Thanks for your comment.

    • FatFreddysCat profile image

      Keith Abt 4 years ago from The Garden State

      I love this movie. Even at his advanced age, Sean Connery is still totally bad-ass. One of the best action flicks of the 90s for sure.