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The Rock Returns To WWE Monday Nights

Updated on February 15, 2011

Monday Night Belongs to The Rock

The Rock came back to Monday night Raw on 2/14/2011. This is what the WWE needed, wwe has lost alot of fans because of people like, stone cold, the rock, mankind all leaving. With the Rock back this is a smart finicial decision for WWE. The Rock as you can hear from the video at the bottom that his crowd uproar is unlike any other superstar.

To bad for all the John Cena Fans out their but he will either be put to the side burner because we all know The Rock will win the title within a couple months. I will actually start to watch WWE again and whether you hate or love the man we all love to watch him perform, mock people, and kick some rudey poo candy butt.

The Rock Returns to WWE: Video I found on Youtube

Rock Returns on 2.14.2011

As for WWE bringing him back you know it cost a lot of money.  But you know it's like any investment they will now blow TNA and Some UFC fights out of the water.  It would have been bad if the rock went to TNA because that would have truly been the end for WWE.  I just hope they are treating wrestlers better so that they actually want to stay with them.  So many wrestlers are jumping ship because of the way that they are treated.

I just also hope that he truly is here to stay because he brings a whole new element to wrestling.  The story lines have been horrible for years now and the rocks movies have also been horrible.  This is what he does best and should stick to it.

Other Big Name Wrestlers

Now the likes of John Cena and other upcoming stars need to go big or go home because they will continue to stand in the shadow of him unless they emerge.  Also Triple H is another wrestler that needs to come back before he is to old to do so.  So Good luck to the rock and here's to the new WWE.


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