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The Royals Are Parasites

Updated on July 3, 2011

God, Please Put an End to our Queen!


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge faced the first organised protests against their visit to Canada within minutes of their arrival in Montreal on Saturday night. I expect more to come from the few, but the enlightened. For heavens sake, God please put an end to our queen!

Demonstrators proudly held up placards denouncing the couple as “parasites” as they arrived at the world renowned Sainte-Justine university hospital. They were heavily outnumbered by others who had come out to cheer the royal couple, but one of the protest organisers, Guillaume Martin, told reporters: “We think the monarchy is something from the Middle Ages and we don’t want to pay for the trip.”

The Canadian government is of course footing the bill at approximately $1,500,000. As citizens we're being told to be good little ducks and to know our place. The government claims that some people are overacting. That it amounts to only a few cents a head for the country’s population, and that it's "practically nothing." If it's practically nothing to just give away $1,500,000, why not give some of it to me? What a preposterous argument. . .

Of course, the media painted the couple as angels going to visit a sick children's hospital. Maybe Kate and William should kindly explain to those kids suffering from cancer that 1.5 million less in government coffers went towards their treatments; so that Kate and William could get pampered.

Monarchy is Against Democracy

Monarchy has no place in a country that should be a democracy. Worshiping monarchy for the sake of "tradition" is akin to worshiping slavery, imperialism, witch-hunting, etc. and other cruel jokes done in the name of humanity's past. I see little point in worshipping what we have evolved past, unless we have never evolved past it at all.

One of the greatest myths in Canadian history is that we became a nation in 1867. If you look closely at our constitution, senate, etc. the queen has the final say. The queen can literally do whatever she wants with this nation. Much of our constitution stimulates she reserves the right to make an executive decision, even over the Prime Minister, in the event of a crisis. What exactly constitutes a crisis? This isn’t clear, but suffices to say it's at the queen's discretion. In addition, 90% of our lands are dubbed "crown land." This is a fancy term for describing land that is the property of the queen of England. Our currency is also littered with the queen's disgusting face. The queen does reserve the authority to set the interest rates of our centralized bank. The queen, as we've seen recently, has the right to disband our parliament.

Monarchy has no place in the 21st century. I take great pride in viewing all human beings as equals. Nobody should deserve special privileges and rights due to bloodlines. If this makes me "rude" or "unpatriotic" to point this out, then I take being rude and unpatriotic with my chin up!

The hypocrisy of "individuals" who support the British monarchy is appalling. Maybe they should support Kim in North Korea, the Saudi Royals, and Assad in Syria while they're at it? Notice how I put individuals in quotation marks? That certainly wasn't done by accident. For anyone who willingly supports a monarchy is willingly subjugating themselves to slavery and the position of a second class citizen. They deliberately cease to be individuals, and resent those who point out this reality to them, thusly self-prophesizing their own loss of self-determination.

Perhaps the biggest example of hypocrisy comes from supporters of the right who worship the royals. Conservatives are always quick to berate that single mother with children for collecting a tiny welfare cheque a month, yet the royals collecting $1,500,000 in one visit is perfectly fine? Although, I suppose I can't get too angry at the conservatives for the displayed lack of logic combined with ethics, they have been ruthlessly and psychologically attacked by the media.

The Self Loathing Working Class. . .

The crux of the matter is the reason why a conservative, usually male, bashes the single mother on welfare, yet widely praises the royal family, is because deep down inside he has a deep resentment of himself. You see, he too is a victim of the abuse brought forward by undeserving power and privilege. He toils away, often day and night, sometimes working two jobs, all for the sake of having a sandbox apartment roof over his head. He ages and watches his life pass by, wondering where his youth went. Believe me; I know from experience, I know what the feeling is like. . . The emptiness and futility of it all. . .

So what does our working class male do? He swallows a psychological pill of imagery. He denies his working class status. He figures by learning the culture, mannerisms, and philosophies of the rich; that he will no longer be poor. So he learns to walk like the rich, talk like the rich, read the books read by the rich, maybe (as finances permit) eat as best as he can like the rich, etc. He figures by doing such actions he will no longer come across as poor. Part of this illusionary process of course involves watching T.V shows and reading tabloids of the rich and famous, and one day aspiring to be amongst them.

A part of this also involves taking the opportunities to stand with or amongst the rich and famous whenever possible. If the royal monarchy is coming to town, our working class male in denial will be sure to pay a visit. He figures by standing within a short distance of the rich and famous; that they're within his grasp. He will be sure to defend the royals against any detractors who may come on the scene. Those darn detractors, they're interfering with my damn fantasy! Look at Kate, she's smiling and waving at me, see? I can almost touch her! See, we're friends, I'm one of them, see?!

Our poor working class male has no idea that he's self-sabotaging himself. Indeed, the best way to break his shackles from working class slavery is to challenge the status-quo, not to study a world (monarchy), in which he will never become a part. As far as the system is concerned, everything is in working order with the subject worshiping the queen and the subject aspiring to be a king. The system cares little how hard you work and how hard you dream towards your goal, it's designed for you to not make it and to keep you in contempt.

What our working class male must do is take personal responsibility. This is a term conservatives often speak, yet understand so little. He must fight the good fight to get ahead. He must turn the other way from lusting at the rich and famous. He must study the loopholes in the system, because honestly the system has no need for less working class people, it always needs more. The best way to get ahead is to perhaps never hand the rich the time of day. Trust me, they're not interested in helping you and they're not stupid enough to dump any of their secrets. They don't want the competition. Besides, even if they did tell you the truth, it would only serve to discourage you, because you'll find out just how rigged the game truly is. . . Put your chin up and laugh, yes that's right, laugh at the pathetic people who think they've accomplished something productive in life by stealing tax payer dollars in the name of monarchy. Laugh even harder at the plebs who defends the monarchy. By all means, make a complete fool out of that guy with a Master's degree in history expressing the virtues of the British monarchy, take no prisoners!

Pay no attention to the rich and famous. They always crave attention from the masses and constantly need this attention to feel complete. Without it, they're nothing; they'll soon blow hundreds of millions on coke if they don't get their attention fix.

Be a man, rather than judge that woman on welfare whom yourself is only but a few steps away, actually help her. Trust me, there isn't exactly much on the market in terms of single women, so build with what's available. Besides, you're more productive here, the Duchesse of Cambridge won't be inviting you for tea any time soon. Your next step will be to probably help detox all the media saturated filth that kept that poor woman helplessly on welfare. From there, figure it out. If the single mommy has a girl who likes to play "princess" and mimic the Duchesse of Cambridge, please, do the world a favour and introduce some "fatherly love." Don't allow this garbage to be passed on to children. At the very least, allow them a chance to have a Republic free of monarchy and privilege.

People will judge you, ignore them. People will try to push you towards certain fleeting titles and away from your steady progress, ignore them. People will call you up asking to watch garbage such as Dancing with the Stars and Jersey Shore, please, by all means ignore them. You'll listen to dumb founded women babble on about what the monarchy is doing at work, ignore them. And when you have a moment to yourself, take the time to laugh at them. Just keep going, going, and going. . . Always try many different things. . . See what happens and see how it manifests. . .

Congratulations, you have accomplished what very few throughout history have ever accomplished, you're a free man. And with a strong sense of spiritual freedom, who knows what it will bring? Your bank account just might get a lot bigger, only this time you're not as fickle as the typical rich. You won't cry if people call you names. You won't care what the general public has to say. You won't need the coke. You'll still be laughing at the pathetic minions who worship the queen, only this time straight to the bank. Maybe one of these days people will see the world your way, and there will be no queen, but until then just keep your chin up and laugh all the way through it. And if people ask you indeed what is your opinion on this matter, have the courage to say it, regardless of the consequences. This is what it truly means to be a Republican, and you would do well to remember that; it's not worshiping rich people, it's not defending rich people, it's not aspiring to be rich, it's not being a good toy soldier and saluting royalty, it's not about berating the poor and telling them to "pull themselves up." It's about freedom, where monarchy has no place. . .

So, do you still believe I'm a rude radical for wanting the monarchy out of this country and demanding they work their way through life like everyone else? I'm afraid I can't force you to make the right choice, but I would hope after taking the time to read this article that some of you would at the very least see the people who protest the royal couple's arrival as ordinary people who believe in building better lives for themselves and who have legitimate concerns, not some senseless anarchists who enjoy being rabble rousers. You're doing nobody any favours by labelling those who protest the concept of monarchy as traitors of the state. In fact, people who make such arguments need to seriously have a look themselves in the mirror, and then ask themselves who is being the real fool. . .

-Donovan D. Westhaver


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    • profile image

      jae d. smith 

      6 years ago

      god kill the canadian parasitic queen

    • Peanutritious profile image

      Tara Carbery 

      6 years ago from Cheshire, UK

      I agree with you wholeheartedly! How refreshing to find this hub! I decided to follow you after reading your response to the 'Are the Royal family free loaders' question. Voted up! I look forward to reading more.


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