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The Scariest YouTube Short Films Guaranteed to Make You Lose Some Sleep

Updated on June 13, 2017

The videos contained in this list are some of the best horror shorts to be found on YouTube. YouTube is a great place to go for scary videos that are both quality and free. I wish you the best of luck with these terrifying tales, but be warned; this list is not for the faint of heart.

The Moonlight Man

Produced by Danny Donahue, "The Moonlight Man" will make you think twice when walking to your car alone at night. This one will have you looking over your shoulder for weeks!

Don’t Look Away

"Don't Look Away" is less of a terrifying film than an interesting one, but it still manages to create high levels of tension and suspense. At only 8 minutes and 19 seconds and produced by CACox97, this film is definitely worth a watch.

I Heard It Too

Probably the most unsettling short on this list, "I Heard It Too" will make you very uncomfortable with its great child acting and atmosphere. Produced by Matt Sears, this one will stick with you for a while.

Don't Let Them In

"Don't Let them In" is based off the urban legend of the black-eyed kids, wherein horrible monsters pose as children to gain access to unsuspecting homes. Pretty spooky, huh? Created by Screamfest, this short film will absolutely make you think twice before answering your doorbell past 6:00 p.m.

2AM: The Smiling Man

People that are always happy and smiling are creepy, right? How do they manage to keep that smile up day after day? Well, "2AM: The Smiling Man" brings the creepiness factor to a whole new level. Produced by Michael Evans, this film falls into the category of "I'm never taking a nighttime walk ever again."


Tall, dark silhouettes are some of the scariest tools a producer of horror has at his or her disposal. B├Ąppel Entertainment uses this and more to produce quite an ominous video. I'll bet you'll reconsider whistling while you work after you've seen this short film.


"Charlie" uses classic horror tropes (an unsuspecting person is home alone) to maximum effect. Suspense and terror are masterfully built by Mordue Pictures to create an effective and unsettling horror short film.


Camping trips are fun, in part, because you get to sit around a campfire and try to scare your friends. In "RAKE", Gearmark. TV takes the campy horror genre to a whole new level. Utilizing great costume design and makeup, this film's excellent use of practical effects weaves the tale of a friendly camping trip gone horribly wrong.

The Jigsaw

When I first saw "The Jigsaw," I was blown away by its clever plot and framing. While it may not be as outright scary as some entries on this list, this film earns its place through smart design and excellent camera work. Uploaded to a channel of the same name, this short is a great way to wrap up a very mentally exhausting roster of terror.

Thanks for checking out this list! I hope you enjoyed these terrifying short films as much as I did. I certainly won't be sleeping soundly for weeks to come! YouTube is a great platform for independent filmmakers looking to experiment in all genres, but horror seems to fit especially well. What video was your favorite? Vote down below!

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    • ReincePhillip profile image

      Reince Phillip 10 months ago from Houston

      2am Smiling Man gets me every time