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The Secret Circle -- A Stranger Is Watching

Updated on October 2, 2011

We're into the third episode and I'm not quite sure how I feel about the show. Before it came on, I tried to recall all the names of the characters, and I could remember the character names for Cassie and Adam, and that's not a good thing. Their supposed to be the two leads. The big show romance. And they're both pretty forgettable and kind of blah. Cassie and Adam don't have much chemistry, either. The two most interesting characters of the teen witches are Faye and Nick, but I'm not sure if they're enough to keep me watching. I'm not sure what the purpose of the show is or just where it's going. However, I intend to keep watching and giving it the entire season to see if it catches my attention in the same way that Revenge has.

I turned off The Vampire Diaries after the first episode because I couldn't believe they really building the entire show around such a bland character as Stefan Salvatore. They're still building it around Stefan, but I'm into watching just what's going to happen to Damon and his journey. I had to play catch up this summer on all the episodes I'd missed, so I'm going to keep watching the Secret Circle in case I do get into it like I have Vampire Diaries so I won't have to play catch-up again.

Anyway, Faye is majorly pissed that because of the binding ceremony she no longer has control over her own magic and can only do magic if she links her mind with another member of The Circle. Nick and Melissa aren't happy, either. Melissa invites Nick to the dance and he blows her off, saying their just bed buddies; they're not dating. He also asks Melissa why she puts up with him since he treats her like crap.

Diana tries to buddy up to Cassie, who blows her off. Instead she spends time with Sally, who can't remember what happened to her, but thinks Faye is somehow involved. A boy at school named Luke wants Adam to introduce him to Cassie, and Adam reluctantly does. He asks Cassie to the dance, but she blows him off. However, after Adam asks if she's going to the dance with Luke, she finds him and agrees to go with him. More overtones of the mystic cosmic love connection between Adam and Cassie that just doesn't work.

This week's sacrificial lamb is one Zachary Larson. He's come to town and he's watching Cassie. He knew her mother Amelia. Said Amelia vowed never to come back to Chance Harbor. Cassie tells Zachary that Amelia is dead, and Zachary makes it clear he knows what she is and vows he won't let it happen again. Diana arrives and she and Cassie link their minds and overpower Zachary.

Charles tells Dawn he stashed Henry's body in the lake house. Dawn says they have to move fast before people realize the circle has been bound. Why this is so important to these two is still a mystery.

The circle meets in the abandoned house to talk about Zachary Larson. Later, Charles warns Diana to stay away from Zachary. Charles also claims to be dating Dawn to explain why he's with her so much. When she finds out, she thinks the idea is ridiculous, and he seems a bit miffed she thinks the idea of dating him is ridiculous.

Cassie looks through Amelia's old yearbook and sees a picture with her mother, Zachary and a girl named Heather.

Faye doesn't like that Melissa wants to go to the dance like a normal teenager. She also realizes Melissa has a thing for Nick. Faye tells Melissa that Nick hates Nick and that's why he behaves the way he does. That it messed him up because unlike the rest of them he lost both parents in the fire. Faye also talks to Nick and tells him to treat Melissa nicely, which he does, when he surprises her and shows up at the dance.

Zachary targets Faye next, when she's alone in the abandoned house trying to find a way to do a spell on her own. Zachary realizes the circle has been bound since Faye can't use her power. He also comes to the conclusion that as long as he can kill one of them he can stop it from happening again.Meanwhile Dawn is wondering how much Zachary knows and refuses to give Charles the crystal back, declaring their not going to kill everyone who gets in their way. Of course, if she knows he's targeting her daughter, she just might change her mind.

After Faye tells the circle about her encounter with Zachary, she uses her mother's key to help them break into the school computer. They learn Heather and Amelia were best friends. They also find an article on the net about Heather dying in the same fire that killed their parents.

While their doing that, Zachary is stalking and trying to kill Cassie. It's awful, but I almost find myself rooting for Zachary to be able to slit her throat. The circle arrives and use their power to knock Zachary out. Dawn arrives and says she'll take care of it. How she takes care of it is to cut her hand and to tell Zachary he's been marked. One important bit of information to come out of the Zachary vs. the teen witches is Heather isn't dead. He seems to think what happened to her was worse than that. Cassie wants to find out what her mother did.

Diana tells Cassie she sees the way Adam looks at her, but Cassie swears nothing is going to happen between them. It will if she treats all the boys she goes out like she did Luke. Luke blew Cassie off because she spent most of the night disappearing or ignoring him.

Anyway, the weekly Charles and/or Dawn victim has been dispatched. We still have no clue why Dawn and Charles wanted this circle binded and just what's in it for them. Maybe they hope the latest circle can restore their powers.


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    • JeniferRW profile image

      Jen 6 years ago from Couch

      Great hub! From the first or second paragraph where you were remembering the main characters names I'm guessing you read the books? What do you think of them? I'm starting the first one now as a quick read and just wondered. I saw that the show had aired and I'm anxious to watch it just want to get the reading out of the way first lol. I didn't read every detail of the hub cause I was afraid I would learn too much LOL but if you have any opinions on the books I'd love to hear if they are worth my time or if I'm wasting it? Thanks so much! Voted up/useful/interesting. ~Jen