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The Secret Circle -- Possessed

Updated on October 14, 2011

This Will Be My Last Episode

It's interesting, just when I think the show is getting interesting, for me the bottom falls out by a stupid decision to kill off the wrong character. The characters that are left, I really have no interest in, so I'm bailing on this one. I actually watched the show live instead of watching Grey's Anatomy and now wish I had watched Grey's instead.

The episode started out good. Melissa was acting out of character with Nick after the demon snake had slithered inside her ear. Then she claimed she found her family's Book of Shadows and got Nick to dig it up for her. What he dug up was a suitcase that had a spell put on its lock. Melissa summons all the members of The Circle and they see a serpentine-like thing slithering beneath the skin of her face and realize the demon that was inside Heather is now inside Melissa.

Diana wanted Cassie to continue to lie to her grandmother, but she runs to get her grandmother to help deal with Demon Melissa. It's a good thing, as she appears to be far more powerful than the puny teen secret circle.

The suitcase contains more snake demons and Gran burns it up. Then she realizes the demon is no longer in Melissa, but has gotten inside of Nick, who runs off.

Meanwhile, Dawn and Charles are trying to locate the other crystals so they can restore their magic, but it fails. Dawn is at Adam's family restaurant and Nick comes up to her and reveals who he really is. He intends to go inside her body next, but she manages to alert Charles that she's in danger. Charles knocks Nick out and Dawn tells him he has to drown Nick, which he does. However, the usually conscienceless Charles is deeply affected by what he did. Apparently, killing adults are fine, but children is where he draws the line.

So the show in all it's infinite wisdom decided to kill off the character of Nick, who I thought had the potential to be this show's Damon Salvatore. Instead they keep the blah and bland Adam who just isn't interesting at all and has no layers like Nick did. And the other teen witches aren't much more interesting.

This triangle this show is pushing is just not interesting to me. You need at least one interesting and complex character in a triangle to make it interesting and none of the three players are interesting or complex. Faye has potential, but I'm not invested enough in this show to watch it for one character.

I really wish I'd watched Grey's Anatomy. I'll have to catch it online. It looks like it was a good episode from the tail end that I saw with Christina taking care of Zola.

For me, this show has a lot of problems and killing off one of the characters that had the more story line potential is just plain dumb.


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