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The Secret Circle -- The Binding

Updated on September 25, 2011

To bind or not to bind; that is the question

Faye's grandfather, Henry comes to town to visit. Ethan called him and told him what Charles did to him. Years before after the accident Henry and his circle had taken away the power from the remaining members of the circle, so there's no way Charles should be able to be doing magic. Henry blames Dawn for his son, Tom's death. It turns out Charles has a crystal which Dawn demands he hand over chastising him for what he did to Ethan.

Cassie is experimenting with her magic but she doesn't seem to be able to control it very well. When she catches next door neighbor, Nick, spying on her, she uses her magic to close the curtain. Instead it shatters the window Nick is standing in front of. Later, Faye is harassing Cassie in science class because she refused to do magic with her. After she and Melissa work a spell on their beaker to make it bubble without flame, she does the same to Cassie's and makes it explode. Cassie gets angry and accidentally sets Faye's table on fire before running off.

Adam chases after Cassie and offers to help her with her magic. He takes her back to the abandoned house where they light a lightbulb together. When Cassie tries it on her own the lightbulb explodes...wait for it...and Cassie runs away. I've lost count on how many times a variation of this scene has played out. It's starting to get old.

Cassie meets Sally Matthews at school who is a non-witch. She gets Cassie to sell tickets at the fair. While doing that, Cassie runs into Ethan and tries to find out what he wanted to tell her about his mother. With the taste of the brine still in his mouth, Ethan is very careful about what he says. He just says her mother, Amelia and he were astrologically aligned and he felt an attraction to her whenever she looked at him that he's never felt with anyone else. Which is no doubt the explanation for why Adam and Cassie are always making cow eyes at each other when their together

Melissa is having a secret affair with Nick. She isn't too happy when she watching him dancing and trying to grope Faye. When Nick whips up a potion from Diana's book, Melissa passes on it, while Faye and Nick indulge in it. Nick and Faye are also against binding their powers together and no longer being in charge of their own powers.

Meanwhile Diana is pushing for the binding spell. She tries to get Cassie to agree to it on her own, then she sends Adam in to pitch the idea to her. Faye watches and warns Diana she's going to lose Adam to Cassie. When Diana asks Adam what's going on between him and Cassie he assures her he loves her and kisses her.

Cassie doesn't want to be bound to Faye, because she can't stand her. However, the decision to bind or not is made when Faye gets into Cassie's face once again, and Sally Matthews gets in the way. Faye using her magic to shove Sally and ends up sending Sally over a railing, killing her. Luckily, Dawn has the crystal and she uses it to bring Sally back to life. After that everyone agrees to the binding spell.

Charles confronts Dawn for using the crystal to save Sally. Dawn says they don't kill children. But like Charles, she has no problem killing an adult that gets in her way. Henry saw Faye and Melissa using their powers at the fair to play the ring toss game and he tells Dawn he's going to go to the elders to put a stop to this. Dawn says it wasn't right that he took away their powers and she uses the crystal to kill him. She later tells Faye that Henry left town to return home.

The six members of the latest circle meet on the beach and perform the binding spell. Whether they did the right thing or not remains to be seen.

In the episode Diana said she accidentally came across her mother's magic book. I'm sure Charles made sure she found it to put the whole thing into action. After all, he killed Amelia to bring Cassie to town so they could complete the circle. The big question is what Dawn and Charles hope to gain from this latest magic circle.

So far, the only two characters I really find interesting is Nick and Faye. I know the show is pushing Adam as the big lead, but he really doesn't interest me much. Neither does either of his relationships with Diana and Cassie. I'd like to know more about Nick and Faye to get a bead on them.


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