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The Secret Circle -- The Demon Within

Updated on October 12, 2011

In this episode I really got why Faye is so sick of Diana calling all the shots. I'm beginning to like Melissa, so I've got three I like and three who do nothing for me. Unfortunately, it's the three that seem destined to be the big triangle of the show: Cassie, Adam and Diana.

Cassie wants to find Heather Barnes and discover what her mother did to her. She finds out her brother lives in a nearly-deserted fishing village called Finn Creek. Adam goes with Cassie, of course, to see what they can find out about Heather.

Heather lives there with her brother, who doesn't want them to see Heather, at first. Then he allows them in and he tells them she's been catatonic and hasn't moved since the night of the fire. When Cassie touches her to say she's sorry for what her mother did to her, Heather reaches up and grabs her arm. Is it a miracle or something more sinister?

Nick and Melissa are together again. They use their combined magic to unbutton Melissa's blouse, but both agree sex is better without magic. At school, Faye badmouths Nick and Melissa gets angry at her. Faye later apologizes, but points out that Nick is outside talking to another girl. This causes Melissa to dump Nick, but later she comes to him and says she's sorry. She isn't his girlfriend and their not exclusive and she needs to stop letting Faye get to her. Nick doesn't know what Melissa sees in him and tells her she can do better.

Cassie reveals to Adam she found her mother's Book of Shadows. Cassie spotted a symbol on Heather's wrist that she saw in her mother's book. She wants to try and reverse the spell. Adam helps Cassie to put together a poultice to apply to the mark on Heather's wrist. When Cassie needs to use some of her own blood, she can't cut herself, so Adam doesn't it for her. We get another of their mystic love connection scenes with Adam, I guess, giving her his seductive look, which actually gave me the creeps. Queen Diana shows up to ruin the moment. When she finds out what Cassie's trying to do she decrees Adam is not allowed to help and he trots off with Diana. Can you see whipped?

Faye is more than happy to help Cassie, especially when she learns Cassie has a Book of Shadows. She wants to read it. That's her price. So the girls go off to chant their spell at Heather, but it doesn't seem to work. When Heather's brother, Wade, returns, they run off. A serpentine movement can be see going from the symbol on Heather's wrist up her arm. She suddenly wakes up and knocks her brother out.

Meanwhile, Queen Diana finally deigns to explain why she was against doing the reversal spell. She says that the symbol was used to keep a demon at bay. Maybe she should have told Cassie that, then she wouldn't have gone and let the genie out of the bottle.

Back at Cassie's house, Faye is reading Cassie's Book of Shadows, when Cassie hears a knock at the door. When she goes down the door is open and she finds Heather standing inside the house. Heather gives a few tidbits about what happened that night of the fire that caused the current circle to lose at least one of their parents. She says that with witchcraft demons are attracted. That one went inside her and Amelia cast a spell so she wouldn't be in pain like she is now. You didn't really think Cassie's mother was bad, did you? I kind of hoped she was. Any way, the demon inside Heather takes control and knocks Cassie out.

Upstairs Faye answers Cassie's cell and it's Adam. After having fun toying with him, she goes downstairs to get Cassie and sees her laying on the floor, unconscious. Then she runs for her life as Heather starts chasing after her. Lucky for Faye, boy next door Nick is at home knocking boots with Melissa and that he likes to do it with the shade up. Melissa sees Faye screaming at the window and she and Nick go to help her.

Everything comes to a head when Heather runs in front of a truck and is killed. No one notices a snake crawl out of Heather and into Nick's leather jacket. When Nick and Melissa are asleep it crawls out of Nick's jacket, and I'm like, please, no, not Nick. It thankfully crawls inside of Melissa. Yeah, I know, rotten, but although I like Melissa, I like Nick more, and he lost both of his parents and he's got so many problems, he doesn't need to be possessed by a demon, as well.

Meanwhile Queen Diana's whipped puppy slips back to see Cassie. He tells her Diana was wrong and they need to know how their parents died. So the only one on Team Queen Diana has jumped ship. It's not easy being queen.

This show has finally started getting good, so I think I may stop taping it and watching Grey's Anatomy live. Next week should be a doozie.


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