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The Secret Circle -- We've Been Waiting For You

Updated on September 15, 2011

Something happened years ago with the old secret circle. It caused several members to die. The children of the new secret circle each lost a parent in the incident. Cassie's mother, Amelia, left town with her daughter after her husband's death. Now Charles and Dawn, members of the original secret circle, want to bring Cassie to town to complete the new secret circle. Charles' method of doing that prove deadly for Amelia, as he uses his magic to set her house on fire and kill her.

Cassie comes to live with her grandmother, Jean. The boy next door, Nick is spying on her in her room. When she pulls the curtain down, she turns around and suddenly finds it up again. Next day at school, Nick and Adam are watching her. Faye introduces herself, as well. In short, the new secret circle is circling in on Cassie.

Meanwhile, Jean is worried the children may have started up the circle, again. Dawn assures her it isn't true. Of course, she's lying. Big question is does Jean have any power of her own. Being an older witch, would that make her stronger than the others?

Cassie meets Adam's father, Ethan, who declares he was in love with her mother. That it was written in the stars for them. Unfortunately, her father stole Amelia from him. He later declares it's the same for her and Adam and that her father was a bad man. That's all he gets a chance to tell her, because Charles arrives and stops him. Even later, Charles visits Ethan and with his power lets Ethan feel what it's like to drown. Charles tells Ethan that's his final warning. Ethan comes to after Charles leaves.

Diana, Adam's girlfriend and Charles' daughter, takes Cassie to a dilapidated house in the woods where all the other members of the circle are waiting there for her. Faye not one for breaking anything to anyone easily blurts out that Cassie is a witch,, just like the rest of them. Cassie doesn't believe them and wants no part of them.

Adam follows her ans wants to prove what they're saying is true. He gets her to do a spell with him and almost kisses her. Cassie pulls away before they kiss and runs off. Adam later tells Cassie that can't happen, again.

Faye says with Cassie here her power has increased and she decides to try it out. She causes it to rain, but when Diana is nearly struck with a bolt of lightning, Faye can't make it stop raining. Cassie, however, can and does, but again rejects them and takes off, again.

When she's in her bedroom, Cassie finds an old book; possibly a witchcraft book. Inside is a letter from her mother saying she wanted to spare her from this life, but there's no running away from your destiny.

Charles and Dawn seem to be the bad guys of the show. Why they want to reignite the circle is a big question. Their daughters are at odds with each other. Diana has befriended Cassie, but how long will that last if she discovers the growing attraction between Cassie and her boyfriend, Adam.

It was an interesting first episode. I actually found myself liking it more than I did the season three premiere of Vampire Diaries.

On a bizarre note, that da da duh someone's doing is seriously creeping me out. It reminds me of the theme song from The Amityville Horror. It'll be interesting to see where they take this show.


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