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The Secret Life Of The American Teenager -- Adrian Rats Her Girlfriends Out

Updated on May 23, 2013

Original Airing: May 20, 2013

I was kind of disgusted that once again everyone caters to Princess Amy’s wants and needs. Several people have said it would do the spoiled little brat some good if she didn’t always get everything she wanted. Unfortunately, she has yet to experience not having everything go her way or having everyone cater to her. In short, what Princess Amy wants Princess Amy gets.

This time Leo helped the selfish brat get what she wanted, although she was anything but grateful, but then is she ever anyway? He has a building in New York and he’s offering Princess free rent on the basement apartment. He even offered to let Ricky work at his butcher shop so Princess and Ricky won’t have to live in two separate states. Unfortunately, Ben would be living on the top floor in his own apartment. Princess has already ordered Ben not to go to Hudson U because she wants to go there and if she wants to go there she can decide who else can go there.

Henry announced he’s taking a year off before going to school. Ben doesn’t buy what Henry is selling and Alice warns if he doesn’t go to school now, he never will. In probably the most hypocritical moment of this episode, Ben tells Alice she needs to let Henry go. She fires right back at him that he needs to do the same about Amy. Ben doesn’t see the connection and things take an icky turn when he reveals he hacked into Amy’s online diary. Get thee to a psychiatrist Benjamin Button.

After months of pressuring Adrian to agree to marry him, Omar decides he doesn’t want to marry her. He doesn’t want to go to New York engaged so he dumps Adrian and demands his ring back. Instead of being relieved, Adrian looks like a crack ho on skid row as she decides to spread the wealth and tells Ricky and Jack that Amy and Grace don’t really want to marry them, while lying that she dumped Omar.

Ricky takes it in stride. When Clementine shows back up in town, Ricky tells her even if things don’t work out with Amy, it’s never going to happen between them. What happened to her letter telling Ricky that she was letting him go so she can see if he’ll come to her and leaving town? Seems Clem is as big a love stalker as Ben is.

When Jack confronts Grace about what Adrian said, instead of being relieved it’s out in the open, she claims Adrian is lying and that Adrian is in love with her and jealous. Meanwhile Jack’s Mommy Dearest tells The Rev she doesn’t want Jack to marry Grace. She wants Jack to be with Madison. Then maybe she shouldn’t have threatened Grace not to break up with him.

Grace texts Amy about Adrian outing them to their men. However, Ricky decides to take a different tact. He decides to not confront Amy about it. He says sometimes what someone says to someone isn’t how they really feel.

The most interesting story development from last week wasn’t touched on. We don’t know what happened after Chloe/Ginger contacted the pimp that nearly killed Jack.

We also had another episode of The Wonder Years with Kathy and Creepthan. Brian, Kathy’s rebound beau was defending her against the slander Creepthan’s hoochie du jour was spreading about Kathy. Meanwhile Margaret was giving Creepthan the safe sex talk. Basically the only really safe sex is no sex. I would have laughed my head off if she would have made Creepthan watch Grey’s Anatomy when Bailey found out her latex gloves were defective and had holes in them and caused her patients to be infected with MRSA and die. Margaret could say, “Condoms are made of the same material. That could happen to you.” Creepthan’s not the brightest bulb in the package and he’d probably highly benefit from a visual aid.


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