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The Secret Life Of The American Teenager -- Amy Gets Told

Updated on April 24, 2013

Original Airing: April 22, 2013

The focus of this episode seemed to be about arrogant Amy getting told, and she really needed it. Ricky also got told by several people not to marry Amy. A shyster contacted Jack. And Adrian had an epiphany after Omar wanted her to move to New York and she didn’t want to go.

We’ll start with the least important story of the night. Some shyster contacted Jack wanting him to sue the school because he got beaten up, even though the school had already paid for all his medical expenses. Both The Rev and Grace told Jack not to do it, but bimbo brain had dollar signs in his eyes and was thinking of going for it.

Adrian and Grace reignited their friendship and Grace admitted she needed time away from Jack to decide how she feels about him. She said she loves Jack, but Adrian sensed there was a but in that statement. Then Adrian told Grace that Omar wanted her to move to New York because of his job and she didn’t want to do it. She’d have to give up the condo and all the credits she earned so far at college. Grace reminded her the condo really belongs to Leo. At that point Adrian asked Grace the million dollar question: When did we stop thinking about ourselves and started thinking about boys? Grace’s answer was when they started having sex. When Omar once again pushed Adrian about moving to New York, she had an epiphany. She wanted to be her own person and do what was best for her for once. Omar didn’t like that too much. But will Adrian stick to that and will Adrian decide it’s best for her to follow Omar?

Adrian shot some advice Ricky’s way and that was to not marry Amy. She said Amy doesn’t really want to get married. She wants to go to HudsonUniversity, live in New York, travel and live out all the plans she had before she got knocked up. Bunny also shot the same advice at Ricky. From the way he talked she didn’t think he really wanted to get married and was going through the motions so he wouldn’t feel guilty if the relationship ends. Ricky’s professor, who also got knocked up at a young age, and who didn’t marry the baby’s father, but someone she met later, told him the person you love at 19 isn’t the same person you love at 29 or 39. She also told him the campus has daycare so that could solve the daycare problem.

Nora, another of the, “Don’t marry Amy,” brigade, told Leo since she said that to Ricky she feels guilty of living in Amy’s parents house. Leo agreed she needs to move out and find her own place.

Ben found a new friend in Bebe, who made a good sounding board for him. He admitted he’s not sure he loves Amy, but feels he has to go for it if he has a chance, so he’ll have closure. Bebe meets Amy and she’s her usual charming self and Bebe says she’s arrogant and he can do better.

Ben and Amy exchange nasty words before their interviews with the Hudson U counselor. Ben advised Amy not to try and milk her status as a teen unwed mother for everything its worth like she does back home. He also predicts she’ll end up getting what she wants, per usual. So what’s the first thing Amy does when she’s talking with the counselor? She tries milking the teen unwed card to get the college to cater to her. Only this is the Big Apple and things don’t go her way.

No, she couldn’t have a super big dorm room for her, Ricky and John. No, Ricky and John couldn’t stay overnight in her dorm room. There is no question about her deciding if she wants to go to Hudson U. When she mailed an application for early admittance she made a commitment to attend the school. If she decided not to go, then she’d forfeit the $2,000 application fee she paid to apply to the school. And because she made a commitment to attend the school another person was deprived of a place and financial aid that Amy was being given.

Ben didn’t read the application, either, about the $2,000 application fee, but unlike Amy didn’t cop an attitude about it. When Ben admitted part of the reason he wanted to go to Hudson U was because of Amy, the counselor suggested the two of them share an apartment and when her son comes to stay, he can get a taste on what he missed out on. Ben didn’t seem to thrilled about that.

When he came out of the interview, Princess Amy gave him orders about what she wanted from him. She wanted him to give up any idea of going to Hudson U, even though he can afford to go there and she can’t. She also didn’t want him to go home on the same flight. It’s behavior like that which has always made me wonder why any boy would want to subject themselves to her.

Ben, in turn, gave her a reality check. When she got herself knocked up, that was the end of all the dreams she had planned, including going to Hudson U. And that she should really be trying to find a school in state to go to instead. That way she wouldn’t have to worry about finding a way to afford to pay living expenses. He also told her they would be sitting next to each other on the flight home and suggested she ask her father to help out with money since he just bought Geoff’s restaurant.

Ben had a point. Why didn’t she try enrolling in the school Adrian, Ricky and Jack are going to? If it’s good enough for them, why isn’t it good enough for her? But, of course, Amy thinks she’s better than them so only an expensive school will do for her.

The show started out with the Creepthan/Kathy soap opera. I don’t know why the show thinks we’re interested in their little soap opera. They’re relatively new characters and Creepthan in particular is really repulsive. I was hoping Creepthan was wrong about Baby Daddy Don only wanting money, but of course the gross little goober was proven right. Baby Daddy Don headed out of town declaring he didn’t give a crap about the baby and would proceed to forget the kid ever existed.

You know, it would be a nice ending if none of the couples got together. If all these teens decided to find out who they were. In short, you have to be a me before you can become a we. You can’t define yourself with a man or a marriage. You need to know who you are, first, and then you’ll be ready to get married. Look at Anne. She didn’t find out who she was and married George and then discovered she was gay.

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