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The Secret Life Of The American Teenager -- Anne's Back

Updated on May 16, 2013

Original Airing: May 13, 2013

Thankfully, there wasn’t much Creepthan and Kathy in this episode. I don’t mind Kathy, but Creepthan is a total suckbag. They’re still on the outs because of their association with Brian and Layla.

You know, all you have to do is look at Anne to see how Amy will turn out. She wanted nothing to do with George when she learned he knew he wasn’t Robie’s father and lied and wasn’t going to let him have anything to do with the kid. But this week she was back whining because she didn’t get an invite to George and Kathleen’s wedding. Not to mention George wanting her to buy him out of the business and informing her he no longer lives in her house and wants to cut all ties with her now that he’s married to Kathleen.

In true Amy fashion she goes over to Kathleen about feeling disenfranchised from her family, so Kathleen makes her a part of her and George’s family and even lets her spend the night. Wonder if Anne slept in the bed Kathleen found her mother dead in. One can hope, since that’s exactly what Anne deserves.

Yeah, when Kathleen was knocking at her mother’s door, she didn’t answer because she was dead. They had the funeral as the show opened. Grace told Jack she wanted to be alone, but Jack doesn’t understand the term being alone or giving someone their space.

Kathleen hides out at Grace’s from George’s mother Eva. She questions Grace about if she really wants to marry Jack after the crying fest she pulled at her and George’s wedding. Grace would only admit she doesn’t want Jack to go to the same school she’s going to. There’s Jack and his not getting wanting space. Grace pulls an Amy claiming she can go to an out-of-town school and be engaged to Jack.

Jack drops by after maybe leaving Grace alone for an hour and Grace comes on a good way to get out of marrying Jack. She suggests they should have sex, because maybe it’s not that good between them and they should know that before they get married. Apparently, it was just as good, as she calls about Adrian suggesting they have a girls day with Amy and discuss how they don’t want to marry who they’re engaged to.

Adrian feels Omar is trying to pressure her again when he wants to buy a condo in New York a year before when Adrian said she’s moved to New York. She gets him to agree to wait on the condo using sex on him.

Anne tries to play Let’s Make A Deal with Amy. Either Amy moves into her house with Ricky and John and Nora or Anne will sell the house and give Amy the money to go to school in New York IF she doesn’t marry Ricky. Amy, however, thinks she can have her cake and eat it, too. Nora hears Amy tell Anne the reason she set a wedding date for the day after graduation was so she could attend the summer session at Hudson U. Nora calls Ricky and tells him this, but he won’t believe her and hangs up on her. Amy, however, admits it’s true and storms off in a huff when Ricky doesn’t want to give her her own way. However, when Ricky caves all is happy in Amy Land. And this is what his entire married life will be like. Giving this spoiled brat what she wants or she’ll make your life a living hell. Like George said, it would be good for her not to get what she wants for once.

When Leo laments that Ben ruined his high school years and looks about to be doing the same with his college years mooning over Amy, Chloe offers to help. Her way of helping is to try and get Ben to have sex with her. Ben turns her down and says he only thinks of her as a friend and a sister. Right after that, she calls up her abusive pimp and seems to be agreeing to go back to working for him. I’m sorry, but being turned down for sex with Ben is not a reason to become a hooker. Having sex with him is.

Finally, Ava gets she’s not needed and is happy as a lark to leave. Tom wants to go with her and Kathleen agrees. So Ava and Tom are heading for Alaska on a motorcycle. Meanwhile Anne comes home to find out that Nora and Willowdine are getting it on. Willowdine claims she dumped Anne because she loves Nora, even though at the time she claimed she dumped Anne because she was too high maintenance.

What with the pimp that beat the crap out of Jack back in the picture, looks like they may have another showdown. Hopefully, Chloe is just faking it, because after Jack almost died trying to save her from her pimp to have her go back to him, would be beyond pathetic.

We’ve got to be getting close to the end of the series. Just how many more episodes are there?


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    • Kevina Oyatedor profile image

      kevina oyatedor 5 years ago

      I used to like watching this show, but now everyone is just weird. The only person that has an understanding is Ricky.