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The Secret Life Of The American Teenager -- George And Kathleen Wed...Maybe

Updated on May 8, 2013

Original Airing: May 6, 2013

The highlight of the episode was another girl getting engaged to another guy she doesn’t really want to marry. Grace announces she said yes to Jack when he proposed, then makes it clear she’s looking for any out-clause she can find, cause she doesn’t really want to marry him. She didn’t feel she could say no to him because of everything he’s been through. She proposition her ex for sex when she learns he’s been accepted into Harvard. She also makes a spectacle of herself being a noisy weeping willow at George and Kathleen’s wedding.

Amy sets a wedding date for the day after she graduates. George thinks something isn’t kosher. Then most assume she’s doing it because she intends to go to Hudson for summer classes and wants everything all wrapped up in a nice packaged with a neat little bow on top before she heads off to New York. She tries to convince Lauren and Madison to go to Hudson, as well. They reveal they were accepted, but they didn’t go for early acceptance, because they wanted to go over their options on which school they wanted to go to. Now that they’ve been accepted at Berkley neither plans to go to Hudson. Amy also acts like a noisy weeping willow at George and Kathleen’s wedding.

I’m guessing George and Kathleen actually got married even though their daughters were making noisy spectacles of themselves during their vows. Kathleen tried to get her mother to be less anti-George by revealing it wasn’t George cheating on her, but her cheating on George that ended their first marriage. George learns from his mother, who Victoria called, that Victoria has a serious heart condition and that’s why her husband left her. At the end of the show, presumably the morning after George and Kathleen’s wedding, Kathleen is knocking on her mother’s door but can’t get an answer. I’m guessing her mother passed away in the night.

The condom breaks while Adrian and Omar are having sex. Omar asks if she’s on the pill and if she should go out and get a Morning After Pill. Adrian assures him there’s nothing to worry about, because if she thought there was she would do something to prevent pregnancy as she’s not ready to have a baby, yet. After telling Omar not to use this to try and pressure her into marrying him right now, she says she’ll transfer to a school in New York a year from now.

We also had more antics of the super boring Kathy and Ethan. Brian, a cute boy, asks Kathy to help him study for the spelling boy. Of course, Creepthan doesn’t like it. No boy is allowed to be near her now he thinks he bought her at the slave auction and now he owns her body and soul. That doesn’t stop him from being chummy with a girl named Layla who cheats off him in Algebra. The ditwit is also still trying to get Algebra taken off the school’s curriculum.

The funniest line had to come from Adrian when she suggested instead of putting Jack’s arm in a cast, they should have put his head in one. He comes in with his “Honk if you love Jesus spiel” announcing Grace agreed to marry him. Adrian’s shocked Grace agreed to marry Crazy. The funny thing is when the season began I was hoping Grace would end up with Jack, but now I’m hoping she runs and doesn’t walk to the nearest exit to get away from this nutjob.

I also don’t care if Ricky and Amy get married or not. Frankly, I hope they don’t. Anyone who acts about getting married the way she does shouldn’t get married. And he isn’t much better. Marrying just because you’ve got a kid is no reason to get married. You’ll only end up trapping the child in a miserable home life.


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