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The Secret Life Of The American Teenager -- George Makes Jack Get Help

Updated on April 17, 2013

Original Airing: April 15, 2013

You can say a lot of things about George, but the man is a good father. He even steps up to the plate for kids whose parents aren’t doing what they should be doing.

After Jack nearly shoots him, he goes to his father, The Reverend. Or maybe he’s not Jack’s father, since The Reverend said the gun Jack had belonged to his father. I didn’t watch this show from the start, so I don’t have the 411 on Jack’s parentage.

Anyway, George raked the man over the coals for not keeping that gun under lock and key. He was also appalled when the man refused to take any proactive action with Jack. No matter what George said the man claimed he couldn’t do anything.

George made a deal with Jack that if he allowed Jack to stay with him, Jack would go to Dr. Fields in get help. The only way Jack felt safe enough to go to sleep was to sleep in George’s bed with him.

The next morning Jack confided to Tom that he’s scared all the time. That everywhere he goes he thinks he sees the pimp. That before the pimp attacked him he told him he’d better pray to his God, and he didn’t and God still saved him. Tom, however, points out that Jack’s God also let him be beaten up in the first place.

Even though Jack nearly killed George, by morning’s light he’s pooh-poohing it all away. He’s also trying to weasel out of seeing Dr. Fields. When George drops his off at Dr. Fields, he only pretends to go in and sneaks off without seeing him. George is alerted to this fact by The Reverend.

Adrian runs into Jack and takes a shot at trying to talk some sense into the doofus, as well. He tells her he doesn’t believe in the mental and it’s not real. When he starts spouting his God stuff again and claiming Dr. Fields doesn’t believe, she asks him if he thinks The Reverend questioned the doctors who saved his life if they were Christian or not. She also asks him if he believes in love. That’s mental. Does he thing love is real? It remains to be seen if she managed to talk any sense into the nitwit.

George finally takes matters into his own hand. He catches Jack trying to sneak out of seeing Dr. Fields, again, and basically takes him by the hand and drags him in Field’s office. He even goes in with him for the therapy session to make sure he actually goes in. When Jack finally opens up about his fears about the pimp, George excuses himself.

Kathy was still trying to get Creepthan to let her help him study Algebra. He was also in crisis mode because he’d be alone with Kathy at her house. Kathy assured them they wouldn’t be having sex, but he couldn’t assimilate the concept of being trusted to behave and do the right thing. It turns out he has nothing to worry about, as Kathy’s ex-boyfriend [although she seems to be having trouble putting ex in front of the word boyfriend] shows up wanting to see their baby. He even suggests they object to the adoption and raise the baby together. Creepthan declares Baby Daddy is back, but not for Kathy or the baby, he wants something else. Of course, the doofus doesn’t happen to mention what he thinks that something else is.

Meanwhile, the Original Baby Daddy, Ricky, has child care problems and tries to pawn John off on George, but since George is busy with Baby Jack he tells Ricky no can do. Ricky takes the day off school and spends it with John. I was kind of creeped out by them playing the theme song from The Courtship Of Eddie’s Father.

Nora drops by and tells Ricky that if he needs someone to look after John he can come to her. She also urges him not to go through with marrying Amy. She reveals when she learned he wasn’t really married to Amy she felt relieved. She suggests he could raise John on his own without having to get stuck married to Amy. She also says that while everyone is worried about Amy getting married so young, she’s worried about him, since he’s only 19 and has his whole life ahead of him. Ricky asks her to leave, not liking hearing what he’s been thinking himself from his mother.

With Nora, you could really feel the end was coming near for this show. She told George she still feels Vindictive Anne is going to evict them any day now. She’s been trying to save for a car, but she decides it’s time to look for an apartment. She feels she’s ready to live alone without fear of falling off the wagon. She thanks George for being a good friend to her.

Amy calls from New York saying she heard about the child care problem and it’s obvious if she did go to Hudson U she wouldn’t be able to leave John with Ricky. She also mentions she just happened to check out a day care center in New York that could care for John. However, she says in a disappointed way that she’ll probably have to find a college located locally and says she’s worried she’s losing Ricky. I’m sure this is all just a bunch of strum and drang and these two idiots will wind up getting married as planned in the series finale.

Leo got accused of hoping Ben and Amy got back together, but he made it clear he feels there’s been too much water under the bridge for that. Chloe tells him how Ben discovered what flight Amy would be on and made sure he was on the same flight. However, it seems Ben has attracted a new female in his weekend stay at the college.

The episode ends with The Reverend and his wife sleeping on the floor as Jack sleeps in their bed. At least George finally got free of him and he’s back home where he belongs.

On a side note: I made an off-colored joke about George and his family jewels after Jack took a shot at him, last week. So when George made a comment that he was glad everything in his pants was intact it made me want to laugh. Good old George. I think I’m actually going to miss him.


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    • Kevina Oyatedor profile image

      kevina oyatedor 4 years ago

      George and Ricky are my favorite on the show. This hub is actually catching me up on what I have been missing without watching the show from the beginning of season 5.