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The Secret Life Of The American Teenager -- Interference

Updated on May 1, 2013

Original Airing: April 29, 2013

This week the parents took center stage as some were urging their kids to make-up while others were urging them to break-up. And it wasn’t just the parents getting in on the act.

One father wishing his daughter would break-up with her boyfriend was Kathy’s father. Kathy called him to complain when Creepthan told her he thought she’d make a good stripper. Don’t ask. Okay, I tell you. Creepthan was going around trying to prove you don’t use Algebra as an adult, thus you souldn’t have to learn it and when he ran into Wonder Years Winnie who is a mathematician he said she’d make a good stripper. That’s his idea of the ultimate compliment he can give a woman. Why is this creep on so much?

Another creep was Ben, who slipped Amy’s engagement and wedding ring off her finger while she was asleep on the plane and then pocketed them. Ricky was fit to be tied when he saw Amy wasn’t wearing her ring and took it as a sign she removed them to pretend she wasn’t married. Amy began a frantic search, having no idea when she removed them. Thanks to Chloe, Amy got her rings back. She also told Amy that Ben was pretending she was his wife on the plane while she was asleep.

Jack was in cling-mode when he learned Grace was thinking of going to college out of town. He wanted to go to the same college as Grace and she tried to talk him out of it. He then wanted her to go to some pre-marriage class with him. Things got worse for Grace when Jack’s mother, Didi, accused Grace of wanting to break up with Jack and told her she wouldn’t allow it. In short, like it or not, Grace is stuck with Jack.

Madison and Lauren were the latest to suggest Ricky not go through with marrying Amy. They questioned if Ricky was really in love with her and said just because he knocked her up doesn’t mean he has to go through with marrying her. Little did they know, little Miss Amy heard what they said, and came in acting all pro-marriage to Ricky.

While Amy had the pity factor going for her in weeks past, this week she was in total spoiled Princess Amy mode. She thought George should foot the bill for her going to Hudson U, but he told her no. He said she was an adult and it was time to foot her own bill. He also told her to give up her New York pipe dream; that when you become a parent you have to give up your dreams. However, Amy smugly informed him she was going to have it all and planned to hit up Margaret and Nora for money next. Earlier, when Ricky tried to hit up George for money for Amy, he told Ricky it would be good for Amy not to get what she wanted all the time, and judging by her behavior he was right on the money.

A guilt-ridden Nora confesses to George she urged Ricky not to marry Amy. He has no problem with it and reveals the reason he’s pushing so hard for them to marry if it’s best for John.

Adrian is still refusing to go to Omar to New York, while Omar is still trying to get her to come. His father urges Omar not to marry Adrian and suggests if the situation was reversed Omar wouldn’t go to New York for Adrian.

Another parent urging her child not to marry someone is Kathleen’s mother. George is in the middle asking Kathleen to marry him, when her mother shows up urging her not to return to Ground Zero as she refers to George.

Ben suggests to Ricky that he and Amy share an apartment in New York so Amy can go to school there, which doesn’t make Ricky’s day. Then he urges Amy to dump Ricky if she’s not totally in love with him, because he’s turned into a good guy.

The show must be getting close to its final episode and there’s no clue who will end up with who.


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