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The Secret Life Of The American Teenager -- Jack Cheats On Grace

Updated on May 29, 2013

Original Airing: May 27, 2013

I didn’t start watching this show until the episode where Adrian lost her baby. I thought Ben treated he like a total dirtbag the way he wanted to find a way out of the marriage now there was no baby. She was the character I liked best and she’s pretty much stayed the character I like best.

I have no sympathy for whining Grace and Amy, going on about how they don’t want to get married to the men they’re engaged to. Adrian gave both of these sob sisters a way out. She did the dirty work and told Jack and Ricky the truth; they don’t want to marry them. So what do they do? Princess Amy pretends she doesn’t know that Ricky knows, while Grace lies that Adrian lied. Now both men are acting like Adrian’s got a bad smell off her, when the ones they should be made at is these two cowardly chicks who don’t respect them enough to tell them the truth.

That pathetic loser Jack thinks because Grace went wedding shopping with him that proves Adrian was lying. I can’t believe I actually liked this crud when I first started watching the show and wanted him and Grace to get together. Now the sight of his creepy little face gives me the creeps. I don’t care how many, “Honk if you love Jesus!” stickers this fool has on his bumper, his actions speak louder than words. He earned the title Uber Sleaze from tonguing Madison then having the nerve to go have dinner with Grace and proclaiming when the pimp beat him up, he promised God he would marry Grace if he survived. I call total BS on that. I know this dink thinks he’s one of God’s special ones, but did he think God was high-fiving him when he was cheating?

Omar came back to Adrian’s to get his things acting like the victim and so appalled she put all his precious suits in two garbage bags. He’s lucky he didn’t come back to find them decorating the lawn. He got himself one last bit of sex with her then he dumped her. That’s such a sleaze-bag thing to do. I also have a good memory, and for all those on Team Omar’s side, I remember this domineering freak constantly pressuring Adrian to marry him when she made it clear she didn’t want to get married and wanted to go to school, instead. But she finally caved to him, and he supposedly accepted she wanted a long engagement. Then he gets the New York gig and she’s supposed to drop everything to be with him. I pity the woman that ends up with this controlling creep, because he won’t respect her wants and desires and it’ll always be about what he wants. Adrian had a lucky escape.

Henry revealed to Alice and Ben he’d joined the army and neither was supportive. Leo, however, said he respected what he was doing. Meanwhile Alice outted Ben to Amy for reading her e-diary. Amy told him that diary just had what ifs and doesn’t mean she loves him, but he’s living his own fantasy, so he wasn’t listening.

Since Adrian has been declared to have cooties for telling the truth [and I’m not saying she did it with pure motives] she called up Ben for dinner. Ben started pushing Adrian on Ricky, but Adrian believes he’ll end up with his stalker, Creepentine. I actually liked Ricky and Adrian together and wouldn’t mind if they ended up together, however, he’s been such a Dicky to her, it probably wouldn’t be the best thing for her.

We also had more of the Days and Nights of Kathy and Creepthan. Kathy’s boy friend but not boyfriend tells Creepthan that dirty rumors Creepthan’s sleazy new bimbo, Layla, has been spreading about Kathy. Unlike Brian [I think his name is], Creepthan doesn’t call her out on it; he wants to have sex with her, first. He offers to babysit John so Ricky and Amy can go out to dinner, but they figure out he’s planning to use their place to have sex. Amy and Ricky tell him to leave. Ricky drives him home and gives him the sex talk and tells him if you sleep with too many women sex will lose all meaning. He claims by sexing up so many girls he’s given so much of himself away he feels nothing when he has sex with Amy.

Okay, major warning bells, Rickster. If you don’t feel anything when you have sex with Amy, then that’s a message you don’t love her, anymore. When you love someone, despite how many people you’ve screwed, you’d feel something. It’s different when you have sex with someone you love. But then a few weeks back he admitted he didn’t even like her, so there you go.

When Ricky gets home, he finally decides to call Amy out on knowing she knows what Adrian said to him.

Kathy decides she’s going back to Texas when the school year is over because she’s being treated like a skank thanks to Layla. Kathy’s father shows up a demands Creepthan make his hoochie Layla shut her piehole and stop spreading lies about his daughter. And if he does it, you can imagine how grateful Kathy will be, meaning these two will reunite. Why exactly does this show think we care about this pairing? It’s an ugly pairing. As bad as Ben is [he’s the stuff you scrape out from under your toenails] Creepthan is just so much worse. Why would anyone want to see a nice girl like Kathy end up with that little creep.

Meanwhile Chloe/Ginger was just setting Mickey the pimp up to be busted by the cops. As he brays about how he’s going to beat her up to teach her who she belongs to, the cops come and arrest him. Wow! A character that actually has some brains. Who’d have thought you’d see that on this show.

I think next week is the series finale. Hopefully, Grace will put on her big girl pants and dump Jack on his you know what. Hopefully, Ricky will dump Amy. Hopefully there won’t be some nth hour reunion between Adrian and that creep, Omar. But knowing this show anything could happen.


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    • Kevina Oyatedor profile image

      kevina oyatedor 4 years ago

      This was funny. I don't even watch this show anymore, but it sounds like the same story with Ben wanting Amy back, Grace being weird and Jack not knowing what he wants.