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The Secret Life Of The American Teenager -- Was That The Series Finale?

Updated on June 4, 2013

I thought it was, now I'm not so sure

You'll forgive me for wondering, but after the episode ended they played a promo about the final goodbye. Which made me wonder if there was going to be another episode. And frankly as series finales go, this one really reeked. I heard a lot of the actors didn't care for the ending and I can see why.

Most of the hour was taken up with flashbacks and while it was nice to see the flashbacks, when you needed every minute to wrap up the show properly, it was a rather stupid thing to do. Also the flashbacks showed how much some of these characters changed and many not for the better. Both Amy and Ben used to be rather nice and sweet, then one became a selfish cow and the other became an obsessive stalker. Madison who started out sweet became the show slut. Grace who seemed sincere in her religion a holy hypocrite. The only two that actually grew positively were Ricky and Adrian.

There was also the fact that after episode after episode of shoving Ethan and Kathy down everyone's throat, they didn't even rate a scene in the finale. I can't even recall how they left things between them in the last episode, but it certainly wasn't any kind of satisfying ending one way or another. But that just says it all the way Brenda Hampton has written this show.

Another hallmark of her writing is character inconsistency. Henry was all into not wanting to start anything up with Alice, but to give them a pseudo happy ending, they had sex the night before. There was also the one episode where Ben had the epiphany that he no longer loved Amy and maybe he never did, then it was right back to obsessive Amy Land. Just like all of a sudden in the finale Amy was actually nice to Ben opposed to being a superior bitch who thought she had a right to tell him he couldn't go to Hudson U because she wanted to go there.

As I said, while the flashbacks were nice, there were too many of them and took up too much time. The actual new scenes seemed to only fill 25% of the time. They didn't even show the characters graduation, and 75% of the characters were graduating from high school. All there was was a quick scene before and then after.

As I said earlier, Henry and Alice suddenly got back together, after Henry made it clear he didn't want to get back together with her in the last episode. Amy had a kind of don't call us we'll call you goodbye with her former besties Lauren and Madison, while having a more deeper goodbye with Adrian and Grace. Adrian wished everyone well then went off by herself.

What followed was what many are calling a happy ending for Adrian, but then most of these people were Team Omar, so it's not that shocking. Adrian went home and said she was happy being alone, and for a second I thought that would be allowed to stand. It would have been positive showing you don't need a man to be happy. Then Dick Du Jour came knocking at the door with a big set of luggage for Adrian to pack up her things, drop out of the college she's attending and to do what he wanted her to do; go to New York with him. And she fell right into this pig's manipulations just as she always does.

Apparently no one can see the sick mind games this controlling dick has pulled on Adrian to get her to do what he wanted her to do, while totally disrespecting what she wanted to do. He dumps her and demands his ring back, then waits until he thinks long enough has passed for her to be grateful because he's willing to take her back to fall into line with what he wanted her to do. He dumped her because he couldn't be engaged to Adrian for a year while she wrapped up things and joined him in New York. No, he can only be engaged to her if she's living in New York with him. What kind of garbage is that? Is just another of the mind games this controlling freak has pulled on Adrian to get her to dance to his tune. Adrian ending up with this creep is no happy ending for her.

There was some long montage of Jack and Madison, with the implication Jack would end up with Madison. That lead into Jack and Grace deciding to end their relationship and Jack asking if they'd be friends and Grace wasn't even all that responsive to that idea. We don't know who decided to end it or what was said. And the second he was out the door Grace put on music and danced because she was finally free of Jack. Real nice, Grace, showed what an insensitive creep you truly were.

Then another flashback montage lead into Ricky screaming at Amy because she finally told him she couldn't go through with marrying him. I actually agreed with her reasons for not marrying him. He's not in love with her. He said he feels nothing when he has sex with her. That's because he's not in love with her. He even told Lauren's father he doesn't even like Amy. When you feel like that about somebody you don't marry them. Even though Amy is coming off selfish to everyone, she did the right thing. She had the guts to do what Ricky didn't. She wasn't willing to settle for someone who isn't in love with her just because they made the mistake of having a baby together.

The last scene was pure filler that could have been used to wrap the show up in some nice fashion of Amy leaving the butcher shop and debating about going back to say goodbye to John, again. Anne was supportive of Amy leaving, while George was still saying you should marry for the child's sake. Amy eventually did leave.

In a way Ricky did get a happy ending. He got John, who he was willing to sacrifice his life for and marry a woman he didn't like and who did nothing for him in bed just because he thought it was the right thing for John. That's true love there. And Ricky will have plenty of people to help him with John.

Ben's last scene with Leo was still him hoping that he'd get Amy in the end, while Amy didn't answer when asked if she was in love with Ben. Basically, Brenda Hampton copped out in every way she could in this finale. I almost get the feeling she's hoping another network might offer to pick up the show and that's why she left everything open-ended with no definitive end.

I'm sorry, Brenda, but if anyone saw the stereotype you spread about being gay and your horrible take on religion, no one is going to want to take this show up. Did you ever do one social issue right or in a responsible manner?

Rest in peace, Secret Life. Your finale ranks up their with some of the worse series finales in the history of TV.


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