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The Secret Life of Pets

Updated on July 8, 2016

The Secret Life of Pets - 7.5/10

Animation – 3/5

While The Secret Life of Pet (TSLOP) does have some stunning graphics and animations, it does not hold a light to the first animal movie of 2016. Let’s be honest, Zootopia completely blew TSLOP out of the water with its stunning attention to detail and diversity of most of its scenes. TSLOP, on the other hand, struggles as it has to rely on the same repetitive scenes of New York City (couldn’t they choose any other city in the U.S.?). In all honesty, this may be the fault of the generic setting and plot that TSLOP had to survive on.

Plot – 1/5

After the euphoria of watching a film settles down, I know see that TSLOP is a cookie-cut version of every movie out there. Let’s be realistic, it was obvious from the very beginning that Max was going to befriend Duke once they survive their whirlwind adventure. That being said, TSLOP takes many refreshing turns that are not evident in most films. Looking back on it, this may have been the direct result of the characters’ lines rather than their actions or the movie’s plot. Regardless, TSLOP does its job, which is to maintain the attention of 5 to 12 years old for two hours.

Characters - 5/5

By far, the best part of TSLOP is the characters’ lines. I would like to give Kevin Hart a round of applause for bringing an incredible voice and personality to Snowball, the diabolical little bunny. I hold no doubt that it will be Kevin Hart’s voice and personality that will bring the success for this film.

Regardless of this fact, let’s not forget some other characters that did a great job holding their own.

Max: An oddly philosophical and intriguing little dog that actually have a very diverse personality. If I had to describe Max to you…then I would say that he’s brave like Bolt and as cowardly as Scooby-Doo. The real success in this character is his feelings and actions towards the other characters. That scene where he questions the origin of his species? Priceless.

Buddy: The coolest wiener dog you will ever meet. Ladies and gentlemen, we have found the Slinky (Toy Story) of Illumination that is not afraid to burst the female lead’s bubble. In all honesty, he is a very underappreciate character that should have more film time and lines.

Chloe: I have very mix feelings about this cat. To tell you the truth, I’m more of a dog person, but Chloe, the fat cat from the original trailer, is a sassy goldmine filled with infinite knowledge. Oddly enough, the movie portrays her as both the level-headed character, and the butt of every joke. I feel like Chloe should have joined Max and Duke’s quest instead of being a simple background character.

Should you watch this?

Yes. Watch it regardless if you have children or not. This film may not win awards, but it is still a solid two hours of entertainment. Let’s be serious folks, what else are you going to do? Clean? Pay bills? Work out?

Haha. No.

How about we skip on our never ending adult responsibilities, and enjoy a film that obviously was not only trying to appeal to children, but adults as well. It is clearly evident throughout the film that while both the plot and the animation is geared towards children, the subplot and detail was meant entirely for adults of this decade.

- Movie Inspection


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