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10 Natural Ways to Age Gracefully

Updated on February 21, 2015
Nigella at 52 (she's now 54), photo taken in 2012 (Image with CC BY SA 3.0, Brian Minkoff-London Pixels
Nigella at 52 (she's now 54), photo taken in 2012 (Image with CC BY SA 3.0, Brian Minkoff-London Pixels | Source

Going Ageless

Women are often thrilled when receiving compliments that they look younger than their age. So much more when people guess their age and are off by a few years less. For the past couple of years, I've been getting them all the time. There is no secret to it and anyone can do this age-defying strategies starting now.

Most would say age is just a number but for many it seems that age keeps on piling on the face faster in the form of lines, wrinkles crow's feet and saggy skin. Every woman is entitled to maintain her youthfulness, vitality and look and feel her best whatever her age. In real life, this is harder to do because the body is only dependent on a part to the kind of nutrition it gets (largely attributed to lifestyle) and attitude towards life itself. In short how young one looks depends on what is being put into the body and attitude.

There are no shortcuts to having youthful looks but here are some of the foolproof ways you can start to do to age gracefully:

1. Learn to work with stress

Stress is the number one cause of aging prematurely. In fact, based on a book written by Boston-based science writer Thea Singer entitled "Stress Less: The New Science that Shows Women How to Rejuvenate the Body and the Mind," stress can age you by a decade but you can repair this stress-caused aging naturally.

Stress is also a major precursor to a host of serious illness that plagued modern society. According to a study stress is the number one cause for disease and yes, for aging your beautiful face. And yet, certain studies also say that acute stress or short-lived stress can also be good for you. According to a University of California Berkeley study on stress, intermittent stressful events keep the brain more alert and thus improves brain performance. The researchers categorized stress into chronic (long term stress) and acute (short-lived stress). While chronic stress leads to anxiety and poor health, little stress can lead to boredom and depression. Indeed, stress is a two-headed snake and how you deal with it can spell largely how young or aged you will end up looking.

Stress can come from your job, a relationship, sickness, life event and for some, even small day to day things. The secret to battling stress is to not stress too much about whatever is causing it, if at all. It is difficult at first but still possible. Problems turn out every time and you cannot stop them from happening because they are a part of life. However, how you look at it determines whether you allow yourself to be stressed or not. So when things do not happen your way, think that this is just a bump that you'd be able to iron out soon and never spend too much time stressing about it.

2. Stop worrying

All of us worry all the time about not having too much money and the uncertain future. We worry about out children, about our job, and literally about everything. In short, worry is tied to a negative conception of things present and things still yet to come. By changing your attitude about the cause will literally transform how you view about worry. Being positive will help a great deal on changing your outlook towards things and prevent you from worrying unnecessarily. Lesser worries means lessen the chance of those lines forming in your face.

3. If something does not work, stop it

Have you ever stopped to think that the adage "Try to try until you succeed," may not work for all situations and all people? Have you ever tried at a task and it just seem to not work and you fail each time? Or you are in a relationship which gives only head aches, heartaches and problems. How about try to stop trying to make it work because it could be that it is not really meant to work.

In life, there is a place for everything and when you try a stab at something and you seem to not succeed after many times, it maybe time to put it aside, move on and start looking for something that may actually work out. This same thing could be applied to relationships and people in your life that does not seem to work. It is time to move on. Learning to let go of bad things going on in your life can help you prevent those worry lines and crows feet from forming in your face.

4. Being thin is not always good

It is surprising to learn that based on a study conducted by Dr. Bahaman Guyuron and his team at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, being thin can drastically age a person. Dr. Guyuron an expert in the subject, studied the lives of 200 pairs of twins over two years and he discovered that "the more fat that is preserved in the face, particularly the cheeks, the more you will preserve the the facial proportions of youth."

What this tells is that fat is not always bad especially if you are aiming for youthful looks. Do not aim to be thin because it will age your face more!

5. Laughter makes you look younger

The power of laughter, smiling works wonders to your face. Not only this, it is also very infectious and can light up the room. So smile whenever you can, as much as you can. It will not only lift your mood but also affects those around you. People who smile often gets the same positive vibe from the people around.

6. What you eat is reflected in your face and body

This is the top most important thing that one needs to be very conscious about. Eat more of the fruits, nuts and veges and eat less and even abstain from the meats. That is the kindest thing you can do for your body. Drink no more softdrinks as they are laden with sugar and other chemicals, instead drink more of natural fruits juices (not the ones coming from the can), and familiarize yourself with the taste of juice like coconut, etc. Eat less of processed food and sugared food, and meats. Pile up on fruits and vegetables in their fresh and natural state. Drink more water if possible. Replace coffee with a healthy tea. Drink and smoke less or forego them altogether if possible.

You will be amazed at the glow on your face if all you put in into your body are the good things. This in itself is a major age-slasher and will take years off your face in no time.

7. Sleep regularly

Sleep is the body's time to repair and renew itself so if you don't get enough of it, it will definitely show in your face. Lack of sleep will not only cause you dark under eye circles it will also affect your mood by making cranky and even out of focus. Some people thrive on having less than hours of shuteye so find out what number of hours work for you.

8. Engage in regular physical activity

Yes, you hear me right. I did not mention exercise because I know how people are allergic to the idea of exercises and sweating. I am trying to take off the bad vibe by using the word physical activity. This gives the connotation that it is something you are not being forced to do but one which you can do voluntarily.

In other words, physical activity like walking (or brisk walking) can help you maintain a degree of balance in your calorie intake and what gets burned. In one of my travels in mountainous regions, I seldom see an obese person. Their lifestyle basically prevents it because living in these areas can mean they would walk at least 6 kilometers per day regularly while they do their day to day activities such as attending to their farms, tending to their cattles, or even going to their day job.

How does physical activity take years off your face? When your body is active, you sweat, your cells gets replaced faster, toxins are being flushed out faster and many other miraculous things are happening to your body which prevent you from having that tired and old look. Moreover, in the same book by Thea Singer, she mentions that physical activity also help disperse stress hormones in the body. So there you go, as you move more, you are actually helping your face to look younger.

9. Get rid of people that emotionally drain you

Refrain from staying in relationships that feel like more of a strain than helping you becoming a much better version of yourself. Sometimes we remain in a relationship for the security that it offers even when in truth it makes us unhappy.

Notice how emotional problems can pile on years on your face and your total demeanor. Get rid of unhealthy relationships and this will help you to become more in touch with yourself and what you really want in your next relationship.

10. Love unconditionally

When you find that person worthy of your love, then by all means love that special person unconditionally. Being able to freely love sans condition also frees your mind and it is reflected in how you look. Having that one person that makes you happy is a major factor in looking youthful.

Rachel McAdams at 34 taken in 2012. (Image with CC 3.0 License)
Rachel McAdams at 34 taken in 2012. (Image with CC 3.0 License) | Source
Gwen Stefani, Age:44 (Image CC 2.5 License)
Gwen Stefani, Age:44 (Image CC 2.5 License) | Source
Ellen Degeneres, photo taken in 2011
Ellen Degeneres, photo taken in 2011 | Source
Elle in 2013 (Age: 49 in this photo)
Elle in 2013 (Age: 49 in this photo) | Source

Celebrities with youthful looks to inspire us

A number of women celebrities in Hollywood to name a few; Elle Macpherson, Madonna, Goldie Hawn seem to defy their real age because their looks do not reflect their actual age. Learning about their fountain of youth source could do well for many to imitate. The female celebrities who made it on the list are considered in the prime of their lives.

Although a number of them may have gone under the knife for minor surgery procedures, it is undeniable that majority take it upon themselves to ensure a healthier lifestyle replete with regular physical activity. Apparently, most live an active lifestyles as they are inclined to engage in physical activities. They practice healthy eating habits. Majority of them swear by a vegetable and fruits-dominated diet.

To start off your age-defying program, here are more famous women who maintain youthful looks no matter what their age is. These women can still pass off as in their twenties with their youthful looks and love for life


Rachel McAdams has been playing as female lead in many romantic films and her versatility to play the role is largely attributed to her fun and care-free personality which makes her a definite hit.


Gwen Stefani is the other half of the rock couple. Could Gavin Rossdale be her secret to her youthful looks? Looking at photos of Ms. Stefani from the early 90's when her band exploded in the mainstream music consciousness, it appears that she hasn't age much if at all. Gwen was able to maintain her svelte figure.

Salma Hayek is the Latina star which made the hearts of men jump when she first played the daring role of Antonio Banderas' love interest in the movie "Desperado." Since then, Salma has managed to defy gravity maintaining her gorgeous brunette senorita through the years. Could her vitality be attributed only to her Latina roots?


Ellen DeGeneres is definitely one of those women over 50 who makes age a non-issue. She can even pass for someone in her 40s. This just means that humor and kindness can a factor that can make a woman look younger.

Elle Macpherson surfs regularly which made her toned body an effortless aftereffect. in her sexy board shorts without skipping a beat. She makes 40-ish look good on a surfboard. Women should master a balance between raising a family and maintaining an independent and free lifestyle that allows her to experience the world. When asked in an interview in The Telegraph how she keeps herself fit, Elle muses, "Don’t obsess. Keep it simple. Have fun. Do sport."

Nigella Lawson, now 54, is not only known as a cooking genius for her delectable dishes but also for her being able to age beautifully.


Lulu Kennedy-Cairns is 60-something but for a woman who is a small bundle of enthusiasm with joie vivre, one can't help but wonder how she maintains such a positive disposition and zest for life. Lulu is grateful that in this age, women have more freedom and chance to do what they want, at any age. She is definitely a great role model for all women everywhere for her positivity and lifestyle. Lulu even wrote about her lifestyle in a book entitled 'Lulu, Secrets to Looking Good' where she shares her pointers on staying healthy, make up, and wardrobe to look good at any age.

Lulu Kennedy-Cairns
Lulu Kennedy-Cairns


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    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 3 years ago from Philippines

      Indeed DDE, you are right and no creams or surgery procedure can beat that. Thank you!

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Awesome! Lots of sleep less stressful lives and more smiling allows for a better life and age does not show in women who take care of themselves.