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The Shield Still Holds Its Own

Updated on July 21, 2016

I still remember watching the final episode of The Wire, feeling that it was a unique show that wouldn't possibly have a match in the field. I reasearched on similar shows and I finally found out about The Shield. It's another cop/crime show, and you can see that the world is almost the same. Yes, characters are not identical and there are more numbered in The Wire, but there's still that feeling- the feeling of watching real life going on in front of you.

Michael Chiklis is starring as Vic Mackey, a corrupt undercover street cop. He has his own morals and he's teamed up with two of his good friends as coworkers. They manage to get away with many different stunts, and it's sick to think that the show is based on true events and people. The main character is based on a real officer, who eventually went to jail for robbing a bank in the US. He did that with the help of his girlfriend, who worked at that bank and it was later revealed that she was used as a failsafe for the operation.

It's one of the best shows that deals with corruption and law enforcement. It premiered in 2002 and it lasted for seven great and coherent seasons. Even though it's been so long, the topics and issues of the show are still very much relevant. The show depicts violence and racial profiling, which is also very relevant today. The superb acting is another factor, which makes this show feel so realistic.

My suspicion is that it would cause controversy if it was aired today, after countless shootings an profiling. That's why I encourage anyone to watch it, because it sheds a light on a topic, which is usually swept under the carpet quickly.

Another reason to watch it is the growing suspense. Every season has a couple of big cases and they are mostly seen through the eyes of Vic Mackey and his two friends. The actual bank robbery has been translated into the show as well, but the details have been changed. There are tons of backstabbing situations, shootings, surveillance, lying, and running. The well-edited action scenes go together with deep characters and their discussions.

Dutch Wagenbach is probably my favourite detective in the show, because the writers put a lot of work into evolving his character throughout the show. He captures the unpredictabilty of the show, which has created many devoted fans of this show.


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