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The Show: Movie Edition

Updated on February 14, 2011

Welcome Film Fans!

Tune in here for news about which products are worth your hard earned money and time. Reviews of movies, theaters, DVDs, festivals and more will help you make informed choices to get the most return out of your movie experience.


Greensboro, NC Film Fans Need To Check Out "The Mixed Tape Film Series"

I have been thoroughly enjoying the Mixed Tape Film Series in Greensboro, NC. It is a cost friendly night out with fellow movie fans. My wife and I have had a great time seeing modern classics of cinema with die hard fans and newbies alike.

Check out my article about the film series on Yahoo Network, here.

My follow up article on The Mixed Tape Series new venue, the Carolina Theatre is coming soon.

Check out the Green Hornet

Bruce Lee and Van Williams as Kato and The Green Hornet.
Bruce Lee and Van Williams as Kato and The Green Hornet. | Source

Go See The Green Hornet (2011)

As a martial arts student I consider Bruce Lee to be a very important person. I was deeply concerned that the new "slapstick" direction that producers were taking the main characters in would denigrate the cultural legacy that Bruce Lee brought to the character of Kato.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the film and had a great time. Here is a text transcript of my audio review of the film for Yahoo Movies, with slight variations to improve it for reading:

Welcome to this review of The Green Hornet starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou.

In an interview at the premier, available on youtube, Cameron Diaz says the film producers told her it wasn’t important to watch episodes of the old Green Hornet TV show starring Van Williams and Bruce Lee, because they were taking characters in a new direction. Reinforcing this separation from the TV show, the movie credits read, “Based on the Green Hornet Radio Show”.

I wasn’t keen on the idea of playing Britt Reid as a rich, playboy loser. I went into the theater wanting to hate this film. I was particularly concerned about how this movie would cast a shadow on Bruce Lee’s portrayal of Kato. He was a very important figure. In China, the Green Hornet is called “The Kato Show”.

I was primed and ready to disapprove of the movie, but it won me over completely. Seth Rogen was terrific as Brett Reid. He was funny without being lame or annoying. The movie Kept me laughing; and I am not one to laugh out loud at crude slapstick humor. The laughs in this movie kept getting me thanks to Seth Rogen’s comedic style.

Rogen was great, but Jay Chou as Kato flew past all my expectations and made me fall in love with this film. In this movie we see a glimpse of The Kato Show, as it must be seen in China. Kato is the man who puts the "Super" in superhero. He builds the car, he kicks the butts, he makes it cool, tough, hip, and spiritual. Kato also has his bad qualities just like the new Britt Reid does. He is self conscious, and can be rash like any young man. Jay Chou showed versatile range in his acting ability in this film.

Things I didn’t like: a lot of bad guys died. It was often comedic and, bad guys deserve it; but the Green Hornet and Kato shouldn’t kill people. Even if it’s accidental, it seemed over done. Many police were injured, too. I understand, Batman injured cops sometimes, but make up your mind. Is it a comedy or "The Dark Knight"? Also, I thought the 3D wasn’t that great, so you can see it 2D and save some dough. I've only seen one movie where I thought the 3D was actually worthwhile (TRON: Legacy) so don't skip the 3D if your really a fan of it, "The Green Hornet" had some tailored shots for 3D like any film in that medium does.

Final score: I loved this movie. Go see it. It was really fun and will certainly be in my collection when it is released on DVD.

"The Unborn-Unrated Directors Cut" Worth a Watch for Horror Fans

Just got around to this movie the other night.  Very worthwhile.  Odette Yustman is insanely hot.  The movie had some good scares and unnerving visuals.  The true test of any horror movie is how you feel about it later.  Well, the next night as I was laying down to sleep I got a sudden dread of undead children lurking about.  I'd say it is at least a 3.5 on a 5 point Scareometer.Snagged it used on DVD for just 3 bucks.  I wouldn't pay top dollar for this film; it didn't scare me out of my seat or anything.  Overall it gets a thumbs up from me and my wife as a good scare that'll leave you a little freaked later on.

The Historic Carolina Theatre

The Mixed Tape Film Series returns to Downtown Greensboro at the beautiful and historic Carolina Theatre.
The Mixed Tape Film Series returns to Downtown Greensboro at the beautiful and historic Carolina Theatre. | Source

The Mixed Tape Film Series Returns

I am glad to report that the Mixed Tape Film Series, which has captivated fans for 3 years, returns from a forced hiatus to a new venue.

Check out my article on Yahoo Network about this wildly popular film festival and the gorgeous new location, The Carolina Theatre, here. Along with the article you'll find useful links to Mixed Tape Productions and the Carolina Theatre's website, where you can order tickets and get information.

Additionally, I can inform you that the "super secret film" scheduled for March. 17th is "Willow".

Hope to see you at the movies.


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