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The Significance of Celebrity Mari Yaguchi's Pregnancy & Marriage

Updated on March 24, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

Mari Yaguchi of Morning Musume is Pregnant & Married for the Second Time

The life of Mari Yaguchi, one of the former members of girl group Morning Musume has not been without some controversy. But the former J POP idol singer made a LIVE public announcement that she is pregnant for the first time. This is a significant event in her life given what she has been through. She is now married for the second time.

A First Look at Mari Yaguchi of Morning Musume


What This Article Will Cover

Author’s note: this article will not cover the life & career of Morning Musume’s Mari Yaguchi. It will only cover a few aspects of her personal life.

The Major Event That Created Controversy for Mari Yaguchi

In case some of you want to know what happened to Yaguchi that caused controversy, back in 2013, she had an extramarital affair with male model Kenzo Umeda who was 25 at the time.

Some Thoughts About the Former Bad Decision by Yaguchi

It actually angers me that she would have used such poor judgement during her first marriage to Masaya Nakamura and had an affair! This sort of event if it happens in Japan can lead to an enormous loss of face and backlash. As much as I love the group Morning Musume and their songs, this kind of action by Yaguchi clearly shows her immaturity and she is supposed to be a good role model. She may be a decent person that made a mistake that can have the potential to lower her approval in Japan.

Details About Mari Yaguchi's Marriage & Pregnancy Announcement

The announcement about her pregnancy was made on Abema TV’s Yaguchi Mari no Kayou The NIGHT as comedian Yoichi Okano mentioned that he had learned of her wedding ceremony through the Internet. Yaguchi replied that she had wanted to make the announcement specifically through this program. Yaguchi had her wedding ceremony in Okinawa in March 2019. Yaguchi announced that the baby is due at the end of summer 2019. The gender of the baby is not known at this time. Yaguchi said that she could no longer hide the news and keep it a secret and that she had to announce it. Her husband is said to be very happy and that the couple were both thinking about having children. Yaguchi described the timing as being just right. Yaguchi finally gave birth to her son on August 9, 2019.

A List of Morning Musume Members That Are Now Married

Yuko Nakazawa
Maki Goto
Nozomi Tsuji
Aya Ishiguro
Ai Takahashi
Rika Ishikawa
Natsumi Abe
Miki Fujimoto
Mari Yaguchi (her second marriage)
Kei Yasuda
Ai Kago

Mari Yaguchi With Kei Yasuda

Last Thoughts About the Significance of Mari Yaguchi's Pregnancy & Marriage

Her marriage and pregnancy announcement is significant because this is her chance to somehow redeem herself and improve as a person going forward. She may end up in a better situation compared to Hitomi Yoshizawa who has been criticized and ostracized by many former members of Morning Musume for her mistake. For Yaguchi who served as leader of Morning Musume back in 2005 and then resigned due an affair with actor Oguri Shun, this latest news about her is encouraging. Mari Yaguchi along with Nozomi Tsuji are my two least favorite members of Morning Musume but it is with cautious optimism that I really think Yaguchi has a chance to redeem herself. Will she be able to do this? Time will tell.

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