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The Simpsons: A Short Summary of Every Episode in Season Four

Updated on May 24, 2014

The Fourth season of the Simpsons began on September 24th, 1992 with the episode Kamp Krusty, and ended on May 13th, 1993 with the episode Krusty Gets Kancelled. Memorable moments include Homer starting his snow plow business and Lisa's first word.

Kamp Krusty

In Kamp Krusty Homer promises Bart and Lisa that if they both get at least a C average he will send them to camp. However, Bart is unable to attain higher than a D, but Homer allows him to go because he doesn't want him around all summer anyway and feels that he knew Bart couldn't get a C. Bart, Lisa and the other campers arrive at Kamp Krusty to find a cruel Man named Mr. Black in charge and Dolph, Jimbo and Kerny, the school bullies as camp counsellors. The kids are fed gruel and are forced to make wallets for the profit of the camp, while Krusty unaware is off in England watching Wimbledon. The campers sick of being promised Krusty to no avail rebel and take over the camp. Hearing the news Krusty arrives at the camp and discovers how horrible the camp actually was and takes the kids on a trip to Tijuana, Mexico to make up for it.

A Streetcar Named Marge

When Marge gets the starring role in a musical version of "A Street Car Named Desire," she becomes angry with Homer and realizes that he is much like the Brutish Stanley in the play, who is played by Ned Flanders. It is her anger with Homer that inspires her performance, and in the end Homer sees how he is like Stanley and apologizes to Marge. While Marge has been attending rehearsals, Maggie has been at a daycare where she is not permitted use of her pacifier. She makes various attempts to retrieve it, and finally with help gets it back and returns the pacifiers to all of the other babies.

Homer the Heretic

After Homer decides not to attend church one Sunday, and sleep in he has the best Sunday of his life. After having a dream in which God appears to him and he makes an agreement with God to worship him in his own way. Despite Marge's nagging and the Flanders' various attempts to win Homer back into the flock, he continues staying home on Sundays. After the house catches on fire one Sunday and Ned saves Homer's life, having learned his lesson Homer decides to return to attending church.

Lisa The Beauty Queen

Lisa sees herself as ugly after her portrait is drawn by a caricature artist and Homer enters her in a beauty contest in hopes of raising herself esteem. Lisa is runner up and the pageant and later becomes Little Miss Springfield after the pageant winner is struck by lightening. However, when she refuses to promote the cigarette company that sponsored the pageant, the company and mayor Quimby among others re-instate the previous winner after ousting Lisa based on a technicality, Homer's mistake of Writing Ok, in the area of the registration form that says not to write on it.

Treehouse of Horror III

In the third Treehouse of Horror the first tale is "Clown Without Pity" Homer buys a last minute gift for Bart, a Krusty doll that turns out to be evil. The doll tries to kill Homer several times, until Marge contacts the company and they send a technician to the house to fix the problem. The Second is a take off of the Movie "King Kong," "King Homer" in which Marge is used as bait by Mr. Burns to capture Homer, who is a giant ape, so that he can exploit him. After being angered by the flashes of cameras King Homer goes on a rampage through downtown Springfield and Mr. Burns declares that his career is over. Marge promises to take care of the giant ape and they marry. In the final tale "Dial 'Z' for Zombies" Bart uses a book he found in the school library to try and resurrect Snowball,Lisa's first cat who was tragically run over. Instead the dead rise from their graves at the Springfield Cemetery as Zombies. The Zombies take over the town and turn most of the living into Zombies. The Simpsons fight their way through Zombies to get to the school library in hopes of finding a book to break the spell, and Homer who has already shot Zombie Ned not knowing he was a Zombie, takes on historic celebrities, such as Shakespeare, in their Zombie forms. Bart and Lisa find the book and after reading the right spell, the town is saved.

Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie

During a meeting with Bart's teacher Marge and Homer are informed that how they handle his misbehaviour will affect his future success in his adult years. After Bart is left in charge of Maggie and she takes off down the street in one of the family's cars, Homer forbids Bart from attending the new Itchy and Scratchy Movie and despite Bart's pleas he sticks with the punishment. As a result of the discipline he received it is revealed that Bart becomes Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and he and Homer go to the movie which is being replayed in the local theatre at this point in time.

Marge Gets A Job

Marge decides she needs to get a job and lands employment at the Nuclear Plant after Lisa adds a little creative padding to her resume. Mr. Burns develops a crush on her and fires her after he finds out Marge is married. The Simpsons threaten a sexual harassment suit but find that Mr. Burns has a team of elite highly paid lawyers that would guarantee him a victory. However, Mr. Burns ends up feeling badly about what he has done and invites Marge and Homer to share a private Tom Jones concert at his estate, as he has previously kidnapped the singer.

New Kid On The Block

After a single mother moves next door Bart develops a crush on her teenage daughter, Laura. When Bart finds out Laura is dating Jimbo Jones he is crushed but ends up breaking them up when he blames a prank phone call to Moe's on Jimbo and Moe threats make Jimbo cry. Mean while Homer and Marge go to The Frying Dutchman, which has advertised all you can eat but does not allow Homer to eat his fill, prompting him to sue the restaurant. The case is solved with a settlement that allows Homer all he can eat in exchange for attracting business in the manner of a side show freak, much to Marge's embarrassment.

Mr. Plow

After Homer's car is taken out of commission, the family attends an auto show at which despite Marge's protests, Homer buys a snowplow. In order to pay for the truck he starts a snowplow business, that takes off after the family's home made commercial airs on late-night TV. However Homer's business begins to struggle after his friend Barney starts a rival company. Upset Homer calls Barney's business pretending to be a wealthy client who wants their driveway at the top of a mountain plowed and is willing to pay well. Feeling remorseful and realizing he may have sent Barney to his death Homer braves the mountain to save his friend. The two make up and decide to join forces just before the snow melts. Homer is no longer able to keep up the payments and his plow is repossessed.

Lisa's First Word

In this flashback episode Bart experiences jealousy after Lisa is born and comes up with various schemes, including trying to mail her, in order to get rid of her. Bart feels neglected by family as the attention is all focused on the new baby. He gives up his crib and is forced to sleep in an evil looking clown bed that Homer has built for him, and fears that if he sleeps it will eat him. Soon Bart has had enough and decides to run away, but Lisa says her first word "Bart" prompting him to stay. After this flashback we return to the present where Homer is putting Maggie to bed, where he states that the sooner kids talk, the sooner they talk back and he hopes she never says a word. After he leaves the room Maggie says her first word "Daddy."

Homer's Triple Bypass

After suffering a heart attack when he is fired by Mr. Burns, Homer's spirit only slips back into his body after Mr. Burns tells Smithers to send a ham to his widow. The ham is cancelled seeing as Homer is alive and he and the family are left trying to finance an expensive triple bypass surgery. Unable to afford a good doctor the family is forced to use Dr. Nick Riviera after seeing a commercial for cheap surgeries on T.V. While at Sunday school Lisa imagines her father in heaven making a cloud go up and down in the same manner as he enjoys playing with his hospital bed and still unsure she becomes comforted after researching how the surgery will be performed. Dr. Nick who did not pay attention in Medical school is upset when he discovers someone has taped over a how to perform a triple bypass surgery video that he decides to watch only hours before surgery. Thankfully Lisa knows what to do and guides the doctor through the surgery and Homer survives.

Marge VS. The Monorail

When Springfield fines Mr.Burns for his practices in disposing of waste from his nuclear plant, the town has to decide what to do with the money and holds a town meeting. Mr. Burns disguises himself and fails to get the town to put the money back into the plant, as his disguise is a rather bad one. Marge suggests the fix main street, but than a fast talking sales man convinces the town to build a monorail. Homer is happy when he is made conductor. Meanwhile Marge who is still unsure visits towns that have previously built monorails and finds them in ruins. She returns to Springfield to warn everyone, but the monorail has already begun its first trip. The monorail speeds out of control and Homer is forced to think on his feet and saves the day. Marge continues to say that the town never again spent their money on anything foolish except the Popsicle stick skyscraper, the 50ft magnifying glass and the escalator to nowhere.

Selma's Choice

After the death of Marge's aunt and watching the video will Selma decides to try and have a child before it is too late. She searches for ways to become pregnant, including a catalogue of "frozen fathers," but is dissatisfied with all of them. Selma even goes on a date with moleman after discovering he's single but after imagining their life together, including their children Selma kicks him out of the car. After Homer gets sick from eating an old sandwich he saved from a work party, Selma offers to take the kids to Duff Gardens so they won't miss out on their scheduled trip. After a disastrous day at the theme park Selma decides she may not be cut out to be a mother. In the end she inherits her aunt's pet a iguana due to default as her mother who had originally inherited him wanted to kill him. Selma readily accepts him and he becomes an outlet for her maternal instincts.

Brother From The Same Planet

After Homer is extremely late picking Bart up from soccer, Bart gets a Big Brother to give him the fathering Homer doesn't. Feeling jealous Homer decides to get a Little Brother. Homer and Bart's Big Brother get in a fight at the aquarium, which results in Bart and Homer making up. Bart sees that Homer's Little Brother is in need and brings him together with the Big Brother he no longer needs himself.

I Love Lisa

On Valentine's Day in Mrs. Hoover's class Ralph is the only student who doesn't get a Valentine. Lisa feels bad for Ralph and decides to give him a card. As a result Ralph develops a crush on her. Ralph is heartbroken when Lisa reveals she doesn't feel the same way on the Krusty anniversary special. After Ralph's performance as George Washington in a class play the two decide to be friends.


After skipping work to go on a tour at the Duff Brewery, Homer is arrested for driving under the influence and his licence is confiscated as a result forcing him to ride Lisa's bike around town. He discovers that he can have fun without drinking all the time and at the end of the episode he turns down a beer to go on a bike ride with Marge. Meanwhile Lisa uses Bart in her science project after he destroyed her first one pranking principal Skinner. However, Bart wins the first place ribbon with a hamster in a remote control plane.

Last Exit To Springfield

At the same time Homer learns that Lisa needs braces, Mr. Burns attempts to trick his employee's into trading their dental plan away for a keg of beer. Homer convinces the other workers that it is a bad idea and he becomes union leader, when they are forced to strike. Mr. Burns attempts to run the plants with robots but fails miserably. He eventually agrees to reinstate the dental plan providing that Homer resign as union leader and Lisa gets the invisible braces and her confidence is restored.

So It's Come To This: A Simpsons Clip Show

In this April fool's day episode Bart shakes up a can of beer at a hardware store using a paint mixer, hoping to pull the best prank possible on Homer before the day is out. Instead of simply soaking Homer, the prank results in a spray so powerful beer comes out the chimney of the family home and puts Homer in a coma. While waiting for Homer to wake up, the family remembers moments from past episodes. Homer finally wakes up and strangles Bart after Bart confesses and apologizes to Homer when he is unconscious.

The Front

After viewing a bad Itchy &Scratchy cartoon, Lisa and Bart decide that they could do better. The first time they submit their episode it is rejected and the two feel they are not being taken seriously because they are kids. The two decide to resubmit the episode under Grandpa Simpson's name because he is unlikely to notice. When he does find out the kids cut him a deal offering him part of their earnings and he agrees. After one of the episodes wins an award he is horrified to discover what he has been putting his name on.

Whacking Day

When Whacking Day comes Lisa is appalled and expresses outrage at the town's annual ritual of whacking snakes. Meanwhile Bart has been kicked out of school after a prank and is being home schooled by Marge. They visit Fort Springfield where Bart is kicked out after questioning discrepancies between the dates and events that took place on those dates in the life of Town founder Jebidiah Springfield. Bart and Lisa team up with singer Barry White and the three manage to lead the snakes to the Simpson's home in order to keep them safe. When the angry towns people discover where the snakes have gone Lisa convinces them that snakes are good and the snakes are able to leave unharmed.

Marge In Chains

After the flu hits Springfield Marge is forced to care for the rest of the family as she is the only one who is not sick. Marge is so tired and distracted that she forgets to pay for a bottle of alcohol that Grandpa has requested and she is tried and convicted for shoplifting. Homer and the kids are forced to fend for themselves and as a result of not being able to do laundry, Homer ends up wearing an old Halloween costume to visit Marge in prison. After not taking in enough money to buy a statue of Abraham Lincoln, due to Marge's Marshmallow squares being unavailable, the town realizes their error in sending Marge to prison. They celebrate her return by giving her the Jimmy Carter statue the ended up purchasing with Marge's hair added on.

Krusty Gets Kancelled

When a new T.V. show starring ventriloquist dummy, Gabbo airs, it quickly takes Krusty's popularity and forces him off the air. Bart and Lisa convince Krusty that he can save his career by doing a comeback special after they see all the celebrities he knows via pictures on his wall. With the help of various celebrities such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bette Middler, among others, Krusty regains his former place on T.v. and Gabbo is soon forgotten.

What's your favourite episode from season 4? Comment below.


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