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The Simpsons: A Short Summary of Every Episode in Season One

Updated on June 5, 2013

The first episode of the first ever Simpsons season, Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire, aired on December 17th, 1989. IT WAS not only the first episode of the series but the first Christmas episode of the series as well. The season's finale, Some Enchanted Evening, aired on May 13th, 1990.

Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire

After Marge has to spend the family's Christmas Savings on removing a tattoo that Bart has acquired and Homer discovers Mr.Burns has cut Christmas bonuses for all lower level workers, it looks like the family is out of luck. Homer gets a second job as a mall Santa Claus in order to try to make some money so the family can have a decent holiday. In the end however he only makes $13 and takes Bart to the dog track on Christmas eve to try to increase what little he has earned. However the bet on the wrong dog and loose everything. They return Home with the dog, Santa's Little Helper, who ends up being the perfect gift for the family.

Bart The Genius

When Bart switches I.Q. tests with Martin Prince the School psychologist announces to the surprise of everyone that Bart is incredibly intelligent and he is sent to a school for the gifted. At first Bart loves the freedom that the new school but struggles to fit in as he is not a genius. He cannot even find solace at home as Marge insists on taking the whole family to events meant to stimulate Bart's brain. He eventually confesses and is sent back to Springfield elementary and the new relationship he was starting to form with Homer disappears.

Homer's Odyessy

After being fired Homer becomes depressed and decides to end his life. However when his family comes to stop him they are nearly run over. Homer makes it his mission to get a stop sign placed on that corner and succeeds. He then finds new meaning in life and starts in safety crusade until the last unsafe thing in town is the nuclear plant. Unable to deal with Homer and his supporters Mr. Burns offer him his job back along with the new opportunity to become the plant's safety inspector, which he accepts.

There's No Disgrace Like Home

After going to a picnic held by Mr. Burns and seeing all of the other employees' families are much more pleasant than his own homer decides the family needs help. Much to the family's dismay Homer pawns the t.v. in order to get the money for the family to attend therapy with Dr. Marvin Monroe. However the doctor can't fix them and has to give them twice their money back and the family buys a new t.v.

Bart The General

When Bart sticks up for Lisa when she is picked on by school bully Nelson Muntz he sets himself up as the bully’s new favourite target. After being beat up daily and rolling home in a trashcan Bart goes to Grandpa for advice. Grandpa introduces Bart to the owner of a local military collectibles shop who suggests launching a campaign of warfare against Nelson. Bart recruits the other victims of Nelson and together using military strategy they defeat the bully, though it could be argued that Nelson didn’t learn his lesson as he is still a bully on the show today.

Moaning Lisa

When Lisa becomes depressed Marge advises her to just smile but sees that faking it isn’t good for her daughter. One night on a bridge she meets bleeding gums Murphy who teaches her how to express her emotions through Jazz and she soon feels like smiling again.

Call Of The Simpsons

When Ned Flanders gets a new RV Homer goes and buys an RV too. Unfortunately the only one he can afford is tiny and rundown. When the family goes camping they barely escape with their lives when the RV is destroyed falling over a cliff. Stranded the family must find a way to survive. Lisa and Marge build a fire and a shelter while Bart and Homer go in search of food. They fail miserably in an attempt to catch a rabbit in a snare and end up launching it across the woods. Later covered in mud Homer is mistaken for Bigfoot and is kept in captivity until the scientists studying him agree that they can conclude he is either a brilliant beast or a very stupid man.

The Tell Tale Head

After hanging out with Jimbo, Kerney, and Dolph, Bart gets the idea that cutting off the head of the statute of the town founder Jebidiah Springfield would make him popular. Bart finds out however that doing so makes him hated by the whole town. He tells Homer who tries to help him return the head but they are cornered by a mob of town’s people. Bart tells his story and the town’s people spare them after the return of the head.

Life On The Fast Lane

When Homer gives Marge a bowling ball for her birthday, she decides to take up bowling up to spite him. While at the bowling alley she meets Jacques, a bowling instructor who offers to teach her. Marge begins to spend more time at the bowling alley and less time with her family and Jacques eventually asks her to come to his apartment. Marge intends on going but then at the last moment decides not to after driving down a street crowded with various images of couples.

Homer’s Night Out

While Homer attends a bachelor party it just so happens that the rest of the family is having dinner in the same restaurant. With Bart’s new spy camera he captures an image of Homer with a dancer. After being convinced to make a copy for Milhouse, Bart’s photo spreads across town. When Marge sees it she’s both embarrassed and angry. In order to make it up to her Homer takes Bart with him to find the dancer and show him she’s a person not an object. At the club he makes it known he’s not the ladies man everyone thinks he is and he gives a speech reminding the other men about respect for the women in their lives.

The Crepes Of Wrath

When Bart is sent to France Springfield Elementary receives an Exchange student from Albania who stays with the Simpsons. While Homer and the rest of the family take to Adil, Bart is being treated like a slave in France and is forced to make wine while not being given even the basic necessities. However Adil is not as sweet as he seems, he is a spy for the Albanian government trying to steal American nuclear secrets. Bart learns to speak French and manages to expose his abusers for putting anti-freeze in wine. In Springfield the American government has caught up to Adil and takes him into custody before trading him back to the Albanians for one of their own. Bart comes home happy with gifts from his trip for everyone.

Krusty Gets Busted

When Krusty is accused of robbing the Kwik-E- Mart everyone in town believes he’s guilty except Bart. As the trial commences it seems he will be certainly found guilty. However, with the help of Lisa, Bart does his own investigation determined to prove his hero innocent. Though various clues they are able to conclude that Krusty was framed by SideShow Bob. When revealed to the court Bob is thrown in prison resulting in his hatred of Bart. Once Krusty has been proven innocent everything goes back to normal for him.

Some Enchanted Evening

After being unable to find a babysitter Homer has to call and lie to a babysitting agency about his last name in order to obtain one. While they are watching T.V. the children realize that their sitter is the notorious babysitter bandit. Once she discovers that they know her secret she ties them up and begins ransacking the house. Maggie, who the thief has evaluated as no threat, manages to help her siblings get free. The three children then trick her and tie her up and call in the crime show to claim their reward. However before the police arrive Homer and Marge arrive home and Homer unties the bandit not knowing who she really is.

What's your favourite episode or moment from season 1? Comment below.


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