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The Simpsons: A Short Summary of Every Episode in Season Six

Updated on August 11, 2015

The sixth season of the Simpsons began on September 4th, 1994 with the episode Bart of Darkness and ended on May 21st, 1995 with the episode Who Short Mr. Burns? (Part One). Memorable moments include Bart mooning the Prime Minister of Australia, the story of Maggie's birth and the quest to save the town's lemon tree from Shelbyville.

Bart of Darkness

After the family gets a pool, Bart breaks his leg while attempting to jump into it from the tree house. Unable to enjoy the summer, he becomes paranoid after receiving a telescope from Lisa and suspects that Ned Flanders has murdered his wife, Maude. As it turns out there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for what Bart has seen and Maude is alive and well.

Lisa's Rival

Lisa becomes jealous of a younger student who is smarter and a more talented saxaphone player. In order to beat her at the school diorama contest, Lisa reverts to sabotage after her original diorama is destroyed in an accident. Lisa feels guilty and eventually "finds" her rival's diorama, but is surprised to discover that principal Skinner feels neither girls' entry deserves first place, and he instead gives it to Ralph for a box of Starwars action figures.

Another Simpson's Clip Show

After reading The Bridges of Madison County, Marge decides that she and Homer need to teach the kids about romance. The family goes through their various romantic experiences only to be miserable on discovery that none have a happy ending. Eventually Homer figures out that he and Marge's story had a good ending, but the kids have since resumed watching TV and could care less about his revelation.

Itchy & Scratchy Land

After Bart and Lisa convince their parents to take them to Itchy & Scratchy land the theme park seems to provide fun for both the children and adults. However things soon go awry after the park's robots malfunction and begin attacking the tourists. The family soon finds themselves struggling to survive. Thankfully they discover that camera flashes disable the robots, rendering them harmless. After defeating the robots the family receives 2 free passes to the park, as a rather understated means of gratitude.

Sideshow Bob Roberts

After managing to get released from prison, Sideshow Bob becomes the Republican candidate in the Springfield Mayoral race. Bob wins and proceeds to send Bart back to Kindergarten, and allocates the Simpson's property to construct a roadway. Determined to save her family from becoming homeless, Lisa sets out to prove that Bob cheated in order to win the election. After meeting with Smithers, who worked on the campaign, Lisa discovers that Bob used the names of citizens and pets that are long dead to fill out phony ballots.

Treehouse of Horror V

As usual the Halloween special is divided in 3 separate stories. The first is a parody the Shining, in which Mr. Burns has the Simpson family watch his winter home. After discovering that there is no TV or beer, Homer goes insane and tries to kill the rest of the family. In the second story Homer turns his toaster into a time machine while trying to fix it. He tries not to touch anything in the past, but fails each time he goes back to fix things and ends up in various alternate realities. In the final story Bart and Lisa are horrified to discover that the cafeteria has been serving their classmates, and that they're next on the menu.

Bart's Girlfriend

Bart develops a crush on Jessica Lovejoy, the reverend's daughter, and tries to be good in order to impress her. Not getting anywhere, and unable to keep up the act Bart pulls a prank on groundskeeper Willie. Jessica sees this, and Bart discovers she likes bad boys. However it turns out the seemingly sweet reverend's daughter, is more than he can handle. Jessica steals from the collection plate and lets Bart take the blame. Lisa then tries to get her to confess in church, but has to point to her as the culprit as Jessica seemingly has no conscience.

Lisa on Ice

After discovering she is failing P.E., Lisa struggles to find an extra curricular sport she is good at in order to get a passing grade. During a fight with Bart, she displays skills that lead Apu to the fact that she would make a great goalie for the hockey team he coaches. Bart who also plays hockey, on another team becomes more competitive with his sister. Marge tries to keep her kids from destroying their relationship by reminding them they aren't competing against each other. However her efforts are thwarted, when the two teams face each other in the final. After remembering past instances of helping each other, the siblings hug and the game ends in a tie, disappointing Homer and the crowd.

Homer Badman

After stealing a gummy Venus de Milo at candy convention, Homer drives his kids' baby sitter home, where he notices it is stuck to her pants. Homer grabs it and the baby sitter misinterprets it as a sexual advance. The next morning an angry mob accusing Homer of sexual harassment. After several attempts to clear his name go wrong, Homer appears on public access TV, where grounds keeper Willie sees his story. Willie provides Homer with a video tape that is able to clear his name and the family is glad to have the incident behind them.

Grandpa vs. Sexual Inadequacy

Homer and Marge develop problems in the bedroom and Grandpa is able solve them by giving Homer some of his home made tonic. Soon Homer and Grandpa are selling the tonic at local malls and on the road. After a fight Homer and his dad both end up at the old farm house where they manage to set fire to the building, but also reconcile.

Fear of Flying

After Homer is banned from Moe's he goes to a pilot's bar where he is mistaken for a pilot and destroys a plane. To keep him quiet, the family is given free airline tickets to anywhere in America. However, due to Marge's fear of flying the family is forced to get off the plane before take off. After seeing a therapist, Marge discovers her fear is the result of a repressed memory of seeing her father as a flight attendant.

Homer the Great

After discovering that Lenny and Carl are members of a secret society, Homer tries to gain membership unsuccessfully until he finds out Grandpa is a member, which entitles him to membership. After destroying a sacred artifact he is stripped of his membership & stripped naked it is discovered that he is the chosen one who will lead the group to a brighter future. Lisa convinces Homer and the other members begin to resent him. The group then breaks up and forms a new society, " The Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers."

And Maggie Makes Three

After looking at the family photo album and seeing their are no photos of Maggie, Bart and Lisa are told the story of her birth. Before Maggie was born, Homer dreamed of quitting his job at the power plant to work at the bowling alley. After paying off the family's debt Homer determines he can do so as long as nothing changes. However after Homer starts working at the bowling alley, Marge discovers she is pregnant again. Knowing he can't support another child on his current salary Homer is forced to return to the power plant, where Mr. Burns installs on plaque on his wall: " Don't Forget You're Here Forever." Homer then reveals that he keeps all the photos of Maggie at work where he needs them the most.

Bart's Comet

Forced to help principal Skinner during his early morning star gazing, Bart discovers a comet. It is soon discovered that the comet is headed towards Springfield, and a rocket is fired in attempt to save the town. The rocket instead hits the only bridge out of town, dooming everyone within. In an attempt to save his family Homer pushes his way into the Flanders's bomb shelter.Ned knowing this would happen, built it large enough for both families. Soon the whole town squeezes themselves in, to discover that the door won't shut. They then determine that Ned is the only useless one, and should therefore be kicked out. Homer feels guilty and decides to join Ned outside the shelter, and the rest of the town follows. The comet proceeds to burn up in the atmosphere, until it is the size of a chihuahua's head and hits the shelter knocking it over.

Homie the Clown

After getting into deep debt Krusty decides to open a clown college. Homer attends and after he graduates performs at events that Krusty doesn't want to attend. Homer soon takes advantage of being mistaken for Krusty to get perks from businesses, but is unfortunately taken by the Mob, who Krusty owes money. Thankfully for Homer, the real Krusty shows up and their lives are spared after they complete a complex trick.

Bart vs. Australia

Bart and the family get a trip to Australia after Bart makes a collect call to Australia, in order to apologize. However he backs out once he learns that as part of his punishment, he will be kicked in the butt with a large boot. After Bart thinks it through he seemingly decides to face his punishment, but instead moons the country, forcing his family to flee by helicopter.

Homer vs. Patty and Selma

After losing money on a bad investment, Homer is forced to borrow money from Marge's sisters. When Marge finds out Homer decides to drive a limo in order to make extra money so he can pay them back. He soon discovers he needs a license to drive a limo and ends up failing a test evaluated by Patty and Selma. When the two are caught smoking at work, they face losing their promotion, until Homer claims their cigarettes are his own. As a result Homer, convinces them to call off the debt. Meanwhile, without any other options left to sign up for gym activities, Bart is forced to take ballet.

A Star is Burns

Springfield holds a film festival and Marge invites critic Jay Sherman to sit as a judge. Marge also makes Homer a judge and he at first wants to vote for Moleman's video of him being hit in the groin by a football. However, in the end he chooses to vote for Barney's film, which win's over Mr.Burn's self glorifying bio pic.

Lisa's Wedding

At a renaissance fair, Lisa meets a fortune teller who tells her about her first true love, a British student named Hugh, who she meets at university. They soon get engaged and Lisa brings him back to Springfield to meet her family. Though she is embarrassed by her family, she calls off the wedding at the last minute once she learns that Hugh intends that they will have little to no contact with them afterward.

Two Dozen and One Greyhounds

Santa's Little Helper falls in love with a greyhound at the race track, and they are soon parents to 25 puppies. After discovering how destructive the puppies are, Homer and Marge decide they have to give them away. Not wanting to split them up, however makes it impossible to find them a suitable home. After being refused, Mr. Burns steals the puppies in order to make himself a greyhound fur tuxedo. Bart and Lisa foil his plan by mixing the puppy Burns intends to keep, in with the rest of them. Burns then decides not to kill the puppies, and ends up making a profit on the stolen dogs when they all become champion racers.

The PTA Disbands

Edna Krabappel calls a strike in order to convince principal Skinner to spend more money on the school. Hoping to extend the strike Bart plays principal Skinner and the teachers against each other, while Lisa tries to cope at home with her emergency school kit. The community eventually decides to use locals to substitute until the strike is resolved and Bart is dismayed to find out that his mom will teach his class. To get things back to normal Bart locks Edna and Skinner in Skinner's office. The two finally find a way to put more money into the school budget by renting out the coat rooms to the overcrowded Springfield prison.

Round Springfield

After Bart eats a metal Krusty-O, he is rushed to the hospital to get his appendix removed. While at the hospital Lisa finds that her friend, Bleeding Gums Murphy, is a patient there. She comes back the next day only to discover that he has passed away. Lisa wants to honor him, by having his record play on the radio, but the only copy she can find costs $500. Bart, seeing how sad she is,uses the money he got from suing Krusty to buy the album so that Lisa can have it played on a local jazz station.

The Springfield Connection

After chasing down Snake, who has conned Homer, Marge decides to join the police force. Homer likes Marge's new job until she arrests him for parking illegally and stealing her hat. He is thankful however, when Marge saves him from Herman, after Homer walks in on him running a counterfeit jeans operation out of the Simpson's garage. The case however is dropped when the force takes possession of the jeans instead of taking them for evidence. Sick of being a part of a corrupt police force, Marge quits and goes back to her normal life.

Lemon of Troy

After Springfield's lemon tree is stolen by Shelbyville, Bart and the other boys go on a quest to get it back. Homer, Flanders and the other adults use Flander's RV to travel to Shelbyville to find the boys, where they discover that the tree is in an impound lot. In order to get the tree back, they park the RV in a hospital zone, and allow themselves to be towed to the impound lot, where they rescue the tree.

Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)

When Springfield Elementary strikes oil, Mr. Burns decides to steal it via a slant drilling operation, which cause Moe's to close and Grandpa's retirement home to collapse. Bart's tree house is destroyed and Santa's Little Helper is injured as a result of the operation,as well. Mr.Burns then decides to build a machine to block out the sun, which angers the whole town. Meanwhile, Burn's assistant objects ans is fired, and Homer vows revenge on Mr. Burns for repeatedly forgetting his name. After Mr.Burns ends up shot, everyone in town is a suspect.

What's your favourite moment from season 6? Comment below.


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