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The Simpsons: A Short Summary of Every Episode in Season Three

Updated on June 5, 2013

The third season of the Simpsons began on September 19th, 1991 with the episode Stark Raving Dad, and ended on August 27th, 1992 with the episode Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes? Memorable moments include Homer's fantasy of the Land of Chocolate and Side Show Bob's return in which he marries and then attempts to murder Selma.

Stark Raving Dad

After Bart’s red hat gets thrown in with the family’s whites turning Homer’s shirt pink everyone at work thinks he’s insane and Mr. Burns has him sent to a mental institution. While there his roommate is a large white man who believes himself to Michael Jackson. Upon his release Homer invites him to visit with his family. Bart thinking the real Michael Jackson is coming to their house tells his friends who tell everyone in Springfield. Needless to say the town is disappointed and Bart is upset. However the stranger helps Bart write a Birthday song for Lisa which she is happy to receive. The man remembers who he actually is and leaves to proceed with his life as it was previously.

Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington

After the family receives a free copy of Reader’s Digest Lisa enters an essay contest in which the finalists and their families will receive an all expenses paid trip to Washington D.C. After she arrives in Washington Lisa finds herself disillusioned when she sees a politician taking a bribe and writes and reads a new essay about the corruption in the capital. As a result the politician is exposed and his career is ruined.

When Flanders Failed

At a barbecue he holds for his neighbours Ned Flanders announces that he is quitting his job as a pharmacist and opening a store that will sell items for the left handed. Homer wishes that his neighbour's business will fail and soon after it suffers several blows. The only thing that saves the Flanders family from moving into Ned's sister's place is Homer's conscience finally gets to him and he spreads word about the store. Due to the large number of customers Homer brings the store is saved. Meanwhile instead of taking karate lessons Bart has been going to the arcade and gets beat up when Lisa insists he defend her from bullies.

Bart The Murderer

When Bart forgets his permission form for the class field trip he's forced to stay behind at the school- he gets let out early and ends up stumbling on a mobster hideout. He begins working there. However Bart discovers that work for the mob isn't so great when principal Skinner disappears and he's put on trial for murder. However Skinner shows up alive at trial and the case is dismissed.

Homer Defined

When a melt down ensues at the plant Homer manages to get lucky and abort it. The town seens him as a hero and he enjoys the attention but worries that he will be discovered to be a fraud. His worry increases when he is invited to give a speech at another power plant. While giving the speech the plant he is visiting goes into meltdown and Homer is exposed when he inny-meany-miney-mo's his way to hitting the right button.

Like Father, Like Clown

While attending dinner at the Simpsons Krusty reveals that he is estranged from his father, who is a rabbi. He explains that his career choice is the cause of this and Bart and Lisa attempt to reconcile the two. After many trips to the library to research Jewish culture Lisa manages to convince Krusty's father that his son's career is honourable and the two reconcile on Krusty's show.

Treehouse Of Horror II

The second Treehouse of Horror features three terror filled adventures. In the first the family takes a trip to Morroco where Homer obtains a magical monkey paw that grants wishes. However, the paw is cursed and twists the wishes into having awful results. Maggie wishes for a new pacfier (the only wish of the family's that doesn't turn out bad), Bart wishes for the family to be rich and famous and the town soon becomes sick of them, Lisa wishes for world peace and it results in aliens imprisoning the human race and Homer's wish for a turkey sandwich gives him a sandwich in which the turkey is a little dry. Homer than angrily throws away the paw only for Flanders to pick it up and he strangely has no negative consiquences to his wishes.

In the second tale Bart has strange powers that he uses to control the entire town. He turns Homer into a Jack in the Box when Homer plots against him, planning to end Bart's control by bashing him in the head with a chair. The family attends therapy with Dr, Marvin Monroe who advises that Homer needs to spend more time with Bart. As a result Bart grows closer to Homer and changes him back. The two then hug and Bart wakes up screaming exposing this tale as a nightmare.

Lisa's Pony

After Homer fails to buy Lisa a new saxophone reed she is humiliated at a school concert. In an attempt to win back Lisa's love Homer buys her a pony. However due to costs of supporting the pony Homer is forced to get a second job at the Kwik-E-Mart working the night shift. While Lisa enjoys her pony Homer suffers from lack of sleep. Lisa is soon forced to give up her pony out of concern for her father's well being.

Saturdays Of Thunder

After he fails a quiz about how well he knows his son Homer goes to the Fatherhood institute to get some advice. While there he becomes inspired to help Bart build a soapbox derby racer. However the soapbox car doesn't compare to those of the other kids but Bart manages to make it to the final race. When Martin Prince injured he agrees that Bart should take his car. Homer is disappointed but decides to support his son and Bart wins the race.

Flaming Moe's

When Homer tells Moe of a recipe for a drink he discovered Moe steals it and begins selling it at the tavern. The drink causes Moe's business to increase drastically and Homer becomes angry with him. Moe decides to take a deal from restaurant chain and sell the recipe and share the money with Homer. However Homer doesn't know this when he walks into the bar and reveals the secret ingredient (children's cough syrup) in attempt to get revenge on Moe. Soon everywhere in town is serving the drinks and Moe's business is back to being slow.

Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk

When Mr. Burns decides to pursue other interests he sells the power plant to a couple of German business men. After meeting and observing all of the employees it is announced that only Homer will be fired. While the Germans discover that the plant needs many costly repairs Mr. Burns discovers after a trip to Moe's that no one respects him any longer because they have no reason to fear him. Burns regains his power by buying the plant back for half of what he sold it for and reinstates Homer's position and states he will get his revenge on Homer at some unknown point in the future. This episode also features Homer's delightful frolic through the Land of Chocolate.

I Married Marge

In this flashback episode Simpsons fans witness Marge and Homer's shot gun wedding at a casino chapel, how Homer got his job at the nuclear plant and the birth of the couple's first child, Bart. This is also the first episode in which Smithers is referred to by his first name Waylon.

Radio Bart

Bart receives a wireless microphone which can be used with any radio and begins playing pranks at the expense of others. After he fools Rod and Tod Flanders into believing he's God he's up for the challenge of fooling the whole town. When no one is around he throws his radio down a well and later from a safe distance pretends to be a boy who has fallen in and become trapped. When Lisa points out to him that people will trace him back through his radio which he labelled with a label maker he also received as a gift Bart goes back to retrieve it. However, in his attempt Bart falls down the well and is unable to escape. Previously sympathetic, the town's people are angry and refuse to help Bart after they discover his prank. It is Homer along with celebrity guest star Sting that end up digging Bart out.

Lisa The Greek

Homer discovers that Lisa has a talent for the winners of football games he uses her skills to win bets on the games. However, Lisa soon discovers that the quality time they have been spending together is based on her ability. Homer then doubts if Lisa loves him after they have a fight. Lisa worries she will become a gambling addict in a future based fantasy. Later on Super Bowl game day he is pleased to learn Lisa has picked the winning team and therefore still loves him.

Homer Alone

After an incredibly difficult morning Marge stops her car on a busy bridge and stops traffic and ends up on the news. After her breakdown she decides she needs to take a vacation- by herself. Marge leaves Bart and Lisa with her twin sisters Patty and Selma, while Maggie stays with Homer. While Lisa and Bart starve due to their aunts serving tongue sandwiches and just plain suffer, Homer looses Maggie who sets out into town looking for her mother. Needless to say they are all very happy to see her when she returns from her trip.

Bart The Lover

After a Yo-Yo show in the school auditorium the students of Springfield elementary become Yo-Yo obsessed including the students in Mrs. Krabapple's class. Fed up she ends up taking away Bart's Yo-Yo and then proceeds to give him detention. To get back at her Bart answers her personal ad as the fictional Woodrow enclosing a picture of Gordie Howe in the envelope. He sets up a date with her and stands her up but seeing how sad she is gets the rest of the family to help him write a letter to let Edna down easy.

Homer At The Bat

With a home made bat Homer is doing great on the company softball team until Mr. Burns decides to replace the plant workers by giving jobs at the plant to pro base ball players, so that he can win a bet he makes with a rival plant owner. The pro players however all fall victim to various misfortunes and Homer ends up winning the game for his team.

Separate Vocations

When Bart and Lisa take a career aptitude test the results are surprising. The test suggests that Bart would make a good police officer and to Lisa's disappointment that she is destined to become a homemaker. Bart in order to explore this career suggestion goes on ride-a longs with the local police. Disappointed that she will not be the professional saxophone player that she dreamed of, Lisa decides to get back at the teachers of Springfield elementary by stealing their answer books, thus rendering them totally useless. Bart who has become a hall monitor goes in search of the missing books and discovers them in Lisa's locker, but decides to take the fall for his little sister.

Dog Of Death

After the town goes lottery crazy and Kent Brockman wins making him even richer, the Simpsons discover that Santa's Little Helper needs a serious and costly operation. To afford the operation the family is forced to make several cut backs and they soon begin to resent the dog. Feeling unloved Santa's Little Helper runs away and is found by Mr. Burns who trains him to be an attack dog. The family soon misses him and Bart attempts to get him back. Mr. Burns orders Santa's Little Helper to attack Bart, but he only ends up attacking him with kisses, and the two go home.

Colonel Homer

After having a fight with Marge, Homer finds himself at a country bar where he discovers a talented singing waitress, Lurleen Lumpkin. Homer decides that despite having no experience doing so, that he will be her manager. Soon Homer is spending most of his time working with Lurleen and Marge begins to worry that she will loose him. Homer rejects Lurleen's advances as he loves Marge, he ends up signing her over to another manager after she has begun to become popular.

Black Widower

While in prison Sideshow Bob meets Marge's sister Selma and after he is released they decide to get married. Bart However doesn't believe that Bob has changed and sets out to prove that Bob is up to something. He soon discovers Bob's plan to kill Selma for the money and he and the rest of the family race to where the couple is honeymooning to save Selma.

The Otto Show

After a concert ends in a riot Otto loose his licence and moves in with the Simpsons until he can get it back. On his first attempt Otto fails miserably and Homer soon becomes sick of him hanging around his house. Sick of Homer putting him down, Otto vows to get his licence. When he announces to Patty and Selma that he wants to get his license so he can staple it to Homer's head they pass him in spite of his horrible driving due to their own hatred for their brother-in-law.

Bart's Friend Falls In Love

After a new girl, Samantha Stanky, moves to town and ends up in Mrs. Krabapple's class, Milhouse falls in love. Bart becomes upset because Milhouse spends all of his time with Samantha even inviting her to Bart's tree house in spite of the strict no girl policy. Bart decides to rat them out to Samantha's father who puts her in an all girls Catholic school, which is run by French-Canadian nuns. Feeling guilty Bart helps Milhouse see Samantha one last time and their friendship returns to its normal status. Homer who had been trying to loose weight in his sleep with an audio tape finds himself instead with an expanded vocabulary as the company had run out of the weight loss tapes and purposely sent him the wrong one.

Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?

When Mr. Burns discovers Homer is sterile after a plant physical he gives Homer and award along with a large check. Homer's half-brother Herb Powell hears of this news and visits him in an attempt to convince him to lend him the money for an invention. After seeing Herb's prototype for a device that interprets baby talk so that parents can understand, Homer lends his brother the money. Herb's invention is a success and he becomes wealthy again. Herb gives gifts to Marge and the kids and Homer finally gets the recliner he has dreamed of.

What's your favourite episode or moment from season 3? Comment below.


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