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The Sixth Sense vs Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Updated on March 23, 2016

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Subject:Main Characters

So, my first capsule will prove which movie had a superior starring character. To start, lets take The Sixth Sense. The Sixth Sense was a creepy horror film that blew away everyone by the supporting characters and twist, and as the main character was a child who had more knowledge than any teen or person, at least about the dead. You see, if you haven't really seen the Sixth Sense, its about a little boy who can see the dead, and he gets counselor help from a dead person, because hes the only one who can... Well I dont want to "spoil the surprise. So I think the little boy is a nice, likable character. But then in Austin Powers, the main character is more funny then charming and nice. The main character is a sorta messed up spy from the 60s. He gets frozen and everyone tries to get him to notice that he cant just hit on every single girl he sees. It leads to fun, wild and crazy moments (some id rather not see) but in the end he notices that he can be happy and single, so I though he was a neat and cool character. Still, its gonna be a hard decision, but in overall story-line, I think its the sixth sense. Sorry Austin, but your not gonna be able to shag your way out of this situation.

Austin Powers:0

The Sixth Sense:1


oh dang, this ones gonna be pretty hard, well, no use quiting now. So, Austin Powers has the most likable villain in all of spy movie history. Hes insane, cute, different and wants to be a loving father. And im going to explain both villains, well that's the thing, how to put this, there is no logical villain in The Sixth Sense. But back to Austin powers, you know Dr Evil, and love his jokes, his evil spirit, his furry cat, his ludicrous son and even his "despicable" plans that aren't really to despicable. And now to get to the Sixth Sense, "villain."There isnt much of a villain in the horror movie, but there is a few sort of villains. Well start with the boys "best friend" who actually hates the main character. Even though I admit, the only really bad thing he did was lock the kid in the in the basement, besides that he was just a mean, grueling kid. Then there were the undead, which weren't villains, so why even bring them up, and then there's the mom that killed her own child. But shes more of a temporary villain. There isn't really a villain in the Sixth Sense. So, logically, Austin Powers wins this one. Also, isn't it ironic that a horror movie has no villain, well it pulled it of quite well.

Austin Powers:1

The Sixth Sense:1


Now, this is going to be a hard subject to tackle, but to be the best, you have to take it on FACE FIRST. Needless to say if that is how the saying goes, i'll explain why its so hard to prove the action in these cult classics. So, while there might be disgusting and gross moments in The Sixth Sense, it doesn't really have the action element, sense no one really shows the killing (except the psychopathic mom who poisons her own flipping daughter). But you cant say there isn't slow pasted death shows. People getting hanged, a boy gets a shot in the back of head, a lady is half burned, just things like that. Though in Austin Powers, there's more of the fast, bloodless and pistol action. Yes, I do know that the cop gets run over by the steam roller, but that death even had comedy. At some points Dr Evil does burn one of his own, but even THAT'S funny. Austin does drown the Irish dude, but, yet again, they manage to make that hilarious too. Austin Powers action is more like slapstick comedy if you ask me, in fact, if it weren't for the constant innuendos, and steam roller, this would be a PG rating movie. And though it might be hard, with overall gore and gross-out, well, you know what, I say Austin wins. While it was funny when they all died, it was still action. But really this is a tie.

Austin Powers:2

The Sixth Sense:2


So, Austin Powers plot was explained and understandable, built on a decent basic, and was unique and funny. In Austin Powers, I can tell everyone in the crew had fun and were amused at the end of there shift, because I felt like that when I pressed "play" on my remote. It was so smart, creative and funny that it makes the watchers wanna scream. It starts when Austin gets frozen, with Dr. Evil, and he tries to stop Dr. Evil while trying to shag the daughter of his before wife, which we never got much story. While Dr. Evil tried to steal 100 billion dollars. What a fun plot!! Though, in the Sixth Sense, it goes to more of the scary, complicated but unique setting and plot. The story is set on a boy who can see the dead, which makes this as creative as The Wizard Of Oz. And the boy gets a philanthropist who tries to help the boy get rid of his fears, his dead people and to me, the premise of the movies. So it does get a bit boring from time to time. So with the "bang" from his tiny but cool gun, lets get the results rolling in.

Austin Powers:3

The Sixth Sense:2

The Ultimate Desicion

Now, in this one, we will be studying all the other elements in both these films. Comedy, Tension, emotional, and many others. But to sum it up ill be telling most of the story, the good the bad and the ugly scenes. So we will be starting with the beginning of Austin Powers, the man with the jam. The start gets us moving with a catchy song and gets us to start noticing the handsome and "groovy" Austin Powers. Then, well, Austin goes to a night club and rips of the fake hair of a man pretending to be a woman. Then we see Dr. Evil trying to escape in a freezing tube, then we zoom in 30 years. Austin has been frozen like Dr. Evil, they both haven't aged a bit. So we see a comical scene where Austin starts getting rearranged to the future, then meeting a cute girl, the girl who was his past wife's daughter. Of course we get on with the story as Dr. Evil meets with his original, and new, co workers. While Austin and the woman try to get groovy, but Austin fails, in a groovy way. If I got a nickel for every time I said groovy, i'd be a millionaire. But, back to the story. We zoom to Austin going to some type of casino and Austin meets a curvaceous woman named, uh lets skip the name, disguised as number twos wife. While that's going on, Austin "uses the bathroom" until an Irish guy attacks! This leads to a funny scene and then back to action. So now we get the girl giving a phone call to her mom, who's suprise is that she hasn't fallen for Austins charm. Then we see Dr. Evil trying to blend in, or with his son, trying to love him, which puts even more charm into Dr. Evil. And then we just keep going on these types of fun adventures until the finale comes along. Austin gets out and is encountered by the fembots. But with all strength he goes to his senses and gets out, then saves the world! So, now with that 360 word summary, lets get to the Sixth Sense. The Sixth Sense was a great horror film, but it doesn't deserve the winning title. This goes to Austin Powers, so please, leave a comment and have a good day.


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    • Discordzrocks profile image

      Gavin Heinz 2 years ago from Austin TX

      Im working on an Undertale hub

    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 2 years ago from Cicero, New York

      Hey Gavin wow, outstanding hub. I really enjoyed the movie Six Sense and had to see it more than once to really figure it out what was really going on. But one of my favorites for sure, and as always your extraordinary writing is so enjoyable to read. You always do such an excellent job. Working on anything now? Enjoy your night, talk to you again.