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The Sounds Of Shrek Are Alive (How Sound Effects affect Believability)

Updated on April 19, 2012

The Sounds of Shrek are Alive?

The animated film, Shrek has many facets, and can be classified as several genres of film, and the same goes for its variety of background music, sound effects and musical numbers. The sounds in the film are meant to add emphasis, comedy, a sense of reality, and innuendo to the otherwise classic fairy tales contained within the animated collage that would become the cornerstone of the Shrek franchise.

One such scene is the one of Farquad and the magic mirror when they are first introduced. The mirror starts out with what would have been brutal honesty only to completely changes tone and presents the idea of marrying a princess to become king to Lord Farquad. This part is very comical and incorporates many well-known game show themes as well as the annoying announcer voice. Even the little sounds of the pictures showing the princesses flipping make this scene flow smoothly, and though animated, almost believable. The scene also lets us know that we have a protagonist who is an egomaniac which becomes evident when he does not heed the mirror’s warning of things that go bump in the night.

The other scene I find where sound makes a major difference in showcasing the feelings and emotions of the cast as well as Fiona’s quirks is the Robin Hood scene. As a silent, wild forest is the beginning of the scene, you wouldn’t dare think there would be a musical number by men in tights just a few moments later. I think the use of an accent adds to the comedy factor of the scene and though it is a stereotypical French accent, it is still entertaining. Next we see a radical shift in sound design as Fiona pulls Neo style Matrix moves out on the spandex clad men. We hear traditional Kung Fu sound effects to music played on an accordion, which also happens to be incorporated into the fight scene, efficiently giving the sound people a reason to cut the accordion music as it is smashed.

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