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The Spider Capo : Guitar Creativity at Your (and its) Fingertips

Updated on September 11, 2014

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For those not familiar with capos and their uses, a normal capo is essentially a clamp that bars across the fret board of a stringed instrument. The strings remain in tune relative to one another but the pitch of each string when played open changes depending on where you put the capo (higher pitch as move toward the body).

I love playing with a traditional capo in standard tuning and in open tunings alike but when I saw the Spider Capo it blew my mind and I had to have one instantly.

The Spider Capo

Unlike normal capos the spider capo has finger like appendages that can be used selectively to allow for really flexible tunings and increasing the bounds of your creativity. I am having so much fun with this capo; it works particularly well in open tunings and can even be changed while be playing.

The spider capo securely fixes to the neck by clamping onto either side of the neck with 2 soft leather pads and a tightening knob but is still easy to move up and down in hardly any time at all. The fingers individually slide along the central bar so that you can set up the capo for any string spacing and any neck width. The spider capo allows any combination of strings to be held down or left open on the chosen fret facilitating playing both in front of the capo and behind it (something not possible with a traditional bar capo).

Another major advantage that the spider capo has over a regular capo is the ability to fine tune with the fingers themselves by increasing or decreasing the pressure on each individual string rather than needing to tweak your tuning pegs when you put your capo on as is required with some traditional capos.

The construction is robust and treated well should last a long time, I certainly hope mine does! The sky really is the limit to what you can do with one of these and I am having tonnes of fun pushing myself into the more complex playing that it facilitates.

It is possible to buy a set of harmonic gloves (which I did) which essentially allow open strings to be played as harmonics! They are softer extension pads that fit on the end of the fingers so that they can rest on the strings as you would with your fingers when playing harmonics (see the awesome Antoine Dufour video below to see them in action).

If you are still reading this you probably would like to have a closer look at how the spider capo works. The below video is very helpful in that it gives a close up view of the capo as well as several demonstrations of it in use.

For those that are still unsure if something like this is really necessary or if with good music theory and amazing hands you could play anything that the spider capo can I would highly recommend checking out the below video which very nicely demonstrates the flexibility that you can gain by using the spider capo.


This capo has been a real game changer for me in terms of fun that I am having with the guitar. If you bought it and love it (or heaven forbid, hate it) then I would love to hear about it.


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