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The Stone Poneys: Folk Magic Rediscovered

Updated on January 19, 2017
"The Stone Poneys featuring Linda Ronstadt/Evergreen, Vol. 2" (Raven Records, Australia, 2008)
"The Stone Poneys featuring Linda Ronstadt/Evergreen, Vol. 2" (Raven Records, Australia, 2008)

The Stone Poneys, "Different Drum" (1967)

My Top Music Of The Week ending 1-19-17

1. The Stone Poneys featuring Linda Ronstadt/Evergreen, Vol. 2 - The Stone Poneys (NEW - Home compilation) **1 week #1**

This week's #1 surprised even me. I'm in the process of showcasing albums in my collection celebrating milestone anniversaries this year on Facebook. The Stone Poneys' first two albums, The Stone Poneys and Evergreen, Vol. 2, are marking 45 years since their release in 1967. I have these albums on CD and wanted to hear them. I then remembered the existence of my #1 as a commercial release. Not having bought it, I put it together myself. This group was the first recording project for Linda Ronstadt. After failing to chart initially, their debut album made it to #172 (Billboard) when reissued in 1975. The second album managed to reach #100 (Billboard) on the strength of their one big hit, Different Drum (#13, Billboard). The twofer disc is rounded out with four selections from the group's third and final album, Stone Poneys & Friends Vol. 3 (1968). I played my #1 three times this week, making me realize I'd dropped the ball with these great albums. I hope to do better.

2. The Best Of Buckingham McVie - Fleetwood Mac (NEW - Home compilation)

I'm super-excited about the duets album by Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie coming in May! I put this collection together on Spotify to celebrate it. It's made up of three Fleetwood Mac duets plus five solos by Lindsey and Christine each.

3. Will You Be Staying After Sunday? - The Peppermint Rainbow (1969)

This is another group I hadn't played much of in a while. A fellow Yahoo group member sent me the expanded edition of this album as part of a trade. The title track became the group's only Top 40 hit (#32 in 1969, Billboard). It's sunshine pop at its finest and another album I need to start playing again regularly.

4. The Lady's Not For Sale/Fall Into Spring/It's Only Love - Rita Coolidge (2010)

These are three of Rita's albums together on 2 discs. I posted the first album online as celebrating 45 years since it's release (1972). The other two were issued in 1974 and 1975, respectively. I'd always likened Rita's style to that of Olivia Newton-John and Linda Ronstadt but don't play her as much as the former artists. Highlights include such singles as Fever, My Crew, Whiskey Whiskey, Mama Lou, and Late Again.

5. Bare Trees - Fleetwood Mac (1972) 45 this year

This was the second album by the group with guitarist-vocalist Bob Welch. Highlights include the original recording of Sentimental Lady, later a Top 10 hit for Bob. Christine McVie's Spare Me A Little Of Your Love was an international single. Danny Kirwan was the third vocalist on the album and is also featured on two instrumentals.

6. These Dreams: Heart's Greatest Hits (1997)

This is probably the most ingenius collections released by the group. It's a capsule of their career with Captiol and interjects versions of early hits as featured on the label. Straight On and Dog & Butterfly are taken from the live album The Road Home. Barracuda comes from another live release, Rock The House Live. Magic Man, Crazy On You, Dreamboat Annie, and Heartless are in their original studio form as they became licensed by Captiol.

7. Together Again/Anthem - The New Seekers (2009)

This 2-CD set pairs the group's two albums with Danny Finn (aka Kevin) and Kathy Ann Rae (aka Cathy Logan). They had replaced mainstays Peter Doyle and Lyn Paul (Peter Oliver first replaced Doyle in 1973). The albums were released in 1976 and 1978, respectively. Singles include It's So Nice (To Have You Home), I Want To Go Back, and Anthem (One Day In Every Week). Bonus tracks enhance each disc including single-only releases and a group of tracks by Finn along with Marty Kristian and Paul Layton.

8. Voulez-Vous: Deluxe Edition - ABBA (2010)

This is one of only three deluxe editions I actually own by the group. Singles include Does Your Mother Know, Angeleyes, Chiquitita, and the title track. There are bonus tracks on this edition. Among them are the US DJ mix of the title track, non-album singles, Summer Night City and Gimme Gimme Gimme; one B-side, Lovelight, and one outtake, Dream World. A DVD is included containing promo videos and the TV special ABBA In Switzerland with guests Kate Bush and Roxy Music.

9. The Best Of Roberta Flack 1971-1991 (Home compilation)

I put this disc together myself. It's comprised of the original 1981 release of The Best Of Roberta Flack plus three additional singles I threw in.

10. Karen Carpenter (1996)

This was the only solo album Karen recorded. It was shelved until it's release 16 years later. There was one single issued entitled If I Had You. At the time, it was included on the Carpenters 1989 compilation, Lovelines. The 1996 release contains one outtake, Last One Singin' The Blues.

And the rest...

11. Kites Are Fun - The Free Design (2003 issue of 1967 album) 50 this year

12. (Moving) - Peter, Paul & Mary (1989 issue of 1962 album) 55 this year

13. The Magic Garden - The 5th Dimension (2005 issue of 1967 album) 50 this year


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