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The Story Of Jack-knife Jim

Updated on August 19, 2010

The Story of Jack-knife Jim


The Story of Jack-knife Jim

by Chuck RitenouR 7-24-2K3

verse 1:

This is the story of Jack-knife Jim

and the blue eyed beauty that done him in

listen up boys 'cause I'm tellin' you,

you might find but it ain't always true

you can hide a lot of cheatin', hide a lot of lies

behind a beautiful face and a pair of blue eyes

verse 2:

Now Jack-knife Jim was a real outlaw

cross between a snake and a junk yard dog

he loved to play cards and loved to throw dice

if he caught you cheatin' he'd take your life

she brought his old life to a sudden end

he said, don't call me Jack-knife, boys call me Jim.

verse 3:

He bought a little house and worked every day

and on Sunday he went to church to pray

yes he loved her so, he couldn't understand

when she ran off with another man

you could hear his heart break for miles around

just like thunder callin' the lightning down

verse 4:

Well he caught up to them in Burmingham

killed them both with his bare hands

It was a classic case,temporary insanity

so a jury of good men set the Jack-knife free

but in the end it didn't matter what the jury said

Jack-knife went home and put a bullet in his head.


This is the story of Jack-knife Jim

and the blue eyed beauty that done him in

the end


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