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The Strangest Anime Shows Around

Updated on April 30, 2015

Anime is one of those art mediums that has been largely unrestrained in the topics that it permits itself to cover. You can find shows on all different kinds of work from the very cute to the very violent but which shows take the cake for being the strangest?


Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

While this show may look cute and colorful as if it was targeted towards a younger audience, the content is just quite weird. If you ever had a need for having nose hair fighting action, then this show is definitely there to meet that niche. The story revolves around a muscular and tall man named Bobobo-bo BO-BOBO who sports a ridiculously lovely blonde afro and how he, along with his friend like the pink haired girl Beauty, fight evil forces with the intent to make everyone bald. How does he do this you might ask? He has nose hairs with the size and strength of an enormous and flexible giant whip. Honestly, you probably only needed to hear the title of the show to know it's a bit silly but the show is good fun if you like a bit of over-the-top ridiculousness.

Excel Saga

Take a person or group with somewhat harmless "evil plans" like Dexter's Laboratory and then remove competence of the characters, basic rules of logic, and add in a tendency to switch subjects randomly. That formula roughly results in a show like Excel Saga. Excel is super loyal to Lord Il Palazzo and his otherwise memberless evil organization Across. As member, she's ordered to pursue a large number of goals that she has, quite literally, no understand of whatsoever $6. To assist her in the travels, she is accompanied by Hyatt, a pretty purple haired girl who is constantly coughing up blood, and Menchi the Backup Food Source.

The wierdest part of the show is just how random it tends to be. While Excel might be the star, the show also likes to jump to mostly unrelated sub plots like the story of poor Pedro. Every scene is meant to have a comic take on things even in some cases that are a little bit morbid. To understand a little bit about what you're dealing with, the Director Nabeshin himself wrote himself in as a character in his show with a fantastic Afro. The show might be more than a little goofy.

Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan

Like Excel Saga, this show features a lot of over the top comedy but with a heck of a lot more cartoony blood and gore. I left the title of this segment in it's English form so that you could just see the concept and how silly it is directly. Dokuro is an angel with every good intention of protecting the main character Sakura from other angels who intend to cause him harm. However, her shy attitude often results in her swinging around her giant spiked club for less than favorable results. Luckily being an angel, she can just revive Sakura as many times as necessary though so it's all good in the end.


Magical Witch Punie-chan

Princesses are all supposed to be cute, innocent and defenseless, right? Well Magical Witch Punie is actually none of that but rather the exact opposite once you realize her true colors. Sometimes the world is a darker place than magical fairy land stories would have you believe and Punie has adopted to that quite nicely with cunning and Submission wrestling moves. It's hard to say if there really is a hero in this show but it's definitely amusing if you like the idea of characters acting in ways far away from how their appearance would give off.


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