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The Style and Grace of Belly Dancing

Updated on July 4, 2016

Belly Dancer


Belly Dance as an Exercise Program

Belly Dancing is one of the best exercises to strengthen your stomach muscles. The belly roll move takes practice with isolating the right muscles. There are several videos and online classes to teach this move. This move is also good for back muscles. Other area's of the body benefits from belly dating depending on the level you take it to. For belly rolls you start at the top of your abdomen and tighten the top muscle, then the muscle below that. After reaching the bottom of your stomach you start over again. With practice you will be able to reverse the roll starting at the bottom of your abdomen.

Graceful Movement's and History

There are many different styles of Belly Dancing. Egyptian, Greek, American Cabaret, Gypsy, Historical, Persian, Tribal, Tribal Fusion, and Turkish. There are many on You Tube to watch and learn from. The dance routines are made up of several movements by the individual or groups. The graceful motions and arm positions accents the hips, To enthralle the audience into the dancer's story. Passion from the heart pours into the dance and out to the audience.

Belly Dancing is believed to have originally come from the Middle East, but is said that the Egyptian pyramid builders may have been dancer's. It's an ancient art from many years ago.

As belly dancing has become more popular, new generation is adding more style to the dance. New ideas to add to the heart, spirit and art of a historically beautiful, graceful dance.

Which belly dance style would you choose.

Which belly dance style would you choose.

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Costume and Jewelry

The fashion of clothing that belly dancer's wear is pretty much the same in any style. Through the years more has been added to the lure of the costume. The design is meant to catch the eyes of the audience by the way the material hugs the hips and breast but yet leaves the arms, legs and midsection exposed.

They use a thin material to make the costume bottom and with a bra the same material is used. Beads and coins to decorate. Chimes on the fingers of each hand and a wrap or shawl made from the same material completes the outfit. It can be made at home or purchasedo online. It's my opinion that it will be less expensive to make it at home.

Belly Dancer Fashion


Belly Dancing Performance


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