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The Sweeter Side of Life from Hallmark

Updated on September 19, 2015
The Sweet Side of Life Poster
The Sweet Side of Life Poster

The Sweeter Side of Life

The Sweeter Side of Life is a Hallmark Channel Original rom-com released in 2013 which stars Kathryn Morris (Desiree) and James Best (Paddy). It is a made-for-TV film co-written and co-produced by husband and wife team, Michael and Janeen Damian.

The movie is about a woman named Desiree who lives a pampered life in a Manhattan penthouse. She is the wife of a famous surgeon who can afford to give everything she desires. She starts her day by going through her closet full of signature shoes, bags, and clothes. She goes to the gym, has lunch with her equally pompous friends, and goes shopping for the rest of the day.

But everything has changed when her surgeon husband falls in love with his acupuncturist and decides to divorce her. And because she has signed a pre-nuptial agreement, she is kicked out of her penthouse and left with only her designer clothes and shoes. And her so-called friends did not want to have anything to do with her.

Desiree finds herself back to her father’s house in New Jersey after being hit by a taxicab.

She wakes up and groans, “Oh, no… I died and gone to hell…”

Her father replies, “No… you’re alive and in New Jersey…”

Her father runs the family business, a bakery named “Paddy’s Bakery.” Since she has no place to stay, she helps out in the bakery while waiting for her lawyer to get her back to her former lifestyle in New York.

Once, when forced to make deliveries, she meets Benny Christophe, the chef and owner of a restaurant located in a beautiful villa in the midst of New Jersey. Benny shows interest in her but since she has intention of staying in New Jersey, she tells him, “No.”

When she learns that the bakery is not doing financially well, she convinces her father that some changes must be made. She is going to make use of the degree she has earned from the expensive university that his father paid for.

Paddy Cakes

Desiree bakes her mother’s cupcake recipe in mini sizes and calls them “Paddy Cakes” which become a big hit to their customers and some out-of-towners.

Because of the success of Paddy Cakes, her lawyer is able to make a lucrative deal with a franchise company in New York. It is the opportunity that Desiree has been waiting for, to go back to the Manhattan lifestyle that she has been accustomed to. It is her chance to be back to her element, and even her former friends start to appear again.

But when the offer excludes her father, Desiree turns the deal down. She goes back to New Jersey and finds her ex-husband who wants to get her back after his relationship with the acupuncturist has fallen apart.

Enters Benny, so her arrogant ex-husband tells her, “You either take the high life or the low life.”

Desiree replies, “You’re the low life,” and kicks him where it hurts most.

Of course, Desiree realizes that Benny is the love of her life. Living in a close-knit community of a small town has given Desiree a different perspective in life. She has learned that there is more to life than living in a penthouse, wearing signature clothes, shoes and handbags, and going to lunch with pretentious friends who cannot be there when she needs them most.

The movie has a lot of heart to it. The transition of Desiree from a materialistic and selfish woman into a warm and caring person is heart-warming. In the beginning, all she cares for are wealth and success but in the end she has learned to care more about family and friends, real friends.

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