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The Ten Best Albums Produced By Jack Douglas

Updated on December 2, 2019

After the success of My Sharona, the Knack turned to producer Jack Douglas


As they have done each year since his death in 2008, fans of actor Jack Douglas share their favorite lines from his many films. This week on December 18 will mark the eleventh such occasion, marking one decade and a year since his passing.

Although he remains the most famous film star with that name, the entertainment industry boasts another Jack Douglas. He has been a very popular music producer, who has been especially instrumental in the success of the rock band Aerosmith.

Douglas produced a dozen albums by Steven Tyler and gang, the best of which are Toys In The Attic and its follow up Rocks. Whenever you hear "Walk This Way" or "Sweet Emotion" or "Last Child" or "Back in the Saddle", remember to give credit for its brilliant sound to producer Jack Douglas.

His career stretches well beyond Aerosmith, however, as he has overseen every genre of rock from heavy metal to power pop to glam rock. Here are ten other noteworthy records which owe their sound to Jack Douglas.

1. Double Fantasy by John Lennon
Released just weeks before Lennon was assassinated, on this disk Douglas helped complete hits like "Starting Over", " Watching the Wheels" and "Woman."

2. Self-titled by Artful Dodger
Even though this quintet toured with the likes of Kiss and Ted Nugent, their pop rock was more indicative of The Beatles with a twist of Elton John.

3. Another Grey Area by Graham Parker
By 1982 Parker had passed the peak of his New Wave popularity, but with the assistance of Douglas this record endures as one of the best in the discography.

4. Muscle of Love by Alice Cooper
It is hard to imagine the hard rockers pulling off a pop gem like "Teenage Lament '73" without the input of Douglas, who produced this last record of Alice with his original band.

5. Round Trip by the Knack
Album number three does not have a bit nearly as ubiquitous as "My Sharona" from the debut, but with the production of Jack Douglas it is by far the band's sharpest record.

6. One Day It Will Please Us To Even Remember This by the New York Dolls
Once the shock of their appearance had waned after two releases, David Johanson and gang hired Douglas to guarantee their third album would be more about the sound than the makeup.

7. Radio Ethiopia by Patti Smith
Veteran artist-producer Todd Rundgren was frequently seen with Smith, yet she chose Jack Douglas to cut her second album.

8. Some Things Never Change by Supertramp
This tenth album, released over a decade after the breakthrough Breakfast In America, was recorded without former co-front man Roger Hodgson but still sounds strong.

9. Self-titled by Cheap Trick
Douglas actually discovered this quartet led by Rick Nielson, who penned their first smash single "Surrender."

10. Jump On It by Montrose
After breaking from the Edgar Winter Group, the guitarist enlisted the help of Douglas to incorporate a much harder-edged rock on his debut.


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