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The Ten Funniest Movie Scenes Ever

Updated on January 30, 2013


There's no better anti-deppressant than a good comedian. I'd be willing to bet that if people had to vote to either ban beer, or ban comedy, while neither option would be very appealing, the majority would vote to ban the former. It's little wonder that the makers of comedy in general rake in a fortune creating films people never seem to get tired of watching. But trying to decide the ten funniest movie scenes ever is like trying to figure out the best musical recording ever released: there's just so many good ones to choose from. This list includes the ten movie scenes which I think were nothing short of brilliant with regards to the intended goal of creating laughter: scenes that ultimately made me laugh harder than any other memorial moments in front of a playing DVD player, or while at the movie theater. While I've neglected to name a lot of incredibly funny movies, and a lot of extremely talented comedians on this list, if I had to name them all I might as well start writing a book. Narrowing them down to what I believe were the ten best ever, needless to say, was challenging, but the following is a list of what I think were in fact the ten funniest scenes ever displayed on film to date.

10. Eddie Murphy in the Hot Tub: Coming to America

Leave it to Eddie Murphy to come up with, and star in a comedic scene that was nothing short of sheer brilliance. This was the bathing scene towards the beginning of Eddie Murphy's 1988 blockbuster, Coming to America, in which the flower girl pokes her head out of the hot tub after seeing to it that the prince, played by Eddie Murphy, was, uh, thoroughly clean. It was portrayed right around the time anyone watching this movie for the first time was still asking themselves, "did that man just say, wipers?" It left no doubt in the audience's mind that the Joffer's were one family who took royalty to a whole new level. Even royal families watching this movie for the first time had to have burst a gut laughing after this scene.

9. Randy Quaid in the Restroom: Kingpin

This was the scene in the 1996 blockbuster, Kingpin, in which Randy Quaid is filmed in the men's restroom using the urinal for the wrong reason. This scene was just far too undeniably funny to not be included on this list.

8. Leslie Nielsen and Priscilla Presley on the Beach: The Naked Gun

This was the scene in the first Naked Gun movie from 1988 in which Leslie Nielsen and Priscilla Presley closeline a couple running the opposite direction on the beach. While Naked Gun was a movie you almost had to pause every so often to catch your breath from all the laughter, I almost needed a defibrilator after this scene.

7. Chevy Chase Duels with the Dealer: Vegas Vacation

National Lampoon's Vacation may have been the funniest movie in general that Chevy Chase has ever starred in, but I thought Vegas Vacation, from 1997, had one of the funniest dialogues ever. Chevy Chase, obsessed with beating a blackjack dealer who continuously taunts him at a Vegas casino, ends up blowing his entire life's savings in the process. With nothing left but five dollars to his name at a table where the minimum bet is $10, he asks the dealer what he can do with $5. The dealer responds, "gee I don't know: buy a bullet and rent a gun." Just thinking about that scene almost puts me in tears laughing.

6. Jason Biggs' Curiosity with Warm Apple Pie: American Pie

No one who saw the 1999 comedic masterpiece, American Pie, will ever forget Jason Biggs' intimate experience with baked goods. Getting caught by his dad really put the icing on the cake in this scene, (no pun intended).

5. Jim Carrey Inspires an Unforgettable News Broadcast: Bruce Almighty

It wouldn't be possible to have a list of the ten funniest movie scenes ever without naming Jim Carrey, a mastermind comedian arguably responsible for producing more laughter than Nitrous Oxide. I almost suffocated from my own laughter while watching this scene from the 2003 comedy smash, Bruce Almighty, in which he uses the powers bestowed upon him by God, played by Morgan Freeman, to make his rival for an anchor position on Eyewitness News, played by Steve Carell, humiliate himself uncontrollably on live television. If producing laughter was a crime, the kind of impulsive humor only Jim Carrey can conjure up displayed in this scene would've warranted the death sentence. It very easily could've been the hardest I'd laughed in ages.

4. Jim Carrey's Fantasy: Dumb and Dumber

It's safe to say, disclosing two back-to-back comedies starring as prominent a comedian as Jim Carrey on this list is about as dumb as the humor in his 1994 blockbuster, Dumb & Dumber. In terms of laughter, this may very well have been his most brilliant masterpiece ever released on film. In a movie that elicited uncontrollable laughter nearly every minute, from the opening credits all the way on up until it's closing scenes, the scene that cracked me up the most was where Jim Carrey drifted off into fantasy land while driving to Aspen. To see someone daydream in a movie is one thing, but to see a man of obviously challenged intelligence envisioning himself as a superstar to high class people, most of whom he hadn't met yet, is true humor. Put Jim Carrey's mind and talent behind the making of such a scene and you have an unforgettable piece of comedy bound to get viewers rolling on the floor. If you haven't seen this movie yet, make sure you have a safe place to set your popcorn when it does eventually work its way into your DVD player, or you're almost guaranteed to be rolling on your television snack instead of your carpet.

3. Will Ferrell Goes Streaking: Old School

Imagine you're at a Snoop Dog concert enjoying the show when a drunk, naked middle aged man interrupts Snoop in the middle of a song to announce to everyone that "we're going streaking." He then turns his back to the audience to bend over and pick up the microphone he's dropped. And if picturing that doesn't strike your funny bone enough, imagine the same man darting out the door only to later be discovered running naked alone down the highway by his soon-to-become ex-wife after no one in the audience decides to follow him on his subsequent late night streaking adventure. Now every comedian knows that appearing naked on stage in front of a large audience is funny, and running around on the streets naked in public can be even funnier, but even the best comedians in the world would have a difficult time trying to top this performance by the uninhibited, unpredictable, and profoundly hysterical Will Ferrell in the 2003 comedic smash, Old School. This had to be the funniest scene displayed in one of the most hilarious films ever made.

2. Adam Sandler and Bob Barker get into a Fight: Happy Gilmore

This scene may have made #1 on my list, if not for the fact that someone spoiled it for me, telling me about it before I had a chance to watch this movie myself. Despite being spoiled, I laughed so hard I almost wet myself after watching this scene for the first time. Just seeing the comedian, and the famous game show host together in this memorable 1996 sports comedy alone was funny, but the fight scene almost gave me a heart attack. I burst out laughing watching this clip on Youtube still today. Easily the funniest movie scene Adam Sandler has ever starred in.

1. Sacha Baron Cohen and Ken Davitian get into a Brawl: Borat

While this scene from the 2006 comedy blockbuster, Borat, suffered from a lot of responsive criticism, judged on laughter alone it couldn't be ranked anywhere other than #1 on this list. I never thought a movie scene funnier than the Adam Sandler and Bob Barker fight in Happy Gilmore was possible, until I sat down and watched this hysterically bold and unique piece of work. My guts almost needed to be operated on following the laughter produced from the famous and controversial brawl scene between Sacha Baron Cohen and Ken Davitian. The phrase "to die laughing," almost could've been spoken of literally thereafter. Hats off to the funniest movie scene ever.


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