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The Thing 2011 Movie Review

Updated on March 3, 2012

The Thing 2011

Movie Review

Directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.

Written by Eric Heisserer, John W. Campbell Jr.

Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton and Ulrich Thomsen

Released in 2011


At a research site in Anatarctica a group of scientists discover an alien spaceship and what appears to be the inhabitant of the craft. A confrontation develops between the lead scientist and a graduate student who believes they could be in grave danger.


The original by John Carpenter held the audience tightly in it's grip with a fast moving story line and special effects that were so far ahead of their time, they still hold up when one watches the film now.

This incarnation holds true to a lot of the same values as the original, but lacks in its ability to make you bond with the characters. That said Mary Eizabeth Winstead who plays the lead in Kate Lloyd, does a great job in creating a strong female lead who you want to see make it to the end.

The special effects to create the creature and its many forms are brilliant and although they are a little more 2000's than 1980's they don't go overboad and still give you the feeling that Kurt Russell could have been in this flick!

The score also harks back to the 1982 film and if you close your eyes, that memorable heartbeat rhythm sounds out and tells you that you are in Antarctica in 1982.

Although the highlight for me was the end of the film, but I wont spoil that!!



The Thing 2011


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    • Cammiebar profile image

      Cammiebar 6 years ago from Upstate New York

      I was really nervous about going to see The Thing. My mother and I are huge fan's of John Carpenter's The Thing that a remake makes us worried. Now I actually want to see this, but I'll have to wait for it to come out on DVD now. Thanks for the review!

      P.S. A female lead kind of makes me worried, as well. What is The Thing without frustration due to an environment of all men?

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 6 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      No. No, they really didn't. I refuse to believe that the creator of such garbage (Day of the Dead) remade a timeless classic in hopes of making amends for forementioned garbage. It's just atrocious to see how many remakes are being done - they can barely be called remakes but instead, "generic slasher set in [somewhere] with the title of a good movie to induce curiosity".

      I highly doubt this will have be jumping out of my skin and being disturbed unlike the first one, which is a shame because there's few films nowadays that can do that. Nice review though, as always!

      PS: S**t, Kurt RusselL was in the first film? I should've known, as he didn't really give a f**k about your war, or your president! ^^


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