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The Three Stooges throughout the ages!

Updated on January 6, 2018

The Three Stooges Are Here!

What are your thoughts about the new Three Stooges movie? When I saw the trailer, I have to admit, it was funny. When I got the chance to watch the movie, I was disappointed. Good as these guys are, they do not hold a candle to the original kings of comedy. It had its slow moments and the only one that stood out was Will Sasso who was Curly. I heard that they are planning on a second movie. That, in my opinion, is going to be a tough act to follow.

Let's look at the some interesting background on the real Stooges. Moe Howard was the leader of the Stooges. Thinking himself as the brains of the team, he often made a fool out of himself. In real life, Moe was actually a smart businessman making a profit from real estate. The Howard Brothers (Moe, Curly and Shemp) names was originally Horwitz. The Stooges started out in vaudeville with Ted Healy. Moe and Shemp were the original ones, performing along Ted Healy as his Stooges. Later on, Shemp left to pursue acting roles and Jerome Howard (Curly) joined the group. Many do not know that Curly had a complete set of hair, but he decided to go "Kojak" and cut it all off. That historical move established him for all times. His wild antics, coupled with his bald head, provided many amusements for the public.

Larry Fine was the other Stooge that got added. Many may not know that Larry was an accomplished violinist. He would, often, perform on stage doing a Russian type dance. An act that Larry would incorporate in the shorts. If you notice on many of their antics, Larry would dance a Russian type jig if one of them would get hurt. This funny scene would get me laughing out loud! (LOL)

The Stooges Shorts!

Soon after, Ted Healy and the Stooges parted and went their own ways. They filmed many shorts under Columbia pictures. It is interesting to note that in some of these Columbia pictures presentation intro, you see the lady draped in the American flag, symbolic of the patriotism that existed during World War II. Moe and his Stooges worked long and hard hours. The sad part was that they were ripped off with many of these shorts.

Tragedy seemed to follow the Howard brothers. Curly had a stroke and they had to add another replacement. Shemp got called to fill in for Curly. Shemp was, also, very funny. He had his own style and acted crazy at times. My favorite scene is when he would mix dancing with his fighting, often getting knocked out cold by his opponents. Yes, I admit, they were violent, even for this day and time, but they were funny!

In 1955, after attending a boxing match, Shemp Howard had a heart attack and died. Moe and Larry had to find a replacement fast. Out of the blue, comes Joe (Joe Besser). I admit, he was no Curly or Shemp, but he had his funny moments. Moe would slap him and he would pinch him saying-"Don't do that, that hurts!" HIs sissy act would, at times, get me laughing. After the end of the 50's, the Stooges stopped filming their shorts and they just faded into obscurity.

More Three Stooges!

The Three Stooges: Curly Classics
The Three Stooges: Curly Classics
The Three Stooges with Curly. Include some shorts such as Three little Pigskins with a young Lucille Ball, Micro-Phonies and Men in Black. I, personally, have one of these. Curly was a comedic genius, no doubt about this. Forever, the Stooges comedy will live on. Their gestures and madcap antics are second to none. If you like a good laugh or just want to brighten your day, this DVD is for you. Laughter is good medicine. Medical studies have shown that a good laugh can, actually, improve your health. Do yourself a favor and invest in this great DVD. Who knows? You might wind up feeling better and thanking me in the long haul. Curly classics rocks!

Best comedy act....

To the Movies!

In the 60's, they came back, but this time, it was to the MOVIES! After years of being ripped off, they finally got their due and had Joe DeRita as the 3rd Stooges. They made a bunch of movies, meeting characters like Snow White, Hercules and even going to outer space. This time, they toned down the violence and made their movies "Kid-friendly!" They, also, managed to have a rise in popularity when their shorts were shown on TV.

As time passed, they all died, but their legacy has never died. There are many Three Stooges fan clubs throughout the world and even in this day and time, you can see The boys on you tube or TV. Personally, I prefer the old school, black and white stooges. No one can hold a candle to the kings of comedy.

Do you like the New Stooges movie?

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    • montecristo profile imageAUTHOR

      Angel Caleb Santos 

      9 years ago from Hampton Roads, Virginia

      Sing a song of six pants was my favorite among many others. Thanks for commenting!

    • mollymeadows profile image

      Mary Strain 

      9 years ago from The Shire

      Hi Montecristo --

      This is good news. I'm a total Stooges fan and look forward to seeing what they do with the movie, but you're right -- nothing beats the real Stooges. I loved Shemp just as much as Curly, and Moe most of all. Which was your favorite? I think mine was the one where Shemp's uncle dies and leaves him a fortune if he can get married in 24 hours. Always reduces me to complete helplessness.


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